Super Gene - Chapter 333: Copper Demon

Chapter 333: Copper Demon

Chapter 333: Copper Demon

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After watching the video of his combat against Queen, Han Sen had gained a lot. The last few steps Queen made pointed out Han Sen's weaknesses.

After watching the video repeatedly, Han Sen enjoyed correcting himself little by little.

Many people would give up once they found they had made mistakes, but Han Sen was willing to correct himself.

Life was full of mistakes and it was impossible for one to go back and live again. What Han Sen cared more about was how he could avoid the same mistakes in the future.

The kiting skills were not just physical movements. Thinking and acting were equally important in order to perfect the skills.

Through trial and error, Han Sen had refined his skills again and again.

In a combat, everything could happen. What Han Sen learned from Queen was the basic rules. With these rules, he could react faster under different situations in a combat.

No matter how powerful his brain was, it was impossible for him to think too much when fighting. He had to cultivate his muscle memory through tons of practice.

It was like in order to solve a math problem, one had to learn all kinds of equations before applying them in calculation. Queen had told Han Sen some equations he did not know before. What he was trying to do was to integrate these equations into his muscle memory, so that he could react in the best way during a real combat.

It was not hard to think one or two steps ahead. The difficulty was to know what the possibilities were after dozens of steps the moment he made the first step.

It was hard to achieve that, and in fact, few could do it, which was why in the entire Ares Martial Hall, Queen was the one and only.

Han Sen did not sleep all night. The next morning when he woke up, his eyes were bloodshot as he had consumed too much of his brainpower.

I cannot keep going like this. The possibilities in kiting skills were endless like Go. No matter how talented I am, it is impossible for me to know all the strategies. If I do not enhance my strategic thinking, it is pointless to learn different tactics. Han Sen knew that he got himself into a dead-end alley, closed the video, cleaned his face, and went to sleep.

He did not even know how long he had slept. Until his comlink rang, Han Sen yawned, stretched, and got up.

Jin Rijie asked Han Sen to return to G.o.d's Sanctuary, as everyone was prepared to observe the turtle again.

Han Sen agreed. After eating at the cafeteria, he entered Glory Shelter.

Lu Mingda's hands had not recovered, so only Jin Rijie, Jin Qiuli, Sun Minghua and Han Sen were going to the Copper Mountains.

However, when the four of them reached the same spot, the turtle was no longer there. Sun Minghua collected some fragments of the vines that the turtle fed on last time. Because the turtle had eaten up all the vines, there were only some crumbs left.

The group continued to search the mountains. Before they went far, they saw a red creature standing on a mountain in the opposite direction, looking around.

The creature was 6 feet tall, looking like it was made of copper. It had scorpion's upper body, snake's tail, and six sickle-like claws.

"Copper demon!" Jin Rijie was excited when he spotted the creature.

Han Sen was also exhilarated. Before he came to Copper Mountains, he had done some research about the region. In Copper Mountains, the most famous creature was the copper demon. The reason it was well known was that even the weakest copper demons were mutant creatures. Sometimes, even sacred-blood copper demons could be spotted.

The beast soul of a copper demon was the shapes.h.i.+fting type, which was rare. Even a mutant copper demon beast soul could greatly enhance one's speed and strength. The sacred-blood copper demon beast soul even had a pair of ladybug wings and allowed one to fly when shapes.h.i.+fting.

A beast soul that had dual functions of both shapes.h.i.+fting and flying was obviously rare and valuable. Even a mutant copper demon without flying function was so expensive that many less wealthy people would kill for an opportunity to hunt for it.

However, copper demons were only spotted in Copper Mountains. Since Copper Mountains were close to Glory Shelter, most copper demons had been slaughtered already. In recent years, only a few copper demons were spotted, which must have come from a nest.

They had all heard about copper demons, but they had never seen one. This unexpected finding cheered them up.

"Let's go and try our luck. May be there is a chance for us to gain the beast soul," said Jin Qiuli excitedly.

No one had any objections. It was rare that they had a chance to see such a famous creature. Even if it was just a mutant one without wings, they could find their luck.

When the four of them went up the mountain, the thing they saw made them gasp.

Where the copper demon was standing was a stone platform, behind which was a cave. At this point, many copper demons were creeping out of the cave, swaying their snake tails, their claws making sounds of metal.

Among them, one was especially tall and had a deeper color than others. It also had red metal wings.

The copper demon they saw in the beginning had already spotted the group of people and started to hiss. Shortly, dozens of copper demons flooded from the cave. It seemed that there were still more in the cave.

The first sacred-blood copper demon flapped its wings and dived at the group of people like a bomber.

"Dammit! Cover the professor." Jin Rijie became pale and summoned a beast soul knife, trying to block the sacred-blood creature's attack.

Han Sen, however, was overjoyed. He was just wondering where to find a sacred-blood creature, and one threw itself at them. What a pie in the sky!