Super Gene - Chapter 327: Absolute Champion

Chapter 327: Absolute Champion

Chapter 327: Absolute Champion

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Qian Hezhen had spent a lot of time on Gladiator recently, but he was feeling more and more pressure. It was more and more difficult for him to defeat Han Sen.

In the beginning, Qian Hezhen was only intrigued by Han Sen's unexpected tricks.

However, it took him more and more effort to beat Han Sen. These two days, he had to use all he got and seek new breakthroughs in order to win.

The main issue was that Han Sen's fitness was getting better and better, which made Qian Hezhen lose his advantage.

In fact, it was not due to the actual improvement of Han Sen's fitness, but the progress he made in practicing Overload. Now, Han Sen could perform better under Overload, which made Qian Hezhen feel Han Sen was getting a better physique.

Under Overload, the combat was dangerous to Han Sen. Once Overload surpa.s.sed his limits, there would be dire consequences.

However, at this point, Han Sen's body had not reached that limit.

No… Not fast enough… This speed is not enough for me to dodge the turtle bite. Han Sen's body was moving at a dazzling speed in his feet almost became a blur with Sparticle deployed.

Although Han Sen spent most of his time on Gladiator, he would train one hour per day without the holographic device.

In the virtual combat, he could not sense every single detail, which made the one hour training a must.

The location Han Sen chose to use for his training was the venue of Heavy Warframe Society, which continued to be an unpopular society. After Fatty and Skinny graduated, only Han Sen and his friends remained in the society.

Because of w.a.n.g Mengmeng, the school allowed them to keep the society and their warehouse. However, no one would come here normally. This time, however, someone was watching Han Sen train from afar.

Jing Jiya watched Han Sen train with complex emotions. Since he lost to Han Sen last time, Jing Jiya had studied the spinning arrow even harder for a long time. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not be as good as Han Sen.

Hearing about Han Sen's training, Jing Jiya decided to wait for Han Sen there and talk to him. However, Han Sen directly started training since he came here, so Jing Jiwu watched and waited.

After watching for a while, Jing Jiya's look had changed.

Although Han Sen was simply doing a shuttle run practice, Jing Jiya was shocked by Han Sen's speed. He had only seen such speed among evolvers. In all the unevolved person he knew, Jing Jiya had never witnessed such speed, not even with his big brother Jing Jiwu.

Han Sen had not even used Heresy Mantra, otherwise he would have even higher speed.

"Do you need me for anything?" After training, Han Sen sat down on a chair, wiped his face, drank some water, and looked to Jing Jiya. He had noticed Jing Jiya since the beginning.

"You said you would teach me spinning arrow. Is that true?" said Jing Jiya, chewing on his lips.

For someone as proud as Jing Jiya, it was not easy to plead.

"Of course, if you want to learn, all you need to do was to pay me tuition, and then I would feel happy to teach you," said Han Sen with a smile.

"Aren't you afraid that I will learn from you and then defeat you?" Jing Jiya stared at Han Sen and asked.

Han Sen had finished the bottle of water, threw the empty bottle into the trashcan, and said, "As long as it is something I have learned, I will be the best at it. If you want to learn, I could teach you any time, but you will never be able to beat me."

Looking at Han Sen's, expression, Jing Jiya gritted his teeth and said, "I want to learn. When can you start to teach me?"

"If you pay me, we can start now," Han Sen smiled and said.

Jing Jiya immediately paid Han Sen what he asked. He did not believe he would lose to Han Sen. With his talent, all he lacked was Han Sen's tricks. As long as he learned Han Sen's tricks, he would never lose to Han Sen again.

After taking the money, Han Sen started to teach Jing Jiya spinning arrow. Since Jing Jiya had already practiced hard on that, it was easy to teach him.

Han Sen did not reserve anything when he was teaching. He taught Jing Jiya everything he needed to know about spinning arrow, and all that left to do was for Jing to practice.

Like Han Sen had said, he was not afraid that others might learn from him, because he would still be the absolute champion using the same technique.

In addition, spinning arrow was only one lead in a his knowledge system. Although tricks were important in martial arts, what was more important was to use the right trick at the right time.

Application was the key to all types of martial arts. Jing Jiya had only learned how to shoot spinning arrows, but did not have his own style.

Since Jing Jiya was willing to pay, Han Sen did not mind earning some money. Although he did not need money at this point, more cash did not hurt.

Jing Jiya was afraid in the beginning that Han Sen might have some reservations and only teach him part of the tricks. However, he discovered very soon that if he had learned everything that Han Sen had taught him, he would be able to shoot spinning arrows like Han Sen did, if not better.

Is he that confident? Why does he believe he would always defeat me? Watching Han Sen leave, Jing Jiya did not know what to think.

After returning to his dorm, Han Sen received a call from Gambler, who told him that there was a new mission a.s.signed by the management.

After reviewing the information Gambler sent him, Han Sen was surprised that there was such a person in G.o.d's Sanctuary. Han Sen pondered and told Gambler that he would like to take on the mission himself.

On one hand, the mission was too dangerous for most of the other members in the special squad; on the other hand, Han Sen wanted to meet that person himself, which was why he decided to take on the mission.

More importantly, that person was currently in Glory Shelter.