Super Gene - Chapter 336: Crazy Creature

Chapter 336: Crazy Creature

Chapter 336: Crazy Creature

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Han Sen stared down the cliff and was shocked. So were Jin Rijie, Jin Qiuli and Sun Minghua.

They had followed the turtle for two days, which had gone deeper and deeper. They felt something must be wrong, they were already on the cliff.

Under the cliff was a gus.h.i.+ng lava pool. And the turtle crawled into the pool as if it were water.

The group did not see the turtle emerging again.

"Was its killed by the heat from the lava?" Jin Rijie guessed.

"Although creatures were not as smart as people, I have never seen a suicidal one," Jin Qiuli shook his head and said.

Sun Minghua suddenly said excitedly, "I know!"

"What do you know, Professor?" Asked Han Sen.

"You should remember I've told you that the creatures normally eat plants in order to give birth. After leaving the ocean, the turtle had consumed lots of plans in Copper Mountains. Maybe its goal was to give birth here," said Sun Minghua in excitement.

"Giving birth? Here?" Jin Qiuli pointed at the lava pool incredulously.

"Although lava is fatal to humans, may be it is not to the creatures. Did you notice the red patterns on the turtle's back, they look like lava. May be the turtle was born here in the lava. You know some turtles in our world also give birth in the sand despite that they live in the ocean…" explained the professor.

Han Sen watched the lava pool as he listened to the professor. He thought the professor's explanation made a lot of sense. The behaviors of the turtle was much like the golden growler. Maybe it was indeed giving birth here.

However, if it was really like the golden growler, then it would die after spitting out its life essence. No matter how powerful Han Sen was, it was impossible for him to jump into the lava for the life essence.

"It seems we have to find another exit," said Jin Rijie with his brows knitted. Obviously, there was no other exit.

Sun Minghua pondered and said, "We did not run into any danger on the way here. It must not be difficult if we wanted to go out. Let's stay and watch. Maybe the turtle will return to the ocean after giving birth."

Han Sen was glad he said that. If they left like this, he would be upset that he gave up on hunting a super creature when it was at its most vulnerable moment.

At least, Han Sen had to make sure that the turtle would not appear again before he gave up.

Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli also agreed. They did not see any creature on the way here, so it would not be too risky to go back where they came from.

In addition, they had brought enough supplies to last a month.

When the group were still discussing, they suddenly stopped as they heard an odd noise.

They looked to the direction of the noise and saw a giant creature emerging from a cave below them, breaking stones as it went. It turned out to be the creature that they saw from the underground river.

The group were all frightened. They did not even dare to breathe. Very soon, they found out that the creature did not come for them, but went toward the lava pool under the cliff.

"No way, is that creature also born from the lava pool?" Han Sen said to himself. He was so curious that he looked down from the cliff.

Jin Rijie, Jin Qiuli and Sun Minghua all let out a sigh of relief. Like Han Sen, they were also curious and wanted to see what the creature was up to.

In a minute, the creature made it to the side of the lava pool, but it did not enter as the group had imagined.

Circling around the lava, the creature then crawled toward the stone wall next to the pool.

The group felt weird. The stone wall had nothing on it and they wondered what the creature was trying to do.

As they were wondering, the creature suddenly threw itself hard at the wall as if it was agitated.

Bang! The rocks fell under the impact. However, the stone wall was still intact.

The creature hit the war again and again in madness and the cracks were growing on the wall, while the creature itself was also injured and covered in blood.

However, it did not stop ramming against the wall, as if the wall had killed its parents.

Jin Qiuli was dumbstruck and said, "This creature must be mad. It must be committing suicide."

Sun Minghua did not speak. He was also puzzled and did not understand what the creature was doing.

Although Han Sen could not tell what the creature was doing either, he was overjoyed. Originally, he was concerned that the creature was too big, and he did not have an appropriate weapon to kill it.

Now the creature was killing itself. When it was near death, it would be great if Han Sen could take advantage of the opportunity and kill it.

Judging from how strong it was, maybe it was really a super creature.

The four of them lay on their stomach and looked down the cliff. Maybe the turtle went into the lava to give birth, but it was impossible that this creature was knocking its head on the wall to give birth as well.

No matter how they thought about it, there was not a plausible explanation.

"What is it trying to do?" Han Sen stared at the creature ramming itself into the stone wall. From the dim light from the lava, he could see clearly the creature's movements.

The stone wall was cracked by the creature, and it was bleeding heavily, it's blood coloring the stone red.

Suddenly, Han Sen's pupils contracted.