Super Gene - Chapter 324: Fighting the Queen

Chapter 324: Fighting the Queen

Chapter 324: Fighting the Queen

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Han Sen hoped he would see Queen from the Ares Martial Hall again. Although Han Sen knew he was not nearly as good as she was, he still looked forward to their fight.

After all, they were both fighting in the virtual community and he would not be injured while appreciating her incredible skills.

Han Sen had seen many impressive evolvers on Gladiator, and some of them could beat him with just two or three strikes. However, no matter how strong they were, they did not leave him shaken like Queen did.

During the countdown, Han Sen stared into the opposite direction.

"It's her!" Seeing the tall figure, Han Sen was excited. Although she was dressed differently than he remembered and used the face blur function of the platform, Han Sen immediately recognized her at first glance.

There were some people in the world that were recognizable by their special air, instead of the face or a certain body part.

Queen is such a unique person. She was cold, proud and aloof, absolutely indifferent to everything in the world, like a real queen.

It was not a disguise or result of training, but a testament to her mental strength.

Although Han Sen did not know why Queen would invite him to fight, her invite made him jump with joy. To win or lose was not important. Han Sen cherished the experience to fight such a strong opponent.

The reason that Queen picked Han Sen was not because she saw something in him. In fact, Queen did not even knew Han Sen existed.

No one could make Queen do anything if she doesn't want to, except for one person, President of Ares Martial Hall, Huangfu Xiongcheng. Because Ken recommended A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p to Qian Hezhen, Qian Hezhen became interested in the soldier.

However, Huangfu Xiongcheng had strict rules about Qian Hezhen's training. If Qian were to fight a student from Ares Martial Hall, that would be fine. But if he were to look for someone from Gladiator, he must get Huangfu Xiongcheng's approval beforehand. After hearing Qian Hezhen's request, Huangfu Xiongcheng did not stop him, but asked Queen to determine whether Han Sen was qualified to be Qian Hezhen's opponent.

Huangfu Xiongcheng had high hopes for Qian Hezhen, and did not want anything to go wrong in his training. Huangfu Xiongcheng did not want Qian Hezhen's opponent to be too strong or too weak. And if Qian Hezhen's opponent was not on the right path, that might affect Qian as well. Huangfu Xiongcheng would not allow that to happen and trusted Queen to make the decision whether Han Sen was fit to be Qian Hezhen's opponent.

That was why Queen had sent the invite to Han Sen. Queen was a frequent visitor to Gladiator, so she would occasionally send an invite to Han Sen to check if he was online.

Although Han Sen did not know the story behind the invite, he very much looked forward to the fight with Queen.

After the countdown was over, Han Sen entered the arena. Without any hesitation, Han Sen used Heresy Mantra to strengthen the functions of his heart, blood and qi. His fitness level was increased substantially.

Without a word, Han Sen threw a punch at Queen.

He was afraid that if he did not make a strike soon, he might never have an opportunity to do so. Queen was definitely much stronger than most super creatures in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Therefore, Han Sen's punch almost carried all his strength, and would take most people by surprise with his sneak attack skills.

Originally, Han Sen thought Queen would fight back fiercely, which was her style.

However, Queen simply dodged Han Sen's punch and did not fight back.

Han Sen was dazed. Without much time to think, he threw a second punch. Facing such an opponent, it would be ideal if he could survive more rounds.

The punch that cost all his strength only took Queen one step to avoid. None of his skills worked.

Han Sen decided to use the skeleton's disordered rhythm. He summarized Queen's rhythm and hit her when her defense was down. However, she suddenly changed her rhythm and made his attack end up in vain.

Han Sen had never met an opponent whole could change her own rhythm as abruptly as this, which surprised him.

No matter how good he was at prejudgment, he must base his prediction on his opponent's rhythm. Queen was able to change her rhythm as she wished, which meant it was impossible for Han Sen to determine her movement pattern. Any prejudgment was thus pointless.

Although Han Sen was shocked, he remained calm and tried to use all the methods he knew to attack Queen.

Although Han Sen did not know why Queen did not fight back at all, he was glad that he had this opportunity to spar with an opponent of this level.

Normally speaking, evolvers of her level would not accept his invite, but this time, Queen even sent him an invite. Han Sen did not care about the reason why she did not fight back, as long as he had the chance to practice with her.

However, no matter what kind of skills Han Sen had used, from sneak attacks to the skeleton's skills, from Thirteen Slashes to Bladestorm, nothing worked on Queen. He could not even touch the corner of her clothes.

What was even more scary was that only by dodging Han Sen's attacks, Queen managed to force Han Sen into a corner. And he did not notice that until it happened.

Han Sen was dumbstruck. He was the one who was making all the attacks, while Queen managed to force him into a corner simply by avoiding his attacks. He could not imagine how wide the gap was between the two of them.

Eventually, when Han Sen was forced into the corner, Queen made her first attack. Jumping in the air, she kicked her legs at Han Sen's chest.

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