Super Gene - Chapter 329: The Turtle Again

Chapter 329: The Turtle Again

Chapter 329: The Turtle Again

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The three from Glory Shelter had heard this too many times and were no longer interested, while Han Sen was intrigued.

Three generations in Sun Minghua's family had done tremendous research work on the plants in First G.o.d's Sanctuary and the remaining interest was to find out whether the plants in G.o.d's Sanctuary could be used in medicine.

Because scientific methods did not work in G.o.d's Sanctuary, Professor Sun's family still managed to achieve great results in the research.

They mainly did their research through observing the reactions of the creatures after consuming certain plants. They would also keep some creatures to feed them plants to determine the effects of different plants.

Of course, creatures were different from humans. Before they conducted human subject experiments, they could not publish any of their findings.

However, Professor Sun Minghua shared with Han Sen about some of their findings. For example, Sun Minghua's grandfather had made a certain paste from some of the plants in G.o.d's Sanctuary, which was effective on external wounds. In fact, they had many similar inventions, which were only applied in a limited scope.

The main reason was that the herbal medicine they made was not much better than the man made medicine in the Alliance. In addition, the side effects were unknown, which was why it was hard to be promoted.

Han Sen had many conversations with Sun Minghua on the way. Han Sen mainly wanted to learn some common sense in case it would be useful in G.o.d's Sanctuary.

What's more, he was interested in the plants the turtle chose to eat and wondered what they could be used for.

Unfortunately, although Sun Minghua had conducted research for decades, it was not nearly enough time to explore First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Han Sen described the fruit tree to Sun Minghua, while Sun Minghua did not know what plant it was, let alone its effects.

However, after hearing about the turtle from Han Sen, Sun Minghua said, "In my decades of research, I have witnessed a lot of creatures consuming plants, despite that the majority of them did not need to eat plants. According to my observation, the creatures did not consume plants to maintain life like we do."

"Then what do they eat the plants for?" Han Sen couldn't help asking.

"I have given a lot of thought to the question, and my conclusion is that those plants might be helpful to their reproduction," Sun Minghua hesitated and said.

The Glory Special Squad members did not agree with Sun Minghua. Why on earth would plants help reproduction? It's not like the plants were v.i.a.g.r.a.

However, Sun Minghua's words reminded Han Sen of the golden growler. Although the golden growler did not need plants, it consumed tons of creatures before it gave birth to its baby.

Han Sen was guessing, either plants or meat, all the pregnant creatures needed to eat.

If that was true, Han Sen felt like he had an opportunity. Maybe the turtle was eating to give birth as well.

If it was anything like the golden growler, it would produce its life essence to feed its baby after giving birth. At that time, Han Sen would have a chance to s.n.a.t.c.h its life essence.

Han Sen had only just started on practicing Overload. He was afraid that the turtle might return to the ocean.

If he could s.n.a.t.c.h the life essence while the turtle was giving birth, that would be ideal.

"Han Sen, is that turtle you mentioned still in Copper Mountains?" While Han Sen was still thinking how to ask Professor Sun Minghua to check on the turtle, the professor asked him first.

"It should still be there. No one had seen it come out," replied Han Sen hurriedly.

"All right. Let's go see the turtle. It might be helpful to my research," Sun Minghua decided on the schedule.

The Glory Special Squad did not have much to object. They did not partic.i.p.ate in the campaign to hunt the turtle, but they had heard about it. There were plenty of creatures in the Copper Mountains, but none of them was scary. In their opinion, the turtle should not be too dangerous since it was not fast.

Only Han Sen knew that the turtle had an unbelievable speed.

Han Sen did not say anything about it and only wanted to check on the turtle from afar. In addition, Han Sen would like for the professor to determine whether the turtle was actually giving birth. Sun Minghua should be an authority in that.

The group of people marched into Copper Mountains. Sun Minghua had a great physique and a sacred-blood mount, so they had a smooth trip.

Han Sen did not have much to do and kept chatting with Sun Minghua. Sun Minghua had spent decades doing research in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, while all his friends had left sooner or later. It was rare that a young man would listen to him like Han Sen.

Since Han Sen was interested, Sun Minghua had shared a lot. Sun Minghua did his research for his interest as well as to benefit mankind, so he had nothing to hide and taught Han Sen a lot of practical knowledge, such as how to determine which plants were edible and which plants were toxic. Han Sen memorized all the information, which might be lifesaving in the future.

After traveling on the back of the golden growler, Han Sen understood that once he left the shelters, it was not easy for a human to survive in the wild.

After searching in Copper Mountains for days, they finally spotted the turtle, which was chewing on some black and brown vines.

"Professor, let's just stay here and watch. If we get closer, it might be risky." Han Sen stopped Professor Sun Minghua who was approaching the turtle.

Sun Minghua frowned and said, "This is a bit too far and I could see nothing. Can we get closer?"

"Try the telescope first. It is dangerous to approach," said Han Sen.

"What can we possibly see from here? Go, professor. We will protect you," said Lu Mingda after throwing Han Sen a look of disapproval.