Super Gene - Chapter 335: Follow the Turtle

Chapter 335: Follow the Turtle

Chapter 335: Follow the Turtle

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From the underground river emerged a head that was somewhat like an alligator's. With its mouth wide open, it looked like the monster could easily swallow an entire cow, let alone a human.

There were thousands of teeth in its mouth, which looked like a meat grinder. Even a body made of steel would be minced instantaneously.

Han Sen was not sure what the status of this creature was, so he dared not fight it head on. If it was a super creature, Han Sen would probably get himself killed.

Without saying anything, Han Sen flapped his wings and s.h.i.+fted his body to the side. Pus.h.i.+ng on the tip of the creature's mouth, Han Sen returned to the bank.

The creature roared and followed Han Sen. As its entire body came out of the underground river, everyone gasped.

The creature's head looked like a crocodile's, while its body was like a centipede without feet. With its whole body shaking, the creature was incredibly fast.

Han Sen shot an arrow backward. The creature suddenly closed its mouth and crushed the arrow with his teeth. Han Sen thought with terror, fortunately I did not use a beast soul arrow, otherwise my only mutant beast soul arrow would be destroyed.

"Run!" Han Sen summoned the tornado wolf, shooting at the creature riding on his mount.

Although Han Sen did not know whether it was a sacred-blood creature or a super creature, it would be unlikely for him to hurt a creature with a body 300 feet long even with the three-blade harpoon.

In addition, with such a gigantic body, this creature must be strong as well. If Han Sen was. .h.i.t by its tail, he would probably be severely hurt. In a tight s.p.a.ce, it would not be wise to fight such a creature.

The three protected Sun Minghua and rushed out. However, the monster was so fast that none of their mounts could run faster than it. The monster was at their heels in a second.

"Go in here, it is too narrow for the creature to enter!" Han Sen pointed at a hole and said.

Seeing the creature smas.h.i.+ng a rock more than 7 feet tall, Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli quickly took back the mounts and entered the hole along with Sun Minghua.

The moment they were in the hole, the creature immediately threw itself at them. However, its head was much bigger than the entrance.

It was as if the creature could not feel pain, it repeatedly hit the entrance with its head, making it bigger and bigger.

"Quick!" Jin Rijie exclaimed in the group went deep inside the hole since they had no other option.

The hole led to a tunnel. After they had walked for about a mile, they saw an opening and was again in a big cave.

There were paths both to the left and right. Jin Rijie looked both way, but could not tell which way would lead to the exit. He then asked Sun Minghua, "Professor, do you know which way we should go?"

Sun Minghua walked to the side and pinched some plants that looked like moss growing on the cave wall. He observed it and said, "We should probably go left, since it seems that air was more likely to come from the left."

"Let's go left then." Jin Rijie trusted Sun Minghua in this respect. Previously when he was covering Sun Minghua, the professor explained these things to him, but Jin did not quite understand.

They could hear thumping behind them. Obviously, the creature did not give up and was still hitting the entrance. There was no way they could return the way they came from.

Han Sen followed the rest. He was not really worried. Even if there was a super creature, he could always manage to run away even if he could not beat it. Very few creatures could threaten his life in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

The professor kept telling them which direction to go by observing the moss. After they had walked in the cave for half a day, they were completely lost.

When they were in a large opening again, Han Sen saw that the underground river had become a waterfall, running down the cave wall into a pool.

Next to the pool, a black turtle as large as a car was drinking.

"It is that turtle. What is it doing here?" Sun Minghua gasped in excitement.

"Lower your voice," Jin Rijie was startled and quickly stopped Sun Minghua.

Luckily, the waterfall was loud and the turtle was very close to it, so it did not hear Sun Minghua's voice.

The group of people stepped back before they started to discuss.

"Professor, do you think there is another way to go?" Jin Rijie asked.

He pondered and said, "According to how the moss grows, the air should come from this giant cave."

Jin Rijie smiled bitterly and asked Han Sen, "What do you think, Sen?"

Han Sen hesitated and said, "It is very likely that the turtle had come here to eat. After eating, it should be going away. If we follow it closely, we might be able to get out of here."

"True! Why did I fail to see that?" Sun Minghua said gladly. "This way, we can observe the turtle and find a way out in the same time. Great idea, Han Sen!"

Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli did not have other ideas. The four decided to follow the turtle.

They did not dare to approach the turtle, but observed it from afar. Although it was dark in the cave, the red patterns on the turtle sh.e.l.l were glowing in the dark like lava. The group did not need anything else to see the turtle.

After the turtle had finished drinking, it slowly waddled to the cave next to it.

The four exchanged a look and followed the turtle from afar. With the glowing patterns on the turtle, they would never lose sight of it.