Super Gene - Chapter 330: Fighting the Turtle

Chapter 330: Fighting the Turtle

Chapter 330: Fighting the Turtle

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Sun Minghua wanted to get closer to the turtle. Jin Rijie checked the distance and did not object.

"Professor, the sacred-blood creature is something different. Last time, a lot of people from Glory Shelter were flying to hunt it, while they not only failed but also lost many men. How about we stay farther from it?" Han Sen tried to talk the professor out of it.

Since he was the one who mentioned that to the professor, Han Sen was not willing to see any mishaps happening.

"Han Sen, do you doubt the ability of Glory Special Squad?" said Lu Mingda, displeased.

Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli couldn't help frowning. Han Sen had been a good fellow so far, but now he was trying to intervene in their mission.

Sun Minghua quickly said, "Han Sen, don't worry. We are not trying to approach it, just get a bit closer. It will be fine."

Han Sen did not know what to say to them. He could not tell them that he was not a sacred-blood creature, but a super creature.

The professor had already moved and got closer to the turtle under the protection of the Glory Special Squad.

"Professor, stop right here. We really cannot go any farther." Han Sen reached out her hand and stopped the professor when they were a thousand feet from the turtle.

If the turtle got mad, Han Sen was not sure if he could keep all of them safe even if he used all he got.

Sun Minghua hesitated. The distance was still not ideal for his observation.

However, seeing Han Sen being so careful, Sun Minghua did not insist on going forward, but used his telescope to watch the turtle.

"d.a.m.n! Han Sen, this is not Steel Armor Shelter yet," said Jin Rijie solemnly with his brows knitted.

"Han Sen, what did you say in the beginning? Why are you being so controlling now?" Lu Mingda shouted.

Han Sen said calmly, "I don't mean to be controlling. But the professor is only here because I told him about the turtle. I cannot let anything happen to him, otherwise I would feel so guilty."

"What can happen to him? It is just a sacred-blood creature. We are not going to alert it, even if we do, we could guarantee the professor's safety. He would not even lose a hair. This is not your business," said Lu Mingda madly.

Being just a thousand feet away from the turtle, the voice of Lu Mingda alerted the turtle, which turned around and had its eyes fixed on them.

Han Sen felt a chill down his spine. He remained still and watched the turtle.

Lu Mingda was still upset and wanted to add something, but Jin Rijie had also noticed the turtle's movements and stopped him.

Suddenly, the turtle moved all its four legs and rushed to them as fast as a bird.

Feeling worried, Han Sen quickly yelled at Sun Minghua, "Professor, run!"

Although Sun Minghua had maxed out on all his geno points, he did not spend any time practicing martial arts and did not react fast enough. When he summoned his mount, the turtle was already next to him.

Seeing how fast the turtle was, Jin Rijie, Lu Mingda and Jin Qiuli were dumbstruck. This was not what they had heard. This turtle was even much faster than a sacred-blood mount.

"It's just a turtle. I will smash it right now," Lu Mingda yelled and smashed at the turtle with his sledgehammer.

The sledgehammer was very heavy, but the turtle did not even dodge. Its speed became even faster and the sledgehammer ended up on its sh.e.l.l, instead of its head, where Lu Mingda was aiming.


The hammer as large as a barrel knocked on the turtle sh.e.l.l and made a sound of metal.


Lu Mingda screamed. The sledgehammer was a destructive weapon, so it kicked back a lot stronger than other weapons. Lu Mingda had used all his force in the strike, which failed to hurt the turtle at all. On the other hand, all the bones in his hands were broken, the sledgehammer was blown away into rocks and left a huge hole there.

Not only Lu Mingda, even Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli were shocked. They knew how heavy the sledgehammer was. With a hard strike by Lu Mingda, even a tank could be flattened. However, the turtle was not even scratched, which was frightening.

Han Sen did not stand still. He immediately made a kick. It was not at the turtle, but at Lu Mingda who was still screaming.

Lu Mingda was kicked a dozen feet away. Both Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli were shocked, but they immediately saw the turtle bit where Lu Mingda was standing so fast that they could not even tell what the turtle's neck looked like.

"Don't stand here. Go!" Seeing Sun Minghua froze on his mount, Han Sen yelled, ran to the sledgehammer and summoned the fairy queen.

Jin Rijie and Jin Qiuli picked up Lu Mingda and wanted to run, while the turtle made another bite at Jin Rijie who was the closest to it.

Jin Rijie did not have any time to dodge, but he was fast enough to block the turtle bite with his sacred-blood knife.


The turtle bit the sacred-blood blade and broke it in half. A sacred-blood weapon was destroyed like that.

The Glory Special Squad were almost scared to death. The knife was a sacred-blood weapon and was broken under the turtle bite easily. There were suddenly covered in cold sweat and wanted to run.

However, the turtle was so fast that they could not make it. It quickly reached out its neck and bit toward Jin Rijie who was empty-handed.

Jin Rijie had used all his energy and there was no way he could avoid this bite.

"Dammit!" Jin Rijie quickly stepped back, but he knew he could not make it.

Lu Mingda and Jin Qiuli did not even have any chance to save Jin Rijie, given how fast the turtle was.


Something giant and black suddenly fell on the turtle's head and knocked its head down.