Super Gene - Chapter 3455 - I Have Been Waiting for You

Chapter 3455 - I Have Been Waiting for You

Chapter 3455 I Have Been Waiting for You

Seeing Human King’s universe power was about to strike Bao’er, the worst was feared. Suddenly, the power was frozen in the air. It was like it had been frozen. It stopped three feet away from Bao’er.

Everyone was very happy. They thought Han Sen had returned, but what they saw was not that. It appeared as if nothing or no one had stopped Human King. He was holding his punching stance when he just lowered his head. His body s.h.i.+vered in place.

“Very embarra.s.sing.” A voice came out of Human King’s mouth. This voice, however, was completely different from what it was before.

Everyone was shocked and unsure about what had just happened. They then heard Human King’s voice. That voice sounded shocked. The vocal cords trembled. “You… How could you…”

There was no denying that it was now Human King who was speaking. It was certainly his voice, but the tone and delivery of his words did not exude the confidence they did before. It was now different. It sounded like Human King was afraid.

“I was going to wait a while until the body and the soul had completely combined before taking back control of the body, but your behavior made me feel great shame far before I wanted to take the body. I am afraid I will just have to take back control of the body now.” The proud and cold voice sounded again. Now that everyone could hear it, they knew it was coming from Human King’s mouth, but it was not Human King who was actually doing the speaking.

“Qin Xiu… Mister…” In G.o.d Chaos Party, some creatures recognized whose voice belonged to.

“Qin Xiu… I cannot believe it. This has to be the greatest plot twist in the history of the universe. He is still alive? Wow.” Chaos and Myrtle were shocked by this development. Human King’s voice said while shaking, “This body is mine, you silly fool. You cannot take it from me. You thought you could, but that was your own delusion. I merely let you continue believing. You see, my body and soul are a perfect match. Now, your soggy soul is broken, and it has been absorbed by me. You cannot fight me, no matter how much you might wish to.”

“Does that even matter?” After Qin Xiu said that, Human King’s body and purple hair went straight. It was flying into the sky with a purple light.

Human King’s head was raised. His eyes had four pupils. In one eye, two pupils were morphing. One of the purple pupils was becoming bigger than the other while the other pupil became smaller.

“No… Impossible…” Human King cried aloud from his mouth. There were only two pupils left in his eyes.

His body seemed to exhibit great differences. For some reason, he was looking like a completely different person. The presence of that person changed to become one of extreme might.

It was the same body, but the presence had changed. It gave people a different impression and feeling of it.

“Leader…” Many Blood Legion members had witnessed this scene. Their faces looked grey after what happened. They were not sure what was going on.

Human King, who had once absorbed Qin Xiu’s body, was now being taken over. In reverse, Qin Xiu was the one to take over and refine the soul.

Chaos and Myrtle did not look particularly happy about this. Human King was strong, but his power came from other people. He had not gotten used to the powers within him yet, and his mind had a problem too.

If Human King had taken over his body when Bao’er made that step, she could have beaten him. If that body’s master became Qin Xiu, Bao’er’s chance of winning was low.

Qin Xiu looked at Bao’er and walked over to her.

“Do not hurt my big sister!” Han Ling’er was still rus.h.i.+ng over. She was now in front of Bao’er. She opened her hands in front of Bao’er and madly looked at Qin Xiu. Qin Xiu smiled. “You are Han Ling’er, right?”

“I am Han Ling’er, so what?” Han Ling’er looked at Qin Xiu, but she felt a bit scared.

“Not bad,” Qin Xiu said. “With your potential, if you grow up and level up your body to the max, you can definitely take that step. In this universe, it is hard to find people who are stronger than you.”

“It is good you know how powerful I am,” Han Ling’er said. “Have you not heard about Big Sister Bao’er?”

“You are too young now. I cannot wait for you to grow up.” After Qin Xiu said that, he reached his hands out. It was like Han Ling’er’s body was being pulled away by an invisible sort of suction. She landed in Qin Xiu’s hands. He rolled her up in his sleeves.

“Let go of Ling’er!” Although Huangfu Jing, w.a.n.g Yuhang, and the others knew they were weak, they still raced over.

Qin Xiu’s eyes froze in place. Time and s.p.a.ce seemed to have stopped. Everyone’s bodies froze. It was like they could not move at all.

“I am not Human King,” Qin Xiu said. “I have no interest in killing a child.” He then threw out his hands. Han Ling’er’s body was tossed away.

She quickly landed atop Huangfu Jing, who could not currently move. Huangfu Jing was able to control her body again. She carried Han Ling’er, who had fallen out of her spirit body mode.

“Watch her! Right now, this is not her place to fight.” Qin Xiu stopped looking at Huangfu Jing and Han Ling’er. He walked over to Bao’er.

Bao’er did not move. All she did was look at Qin Xiu. Earlier, she fought Human King. He was strong, but Bao’er did not feel any pressure fighting him. Now facing Qin Xiu, Bao’er could not help but feel a big amount of pressure inside her.

“Bao’er, go!” Chaos’s body broke s.p.a.ce and arrived before her. She stood in front of Bao’er and palmed her body. She wanted to put Bao’er’s body in s.p.a.ce so she could more easily escape. Before her hands could touch Bao’er, she felt as if her body had been restrained by a certain power. She could not move.

Qin Xiu looked at Chaos and said, “Mister Leader, to be fair, you are like a mother to me. I should thank you for granting me my life.”

“If you think about old times so fondly, why don’t you do me a favor and let Bao’er go?” Chaos noticed her body was unable to move, and she was so shocked because of it. Universe-cla.s.s powers were far scarier than she thought they could be.

In the past, Human King had not been able to use real Universe-cla.s.s powers. Now, Qin Xiu had control of the body. He was showing the world the real power of what Universe-cla.s.s individuals could do. Although Chaos has already lost most of her power and her body, trapping her should still not have been an easy feat. Yet, Qin Xiu had done it with ease.

Qin Xiu looked at Chaos and coldly said, “I do not have the patience to wait. I am sorry, but I cannot let her leave.”

While he spoke, Qin Xiu pulled out his hands. Everyone thought he was going to do something to Bao’er. He used a finger on his right hand to cut his left wrist. It led to purple crystal-like blood dropping out of the wound. It was blood, and those blood drops floated over to Bao’er.

“Drink this blood. It can help speed up your combining with a gene seed. I will be waiting for you.” Qin Xiu made his wound keep bleeding.

Everyone was shocked. No one expected Qin Xiu would behave this way. Compared to Human King, Qin Xiu was a madman.