Super Gene - Chapter 334: Underground River

Chapter 334: Underground River

Chapter 334: Underground River

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Han Sen directly summoned his horn bow and mutant black stinger arrow and made a shot at the sacred-blood copper demon.

Jin Rijie was about to fight the sacred-blood creature with all he got, but suddenly saw a black arrow flying toward the creature's eyes.

The sacred-blood copper demon reacted fast. It suddenly clasped it six blade-like claws and blocked the black arrow.

However, as its claws touched the arrow, the black stinger arrow suddenly started to spin like a drill head, bouncing off the creature's claws. The arrow had touched the copper demon's eye and penetrated its head immediately.


The sacred-blood copper demon which looked so powerful suddenly fell from the sky and died.

"Sacred-blood creature copper demon killed. No beast soul gained. Drink its blood to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly."

Hearing the voice, Han Sen lamented that he did not gain a beast soul from this perfect sacred-blood creature. Everything was just fate.

Jin Qiuli and Jin Rijie were dumbstruck. Shooting the sacred-blood copper demon dead with one arrow--that was unbelievable.

Since the sacred-blood copper demon was killed, the mutant copper demons quickly ran toward the cave. The group of people chased after them.

However, after they killed several slow mutant copper demons, they could no longer find the rest of them. The cave was deep and the paths inside were crisscrossed, so the group did not follow them, but chose to take care of the dead bodies first.

The copper demons' bodies were as tough as metal. There was no meat to eat. All that was edible was some blood inside their body.

Han Sen carefully let the purple blood out and poured it into a bottle. Such a large sacred-blood copper demon only had a bottle of blood.

Since Han Sen took care of the sacred-blood copper demon alone, he did not need to share it with anyone. Han Sen drank the blood in one breath and heard the voice telling him he had gained three sacred geno points.

It was already quite something. After all, the most part of the copper demons body was not edible, and Han Sen was glad that the blood alone gave him three sacred geno points.

Han Sen now had eighty-three sacred geno points and he was not far from maxing out.

"These creatures are so rare. How about we go inside the cave and kill the rest of the mutant ones. Maybe there is a chance to get their beast souls," suggested Jin Qiuli excitedly after they processed the bodies.

Han Sen had not objections. Even a mutant shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul was extremely popular. Han Sen did not mind earning some money.

Jin Rijie asked the professor's opinion, and Sun Minghua agreed to it. In addition, there might be different plants or fungus inside the cave, which Sun Minghua was interested in.

The four of them entered the cave. Although there were many tunnels inside the cave, they were all wide enough for them to walk freely. They did not see anything on the way, not even the copper demons. The group kept searching but did not find any.

The s.p.a.ce became larger as they want. After walking for two hours, they suddenly entered a huge opening. An underground River 200 feet wide were running through the cave.

The torrents were rapid, but for some reason, there was hardly any noise and the water even seemed calm.

With the light of the torch, the group saw the copper demons on the other side of the river, creeping deeper into the cave.

"Shall we keep chasing?" Jin Rijie asked Han Sen.

Han Sen checked the dark underground river and frowned. He still remembered the terrible experience he had last time he was in an underground river. The two obsidian dragons almost killed him.

The cave was so dark that the light of the torch could not help them see inside the water. Instead, the reflection of the light almost blinded them.

Han Sen was scared that some aquatic sacred-blood creatures like the obsidian dragons might suddenly appear here. No matter how strong he was, he would not be the creature's match underwater.

"Do you have wings? If we were to chase them, we should probably fly across the river," Han Sen pondered and said. He did not really want to step into the water.

Jin Rijie smiled bitterly and said, "We do have wings, but one was mutant and the other was primitive."

"That is problematic. I only have one pair of primitive wings as well." Han Sen did not mention his sacred-blood wings. He did not want anyone to see the purple-feathered dragon wings if he did not have to.

"All right. I will use the mutant wings to carry the professor over. Sen and Qiuli, you can fly with your own wings," said Jin Rijie.

Han Sen shook his head and said, "Let me fly over first and try. If there is no danger, you can go."

Han Sen had a spooky feeling about the river, but he did not see anything. Since they were at this point already, he could not tell everyone to go back.

In addition, Sun Minghua had discovered some interesting plants on the way here and seemed to be very interested in exploring the cave.

Han Sen summoned his black-feathered beast wings and flew across the river about 15 feet from the ground.

The primitive wings could not carry him high or fast, and that was already as high as he could go. Han Sen stared at the dark underground river while flying so that he could react in time if anything were to happen.

Standing on the bank, the rest of the group watched Han Sen fly nervously. Darkness and water naturally brought fear to humans.

When Han Sen reached the middle of the river, he suddenly felt something was odd in the river. A chill went down his spine.


With a huge splash in the water, a giant creature sprang out of the River with its mouth wide open, trying to swallow Han Sen as a whole.

"S*#t! I knew something was wrong!" Han Sen stared into the creature's mouth.