Super Gene - Chapter 338: Only Chance

Chapter 338: Only Chance

Chapter 338: Only Chance

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Since the scorching gray smoke was almost fatal, Jin Rijie, Jin Mingli and Sun Minghua were forced to step back. However, Han Sen stayed still.

This might be his best chance to kill a super creature. If he retreated at this point, he was not sure if he could pick up the life essence, and he definitely would not be able to gain any beast soul.

Han Sen yearned for a super beast soul even more than life essence. If he could obtain a powerful super beast soul, maybe he would be able to kill a super creature on his own, instead of hiding and sneaking around like this.

"Han Sen, let's go. It's too dangerous over there," Jin Rijie shouted at Han Sen.

"You go first. I will stay a bit longer," Han Sen gritted his teeth and said, initiating Jadeskin at the same time.

With the protection from both the sacred-blood phantom ant armor and Jadeskin, Han Sen was able to stay put and watch the two creatures fighting. Although his sight was blurred by the gray smoke, he did not dare to approach the creatures and had to wait for a chance.

Roars and shrieks rang, lava and water clashed, and gray smoke rose. Han Sen could occasionally catch a glimpse of the two creatures.

"Fairy queen!" Han Sen could not tell what was happening and it was becoming worse. He quickly took back his phantom ant armor and shapes.h.i.+fted into fairy queen. His hair became blonde and his armor red. Using the strong eyesight of the fairy queen, he continued to watch the fight.

The fairy queen was indeed effective. Han Sen saw that the creature had lost a huge piece of meat in the back of its head, its bones bared and its blood continued flowing. From a crack in its bones, Han Sen could vaguely see its brain.

"If I could stab my spear in this crack, I would have a big chance to kill it directly." Han Sen took out the spinning spear from his backpack.

Of course, he did not want to go down just like this. He would not be the match to either the turtle or this creature. With one blow from either of them, his body would be destroyed.

Han Sen took out the spear to use it like an arrow.

Han Sen also summoned the horn bow and used Heresy Mantra and Overload. Incredible strength filled his body, his muscles became as tough as iron, and his veins stood out all over. Han Sen fixed his golden eyes upon the two creatures rolling around in the smoke, lava, water, and rocks.

He pulled the horn bow to the fullest. The spear was too thick and long as an arrow. It was not an easy shot.

However, Han Sen had no other options. If he used the mutant black stinger arrow, it will not be enough to kill such a creature.

"Wait… I must wait… for the perfect opportunity…" Han Sen stared at the creatures through the smoke. Although he was able to see the crack in its skull twice, Han Sen did not shoot his spinning spear.

The spinning spear was not a beast soul arrow, and could not be taken back once it was shot. He only had this one opportunity, and had to choose the right moment to kill the creature with one strike. Otherwise, he would lose this only chance.

Han Sen's eyes were as calm as ice.

Although that creature was severely injured, it was still able to fight the turtle. The turtle had the same thought as Han Sen. It also tried to bite the injury in the back of the creature's head, but the creature did not give it any chance.

"What is he trying to do?" Sun Minghua could vaguely see that Han Sen was still standing on the cliff.

Jin Rijie and Jin Mingli smiled bitterly. They had no idea what Han Sen was trying to do. Standing afar, they were already sweating like pigs from the unbearable heat.

However, Han Sen stood still on the cliff like a tower in the gray smoke. Jin Rijie and Jin Mingli felt they had already lost to Han Sen in perseverance.

"Is he trying to kill the two creatures?" Jin Mingli suddenly said.

"Is that even possible?" Jin Rijie paused and replied. Killing a creature like that did not seem humanly possible.

If it were anyone else, Jin Rijie would say it was impossible without question. Judging by how fiercely the creatures fought, it was easy to tell that killing them was beyond the skills of any human.

However, it was Han Sen who was standing there, which made Jin Rijie feel it was possible. Han Sen was someone Jin Rijie could not understand.

Jin Rijie had seen a lot of people in Glory Shelter. However, he had never met anyone like Han Sen. Han Sen's ability was too extraordinary for an unevolved person.

"Since it is him, maybe there is a chance?" Jin Rijie said with a wry smile.

Sun Minghua said with worries, "It seems too risky. We should tell him to come back. When the two creatures were almost dying, he could then go s.n.a.t.c.h the meat."

"I'm afraid his goal is more than the meat, but also the beast souls," Jin Rijie said, shaking his head.

All of a sudden, they heard a blood-curdling cry.