Super Gene - Chapter 337: Creature War

Chapter 337: Creature War

Chapter 337: Creature War

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Han Sen gazed at the cracked stone wall. Initially, he thought the wall was red because of the creature was bleeding.

However, with a closer look, it was more than the creature's blood. There seemed to be liquid infiltrating through the cracks from the other side.

Under the glow of the lava, the liquid also seemed to be red. However, Han Sen could tell that it was not blood, but more like water.

"Water!" Han Sen suddenly understood what the creature was going for.

Behind the stone wall, there was very likely a branch of the underground River. The creature was trying to break the stone wall in order to feed water into the lava pool.

Dammit. This creature is treacherous. It is trying to lead the water into the lava. Han Sen thought.

In the Alliance, when water met heat of the lava, one possibility was that the water would evaporate. However, if there were enough water, the lava would be turned into a piece of rock.

Even if the turtle could survive in the lava, it didn't mean that it could survive in the rock. If the turtle was sealed in the rock, Han Sen did not know if it was still feasible for him to obtain the turtle's life essence.

"Put on gas masks!" Han Sen exclaimed at the rest and quickly slapped a mask on himself.

Although Sun Minghua, Jin Rijie, and Jin Mingli did not understand why Han Sen was asking, they had grown enough trust in Han Sen recently, so they simply followed his instruction.

Shortly after they put on the masks, they suddenly heard cracking and spluttering.

Water started to come out of the stone wall that was more and more damaged by the creature, flooding into the lava and giving rise to pungent gray smoke.

"Get back! Don't get yourselves burned by the steam." Han Sen did not dare to stay and watch, pulling the professor back with him.


When the four of them stepped back, they heard a loud noise of stones cras.h.i.+ng and water falling. Then there was a sizzling sound. With the rising of gray smoke, the entire cave became extremely hot that it was almost unbearable.

The group quickly ran back. Fortunately, the gray smoke did not expand very fast. It took some time for the smoke to rise to the cliff. When they reached a small cave far from the cliff, there were covered in gray dust. Each of them looked like a statue coming out of storage.

Luckily, they were all in beast soul armor and gas masks, so they were not hurt at all.

After waiting for a long while in the small cave, the gray smoke gradually dispersed and the air started to cool down. All they could hear at this point was the water flowing.

"I will go have a look." Han Sen did not want to let go. He had prepared so long to kill the turtle and would hate to see it killed in the lava.

Running to the cliff again, Han Sen looked down. Although there was still some thin smoke left, he could see clearly with the light penetrating from the stone wall broken by the giant creature.

There was not a single spark in the lava pool. Under the cliff was a newly-formulated lake. The water came from the underground lake that was originally behind the stone wall.

Under the water, where the lava pool was, the lava solidified into a piece of smooth black rock, dotted with craters like the surface of the moon.

The giant creature rolled around in the lake in excitement, screeching cheerfully.

The turtle died just like that? Han Sen could not believe that a super creature was killed so easily.

It was unlikely. Han Sen decided. The lava was liquid, so there must be a source of heat under the pool to keep it that way. Since the source of heat was not put out, it was impossible for the lava to solidify entirely.

"This creature is so devious to think of such a strategy. I wonder what's its grudge against the turtle?" Said Jin Mingli, walking over and joining Han Sen.

When Sun Minghua was about to say something, they suddenly heard rocks broken. The fresh rock ground started to crack.

The giant creature was also alarmed by the sound, and straightened its back like a cobra in attack mode, staring at the broken basalt vigilantly.


The basalt suddenly burst. A huge black turtle rushed out from underneath with splas.h.i.+ng lava, like a returning demon.

The moment the turtle came out, it screamed at the giant creature and threw itself at the creature with its head hidden inside the sh.e.l.l.

The creature twisted its huge body and dodged the turtle. However, the turtle reached out its head and bit the creature in the air.

The creature screeched and curled its body around the turtle, biting at the turtle's neck with its crocodile-like mouth.

The two creatures were at each other's throat, rolling around in the lake, breaking rocks as they went.

The group were dumbstruck by the monsters' fight and felt like watching a movie.

Han Sen was secretly exhilarated. Since the creature was able to match the turtle, it was very likely also a super creature. If that was the case, maybe he could get really lucky.

As Han Sen was imagining killing two super creatures at once, gobbling on their life essence and becoming a super aristocrat, he very soon realized that his dream was unlikely to be realized.

The two creatures managed to knock the basalt ground open. Lava erupted from the gaps and met more water. Gray smoke once again filled the s.p.a.ce. Roaring and rolling, the creatures continued their battle, shaking the entire underground cave.