Super Gene - Chapter 331: Manoeuvre

Chapter 331: Manoeuvre

Chapter 331: Manoeuvre

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"Han Sen!" Jin Rijie escaped death and was as pale as a sheet of paper. Seeing Han Sen who had knocked the turtle down with the sledgehammer, he was suddenly thrilled.

"Don't stay here. Run!" Han Sen watched the turtle solemnly.

Although the head of the turtle was knocked down, Han Sen did not feel it was broken. It felt like smas.h.i.+ng on rubber.

As he expected, the turtle raised its head and shook it around, its emerald-like eyes fixed on Han Sen.

Han Sen did not hesitate and smashed at the turtle again. Using Heresy Mantra, his heart was beating like thunder, and his blood and qi were circulating at a tremendous speed, making his veins stand out.

The sledgehammer was so heavy that even Lu Mingda could only slowly brandish it a dozen times. With Lu Mingda's speed, it was impossible for him to ever hit the turtle. Han Sen was stronger than Lu Mingda to begin with, but even he could not hit the turtle relying on just his strength. Only with the Heresy Mantra and Overload, Han Sen managed to hit the turtle's head when it was not paying attention.

Although Han Sen's second strike was still under dual enhancement, the turtle quickly withdrew its head and avoided the sledgehammer.

The moment it drew back its head, the turtle stepped hard on the ground and threw itself at Han Sen like a cannonball.

Han Sen waved his arm backward and knocked the sledgehammer on the turtle sh.e.l.l, sending the turtle back to the ground. However, the turtle quickly bit the handle of the sledgehammer and broke it in half.

All Han Sen had left in his hand now was a part of the handle. He hastily ran to the side, while the turtle was p.i.s.sed off by Han Sen and decided to throw itself again at him.

"Hang in there. We're here to help!" Jin Rijie summoned another weapon and was ready to help Han Sen.

Han Sen felt almost depressed. What the heck are you doing staying here? Are you trying to get killed by the turtle? This is a super creature, and none of you would be alive if you stay.

"Help my a.s.s! Run! I'll be right after you," Han Sen exclaimed at Jin Rijie.

Jin Rijie paused and quickly ran away with the others, looking back at Han Sen while running.

Han Sen quickly dodged the turtle and rolled toward the sledgehammer with its handle broken.

Although the handle was broken, there was still a part of it attached to the hammer. Han Sen grabbed the sledgehammer and smashed at the turtle again.

The three united with Sun Minghua and then stopped, watching Han Sen fighting the turtle alone. The sledgehammer was like a toy in Han Sen's hand, moving as fast as lightning bolts.

The three of them were all dumbstruck. They knew very well how heavy the hammer was. Even Lu Mingda would be tired out after a dozen strikes, and he could never use it at well as Han Sen did.

"His strength!" exclaimed Lu Mingda with his mouth widely open.

"Is Han Sen going to be okay?" Sun Minghua looked at Han Sen with a worried look. If it were not for Han Sen, they would have all died.

"Let's wait and see. If he is in danger, we'll go back for him," said Jin Rijie, gritting his teeth. He started to regret not listening to Han Sen. Otherwise, they would never have been trapped here.

"Wait a second. Maybe Han Sen has his plans." Jin Qiuli stopped Jin Rijie.

"It's all me. If it were not for me, the turtle would not have noticed us. I will apologize to Han Sen. And I will fight the turtle myself. I will not let him sacrifice himself for us," said Lu Mingda with his face flushed.

"What's the point in staying these? We should focus on helping Han Sen get out of there," exclaimed Jin Qiuli.

How could they possibly think of anything? The level of the turtle was beyond their wildest imagination. There was no solution whatsoever.

With the dual enhancement, Han Sen found he was still slower than the turtle even when he was using Sparticle.

However, to Han Sen's surprise, his practice was not a waste. There was no need for him to be faster than the turtle.

What was most helpful to Han Sen at this point was the kiting skills he learned from Queen. Han Sen had always been good at prejudgment. Using kiting skills, he could calculate when the turtle would strike in order to avoid its bite.

Han Sen was executing his strategy with each step, luring the turtle to bite where he had designed. This way, it was much easier for Han Sen to dodge its attacks.

Although Han Sen was not as fast as the turtle, he could still run away from its attacks.

It was like running from the bullets. There were all kinds of scenes depicting someone avoiding bullets in the movie. However, in reality, it could never be done. When the trigger was pulled, no matter how fast one was, it was simply impossible to dodge the bullet.

In order to dodge the bullet, the only way was to prejudge when the opponent would shoot and avoid the trajectory beforehand.

Han Sen was doing exactly that, making the turtle bite somewhere and moving away from that spot ahead of time.

The kiting skills made something impossible possible--Han Sen who was slower than the turtle was able to fight it.

However, the kiting skills were demanding on one's brain power. Under the burden of Overload, Han Sen could not sustain very long.

Han Sen also had the fairy queen beast soul to thank. The fairy queen made the turtle's movement much slower in his eyes, which helped him to better his strategy.

However, it was still almost impossible for him to kill the turtle. Han Sen had already been fighting at his limits. He had hit the turtle with the sledgehammer a few times, but such frightening force did not even cause much damage to the weakest part of the turtle's body.

Strength, I need more strength! Han Sen shouted inwardly. However, he felt quite content that he was able to fight the turtle for this long.

Avoiding the turtle bite one more time, Han Sen had come to a cliff, from which he jumped without hesitation to avoid the turtle's attacks and the gaze of his company.