Super Gene - Chapter 328: Botany

Chapter 328: Botany

Chapter 328: Botany

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The content of the mission was to provide protection for the target when the target arrived at Steel Armor Shelter and accompany the target to the next shelter.

At this point, the target was still in Glory Shelter and was going to travel to Steel Armor Shelter. Han Sen decided to meet the target before the mission began.

The target was a professor named Sun Minghua. According to his profile, he was about eighty years old and had maxed out on all four types of geno points. However, he still chose to stay in First G.o.d's Sanctuary instead of entering the Second, because he was a professor of botany.

He had done research work on the plantation in First G.o.d's Sanctuary for decades. In fact, although Sun Minghua had maxed out on his geno points, he could not fight well. All he had was a strong physique. Sun Minghua had spent no time on practicing hyper geno arts or combat skills, but put all his energy on studying the plants in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

All his geno points came from the meat provided by the Alliance. He had never been hunting.

Han Sen had high respect for people like this. If Sun Minghua chose to stay in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, he would age much faster than evolvers. In the future, despite that he would gain 100 years in lifespan once he evolved, the process of aging could not be turned back. He would continue his life as an old man.

Even worse, an old body was terrible for hunting. When Sun Minghua entered third G.o.d's Sanctuary, there was no way he would survive.

In addition, Sun Minghua had never practiced hyper geno arts. At his age, it was too late to start. His choice was to do research at the cost of his life. Han Sen could never do that, but he admired people like Sun deeply.

What Han Sen did not understand was how Sun Minghua conducted his research under the condition that no technology could be used in G.o.d's Sanctuary. All kinds of equipment and formulas simply did not work in G.o.d's Sanctuary. Also, what did Sun Minghua do his research for?

Speaking of plants, Han Sen thought of the turtle, which came out from the ocean to feed on the plants in Copper Mountains. Han Sen wondered what the plants meant to the turtle.

Han Sen arrived at a room in Glory Shelter at the agreed time and saw Sun Minghua himself.

Because he had maxed out on all geno points, Sun Minghua did not look like an old man eighty years old. He seemed to be around forty.

In addition to Professor Sun Minghua, Han Sen also saw the three members of Glory Special Squad who were responsible for the professor's safety in Glory Shelter.

"Han Sen, is it? Looks like I will become your problem soon," Professor Sun Minghua greeted Han Sen warmly.

"Your safety is my duty," said Han Sen.

However, the three members in Glory Special Squad were not as friendly to Han Sen. It was still in their shelter, while a stranger--Han Sen was intervening in their mission, which was upsetting to them.

Han Sen knew that very well and said to the head of Glory Special Squad, Jin Rijie, "Please rest a.s.sured. I only hope to follow you to Steel Armor Shelter. Before we arrive there, I will follow your commands and will not cause any trouble."

Jin Rijie warmed up a little and introduced the other two members to Han Sen. One of them was named Lu Mingda and the other Jin Qiuli.

Lu Mingda was quite a hunk and carried a huge sledgehammer that looked familiar to Han Sen. Han Sen thought about it and recognized the sledgehammer to be the sacred-blood gear he gained from killing the sacred-blood creature in Sand Valley.

He gave the sledgehammer to Huangfu Pingqing for action and now it had ended up in Lu Mingda's hands.

The fact that Lu Mingda was able to use this sledgehammer showed that he had special gifts in terms of strength. Han Sen believed he must have also practiced a hyper geno art that focused on enhancing his strength.

Jin Qiuli was Jin Rijie's cousin. He looked polite and easy-going.

Although the three were a bit upset about Han Sen joining them early, they could not say anything because Han Sen had submitted an application which was approved by the management.

In addition, Han Sen did not cause any trouble or voice any opinion, which made them feel better.

Sun Minghua did not go to Steel Armor Shelter directly, but needed to collect some specimen of the plants near Glory Shelter first, which would take about ten days.

To Han Sen's surprise, Sun Minghua's destination was Copper Mountains.

"Professor, why did you become obsessed with botany in G.o.d's Sanctuary?" After knowing Sun Minghua better, Han Sen knew that he was not someone hard to talk to. One night, while everyone was eating dinner around a bonfire, Han Sen voiced his doubt.

Sun smiled and said, "It is more like a family tradition. My grandfather and father were all researchers in this area. I have picked up a lot of knowledge of botany since little and have always been interested in studying it."

Han Sen pondered and did not say anything. He did not know how to ask what he was wondering about.

The creatures in G.o.d's Sanctuary could contribute geno points to humans, while no one had ever gained any geno points from eating the plants. In addition, the majority of the plants were harmful to the human body.

It seemed Sun Minghua had seen through Han Sen's mind. Or maybe it was because too many people had asked the same question before.

"The reason I study the plants in First G.o.d's Sanctuary is to make some contributions to mankind," the professor smiled and said. "The creatures in G.o.d's Sanctuary could provide geno points, but the plants could not do the same. There were all living things, so why would they differ so much?"

Han Sen shook his head, as he did not have a clue.

"In fact, my family used to be in the study of medicine, and had a focus in the ancient herbal medicine. My grandfather and father believed that since all sorts of herbs had medical values, we could also take advantage of the plants in G.o.d's Sanctuary. In fact, we all know that many plants were harmful to the human body, but this further proved that these plants were effective…" Sun Minghua went on and on with his explanations.