Super Gene - Chapter 326: Sparring Partner

Chapter 326: Sparring Partner

Chapter 326: Sparring Partner

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Chapter 326 - Sparring Partner

Until the next day when Han Sen received the geno solution Overload, he closed the video of his combat against Queen.

Han Sen did not know how many times he had watched the video. The more he watched, the more he gained. He decided to review it from time to time, so that he could pay more attention to his defects and weaknesses.

After drinking the geno solution, Han Sen started to practice Overload. Different from Heresy Mantra which emphasized on strengthening his inner organs, Overload focused on putting pressure on his body.

To put it in plain terms, when practicing Overload, Han Sen needed to do continuous exercise to stimulate his body cells to make his body work under extreme conditions. After some thinking, Han Sen decided to practice Overload on Gladiator via combats.

In the holographic device, the simulated body was synchronized with his real body. Although he would not be injured, and his movements were otherwise real.

Han Sen entered the evolver section of Gladiator again and immediately received a friend request.

"Why would someone add me?" Han Sen was slightly surprised and checked the ID. It said "QZH," which he did not recognize. Han Sen still clicked yes.

Very soon, QZH appeared in Han Sen's friend list. Seconds later, QZH sent Han Sen an invite to fight. It was rare that someone would invite Han Sen, so he immediately agreed.

When he was waiting for the countdown, he checked out his opponent.

QZH was a young man around twenty years old. Judging from his age, even if he was an evolver, he should still be new and weak.

Han Sen saw that QZH did not carry a weapon and chose to not use one as well. Overload required body movements, and it would be more convenient without a weapon.

After the combat started, QZH quickly rushed to Han Sen and Han Sen fought back.

Very soon, Han Sen was surprised. QZH was much stronger than he thought. Han Sen estimated that he at least had a fitness index of thirty. If he just evolved, then he should have evolved with his sacred geno points maxed out. What was more impressive was that QZH not only had great fitness, but also fought exceptionally well. Every move he used was powerful. Han Sen could tell that he must have learned from a master.

Han Sen became excited. It would benefit him greatly to spar with someone like QZH. Han Sen initiated Heresy Mantra and enhanced his fitness level greatly, otherwise he would not be QZH's match.

Even so, Han Sen was still inferior to QZH in terms of fitness. After using both Heresy Mantra and Overload, Han Sen could reach a fitness level of twenty-eight, while QZH had an overall index of thirty, and some items over thirty-five.

If QZH was a beginner, it was very likely that he could push his fitness index above 100, which was the goal of many evolvers. However, few people could reach that goal.

Those who evolved with mutant geno points maxed out could have a fitness index of around twenty after the evolution. Those who evolved with sacred geno points maxed out would gain a sacred body and reach thirty in fitness index. After collecting geno points in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, ideally an evolver could reach 100 in fitness index, which was about as high as an evolver could reach.

Han Sen was glad to fight QZH, who was strong but not strong enough to eliminate Han Sen instantaneously.

Han Sen used all kinds of methods to fight QZH and stimulated the vitality of his body cells and their Overload.

In the beginning, Overload only had limited effects. Han Sen had to make breakthroughs under the state of Overload in order to enhance its effects.


In half an hour, Han Sen was defeated by QZH.

QZH was better than him in every aspect and did not leave him any chance to fight back.

Han Sen did not feel upset and sent QZH an invite. QZH agreed immediately.

QZH was great in terms of strength and speed, and he used many hyper geno arts that Han Sen had never seen before. Having realized he was not QZH's match in either fitness or hyper geno arts, Han Sen thought of one thing.

"Maybe I could try that. At least it will buy me more time." Han Sen thought of the kiting skills that Queen uses.

Since it was hard to fight QZH head on, the best Han Sen could do was to refine his skills and eliminate his defects. In addition, he needed to use some strategies to prolong the fight.

Queen's kiting skills were like a Go strategy. When he made the first step, he had to have the big picture in mind and think ten steps ahead. Only by doing that could he lure or force his opponent to follow his design.

Although it was unlikely that Han Sen could reach Queen's level in one or two months, he liked the kiting skills a lot, which was why Han Sen mimicked Queen's kiting skills during the fight with QZH.

Although Han Sen performed terribly in the beginning, he was making slow progress. It was a skill that needed lots and lots of practice.

Qian Hezhen felt intrigued when fighting Han Sen. Qian Hezhen had always practiced with the evolvers in Ares Martial Hall. Even though those evolvers had many skills, Qian Hezhen would gradually get to know their movement patterns.

However, the combat against Han Sen was different. Han Sen had shown him different things, such as disordered rhythm and weird strikes, sometimes even Qian Hezhen's own tricks. Qian Hezhen thought Han Sen was an odd fellow. Qian Hezhen considered what he learned was eclectic enough, while Han Sen never ceased to surprise him, which provided him with many inspirations.

Qian Hezhen and Han Sen did not communicate at all, and always started the combat the minute they saw each other, which continued for days.

Without any conversation, the two persons were immersed in their own practice and thought of each other as a sparring partner.