Super Gene - Chapter 339: Aqua Reaper Beast soul

Chapter 339: Aqua Reaper Beast soul

Chapter 339: Aqua Reaper Beast soul

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"Right now!" A cold light flashed in Han Sen's golden eyes. The spinning spear left the bow with a strong force, flying toward the screeching creature.


The spear reached the back of the creature's head in the blink of an eye.


The spear head was stuck in the crack of its bones and did not make it through. The bones were so stiff that the spear failed to break it.

However, the spinning force did not end. Like a drill head, the spear continued to dig into the bones, making sparks and smoke.

Go deeper! Han Sen roared inwardly. This is the only chance he got.


It seemed that heaven was listening to Han Sen. The cracks in the creature's skull was broken further by the spinning spear.

With a pop, the entire spear entered the skull from the crack.


With another painful cry, the crocodile-like head of the creature raised up for a few seconds and suddenly collapsed, shaking the entire cave.

"Larva of super creature aqua reaper killed. Beast soul of super creature aqua reaper gained. Life essence available. Consume its life essence to gain 0 to 10 super geno points randomly. Meat inedible."

The voice Han Sen heard made him jump. A super beast soul! I finally gained a super beast soul!

Shortly, Han Sen became calm again. It was not yet time to celebrate. The turtle was still there.

Han Sen now understood that the aqua reaper was still a larva. The reason why it could fight the turtle was likely that the turtle had just laid its eggs in the lava and was still weak.

Even so, the turtle was too strong for Han Sen to kill. At least before he had gained a strong weapon, there was no way he could hurt the turtle.

After the aqua reaper was shot dead, the turtle threw a gaze at where Han Sen was, sending a chill down his spine.

However, the turtle merely looked at him and then left the cave from the opening on the stone wall made by the aqua reaper.

Han Sen was overjoyed. If the turtle did not leave, he did not even dare to go down and collect the life essence.

Before Han Sen went down, he saw that the body of the aqua reaper gradually dissolved and disappeared in the thin air.


A football sized purple crystal fell into the lake along with the spinning spear.

Han Sen did not dare to hesitate anymore and quickly jumped from the cliff, summoned his sacred-blood wings in the air, dived into the lake and dredged up the life essence and the spear.

Licking at the purple crystal, Han Sen heard the voice he had missed so much.

"Life essence of super creature aqua reaper consumed. No super geno point gained."

The voice cheered Han Sen up. He continued to look at the life essence of the aqua reaper, which became purple liquid in his mouth. As he swallowed the liquid, the coolness filled his body, nurturing every body cell.

After licking for a while, Han Sen eventually heard the voice telling him he had gained one super geno point.

Fortunately, the life essence of aqua reaper was much smaller than that of the golden growler. If it was bigger, Han Sen would not be able to finish eating it on the spot.

Such a giant aqua reaper turned out to be a larva. If it was in the adult form, it would not be smaller than the golden growler.

Maybe it was because the life essence was from a larva, Han Sen had gained seven super geno points from eating the entire crystal, which was less than what he used to get.

However, Han Sen was satisfied already. Originally, he thought it would take him a while longer before he could kill a super creature, but he just managed to kill one by chance and gained seven super geno points and a super beast soul. What a surprise!

Looking at his super geno point count which was now twenty-six, Han Sen was very pleased.

"Sen, are you okay?" Jin Rijie asked from the cliff.

Jin Rijie, Jin Mingli and Sun Minghua were all looking down from the cliff and became excited when they saw Han Sen.

"I'm fine. The two creatures both left. Let's follow this opening to go out. I see light on the other side. This should be an exit," said Han Sen, pointing at broken stone wall.

After the three of them flew down with wings, they saw a valley from the opening.

Going out of the cave and climbing up the valley, the group discovered that they were still in Copper Mountains.

Returning to Glory Shelter, Han Sen heard someone had seen the turtle crawling back into the ocean. Although it was a shame, Han Sen was not too disappointed because he had gained a lot from the aqua reaper.

Type of super beast soul of aqua reaper: parasite.

Han Sen studied the beast soul of the aqua reaper in the shelter and found that it was something he had never seen before, a parasite beast soul. Like the beast soul of the beetle knight, it could not be summoned, and Han Sen had no idea how to use it.

However, normally speaking, a rare beast soul was a strong beast soul. If Han Sen had high hopes for this beast soul and wished to find out more about it after he had access to the Skynet.

There was no need for him to stay in Glory Shelter any longer, so when Sun Minghua decided to go to Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen followed them back.

On the way, Han Sen continued to think about the lava pool. May be the turtle had laid its eggs there and it would be wonderful if he could fish those out.

Because Dark Swamp was too dangerous, Jin Rijie did not choose to go via that route, but picked a longer and safer path.

Han Sen was in no hurry. He had Heresy Mantra, Overload, Panorama, and kiting skills to practice on the way.

When they finally reached Steel Armor Shelter, it was more than a month later.

After returning to his room in Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen checked on the cloud beast he was feeding. Its body was becoming more and more transparent, and its progress was more or less what Han Sen estimated. The black crystal should be able to make a super creature in about a year.

"What is this black crystal? It could even make super creatures. It seems that it's not getting any smaller either. What a wonder!" Han Sen again felt lucky that he had gained this treasure.

It was indeed priceless. No one would believe him even if he told someone.

After resting for two days in Blackhawk, Han Sen did not immediately go on Gladiator. He had read more news from different shelters, trying to find the traces of a super creature again.

Han Sen had found a lot of leads, but they were all too far from Steel Armor Shelter, and it would not be easy for him to travel to those places in time.

During Han Sen's recess, Gambler told him via comlink that Yang Zikun wanted to meet him to discuss a deal. Yang Zikun did not tell Gambler the specifics of the deal and wanted to talk to Han Sen alone.