Super Gene - Chapter 325: Kiting

Chapter 325: Kiting

Chapter 325: Kiting

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Han Sen did not have any room to run. Reaching him in a second, Queen's kick was even more horrendous than the turtle bite.

Han Sen immediately tried to block Queen's incoming leg with both hands, using Diversion and clinging technique, hoping that he could borrow Queen's force.

But it was useless. In order to use Diversion, he must understand his opponents force; To cling to his opponent, he must follow Queen's force.

However, Queen's kick was so sharp and fast that Han Sen had no time to do either of that.


Her leg kicked on Han Sen's hands and then his chest. He felt like his entire body was smashed into pieces. Then his simulated body suddenly disappeared.

Killed with one strike, and not even in a vital body part. There was only one possibility for the system to make such a judgment: the two parties were too far apart in strength that they were not on the same level.

Han Sen returned to the waiting area and sent a friend request to Queen.

If they could meet again, Han Sen wished to fight Queen at a different time. If she would not add him, he had nothing to lose.

Unexpectedly, Queen accepted the request and Han Sen was delighted to see Queen in his friend list.

As he was about to send Queen an invite to fight again, her name became dark. Obviously, she had left Gladiator.

What a shame! But since she has already added me, I believe I will have another chance in the future. Thought Han Sen, licking his lips.

Queen was much stronger than the super creatures. If he had more chance to practice with her, it would be great for him to prepare himself for the future hunting.

Han Sen did not bother to think why Queen would fight him. He did not use his real ident.i.ty to register and even used the face blur function. No one should know who he was, and Queen should not be able to find out.

Before Han Sen left the platform, he paid to download the video of the combat to his comlink.

Han Sen decided to study the video and find out how Queen managed to force him into the corner.

After leaving Gladiator, Queen dialed a number and made a short call. She reported to Huangfu Xiongcheng her conclusion, which was she believed A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p was a suitable opponent for Qian Hezhen.

Although she beat Han Sen with only one strike, Han Sen's performance was out of her expectation, which was why Queen agreed to add him.

In fact, Han Sen was the only person in Queen's friend list. She did not even add any student in Ares Martial Hall. In fact, in Gladiator, Queen never chatted with anyone or added anyone.

The reason she agreed to add Han Sen was that despite his weak fitness, he had several techniques that were inspiring to her.

For example, the way Han Sen made his attacks was sneaky enough that she was only able to tell his intention after he approached her.

And Han Sen obviously had a great understanding of rhythm, which forced her to change her rhythm to cope with his attacks.

In addition, Han Sen controlled his strength and his body very well, which was rare among people with his fitness level.

Maybe it was because Han Sen had a similar style to someone she knew, Queen decided to accept Han Sen's friend request.

After fighting Queen, Han Sen did not want to challenge anyone else. He left Gladiator and returned to the dorm to watch the video he downloaded repeatedly.

Without a doubt, Queen was a formidable person and a top-notch evolver. Han Sen cannot find anything she could have done better.

However, this was not Han Sen's focus. What impressed Han Sen the most was her kiting skills.

It was not even a footwork, but kiting. Queen did not even use any footwork intentionally, but the spots he decided to go to when avoiding Han Sen's attacks made Han Sen feel threatened and unintentionally end up where Queen wanted him to go.

That is to say, although Queen did not launch any strikes, she was able to put tremendous pressure and threat on Han Sen, so that he would want to run. Therefore, although Han Sen was making all the attacks, he ended up in the corner.

Another thought made Han Sen sweat. Every spot Queen chose to go to was a spot that could threaten Han Sen, which meant it was a defect in Han Sen's movement.

If Han Sen had not been through this fight against Queen, Han Sen had never thought he'd have so many defects that his opponent could take advantage of. If Queen was his enemy, and their fight was for real, Han Sen would have died a million times.

Han Sen's finding made him feel awed and excited. It was okay that one made mistakes, as long as one knew one's mistakes. In this case, Queen pointed out where he did wrong and made him see what he was blind to.

Knowing what he did wrong, Han Sen knew how to make improvements. And nothing was better than that.

Naturally, Queen did not do that intentionally. All she wanted to do was to force Han Sen to use all he got in order to determine whether or not Han Sen was fit to be Qian Hezhen's opponent.

Even Queen did not expect that Han Sen could learn so much from fighting her.

Han Sen watched the video repeatedly and was more and more impressed by Queen. Her movements looked unintentional, but were always meant for something.

It was like playing Go with a master. Some stones that seemed pointless in the beginning ended up being the key to success. Those pointless stones were not in fact placed casually, but part of a macro design.

Last time Han Sen saw Queen in a combat, he saw was how powerful she was. However, being her opponent this time, Han Sen learned why she was so formidable.