Super Gene - Chapter 314: Mushu

Chapter 314: Mushu

Chapter 314: Mushu

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Once again, Han Sen enter the Dark Swamp. Last time it took him half a month to travel from Glory Shelter back to Steel Armor Shelter by way of Dark Swamp.

Last time, he only had the mutant three-eyed beast as his mount and needed to fly on his own over Dark Swamp. This time, he could just use Meowth all the way as the mount, and no mutant creature could stop it.

Han Sen tried to kill as few creatures as possible. Except for sacred geno points, he did not need anything. The golden rock worm king was still recovering from his enormous feast in the nest. So Han Sen did not bother to hunt.

With Meowth’s speed, almost no creatures could catch up with them.

However, Meowth was not a real mount. Although it was fast, the ride was not a comfortable one.

Han Sen took the chance to practice the clinging technique in Panorama. He attached his entire body to the back of Meowth and moved up and down as Meowth ran.

The key to the clinging technique was following the opponent’s force. Although it was the same kind of techniques as diversion, they differed a lot in practice.

When using Diversion, the goal was to offset the opponent’s force. However, the goal of using the clinging technique was to integrate oneself with one’s opponent, so the opponent could not exert his force.

As Han Sen felt Meowth’s movement under him, he focused himself on moving along with Meowth and felt less and less turbulence.

As the encyclopedia of the Saint Hall, Panorama included all sorts of fundamental methods of using one’s strength. Many of those methods could also be applied in the daily life. In order to perfect himself, Han Sen was always practicing the methods, even when he rested.

Although it was impossible for him to reach perfection, he was pus.h.i.+ng himself closer and closer to his full potentials.

The stronger he became, the more likely it was for him to kill super creatures. In fact, the essence of martial arts was to push one’s limits.

The status above evolver was named surpa.s.ser, which meant the person had surpa.s.sed the limits of human body. A surpa.s.ser could even crash an aircraft with bare hands.

As Meowth galloped, Han Sen suddenly found a creature that looked like a centipede rolling over in a swamp ahead of him.

Despite its resemblance to a centipede, the creature was about 30 feet long, its sh.e.l.l gleaming with a dark purple s.h.i.+mmer. Its body was as thick as a wok and its feet as sharp as sickles.

The dark purple centipede wound itself around a buffalo-like creature, its sharp feet digging into the buffalo, which was about to bleed to death.

"It seems that the centipede should be a sacred-blood creature. How lucky! Although it is a large creature, I don’t believe it has too much meat in the body, which should provide some geno points for me." Han Sen was excited that he saw the sacred-blood creature just when he entered Dark Swamp.

As the huge centipede was trying to strangle the Buffalo, Han Sen took out the diamond sword and jumped from the back of Meowth. With one slash, he cut the centipede together with the buffalo. The centipede was cut into pieces because it was winding on the Buffalo. When each piece fell on the ground, it was still twitching and quieted down after a while.

"Sacred-blood creature mushu killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly."

"Mutant creature swamp buffalo killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 mutant geno points randomly."

Although no beast soul is gained, Han Sen was excited that he was able to kill a sacred-blood creature with only one strike.

He summoned golden rock worm king to eat the swamp buffalo. Obviously, the worm king was more interested in the meat of mushu. In addition, its appet.i.te did not seem to be as good as before, so it left half of the buffalo meat untouched.

Han Sen found a clean pool to wash the mushu’s carca.s.s and peeled its sh.e.l.l.

Although the mushu looked ugly, its meat was juicy and rich. Putting it over fire, Han Sen immediately smelled an alluring fragrance.

Han Sen summoned the holy angel. She stared at the meat barbecue with a desiring look.

"It still needs a while," said Han Sen, patted the holy angel on her head.

Holy angel did not speak, her eyes fixed on the barbecue, which was probably all she could see at this point.

Without Han Sen’s order, she could not move and had to wait patiently next to the fire.

Han Sen was amused. This little girl only ate sacred-blood meat. Even a mutant meat could not interest her at all.

Han Sen did not want to spare sacred-blood meat before, while he did not care that much recently. He was about to max out on his sacred geno points, but collecting super geno points would take him a long time. During that period of time, he could do some casual hunting and his sacred geno points would be filled very fast.

So, every chance he got, Han Sen would let the holy angel eat some sacred-blood meat. If she could evolve like Meowth did, she would become a super beast soul. At that time, he did not even to move a finger and could let her do all the fighting for him.

When the barbecue was ready, the holy angel started to gobble the sacred-blood meat at Han Sen’s command. A large piece of meat disappeared momentarily.

The appet.i.te of a sacred-blood pet was unimaginable. Han Sen only had one piece when the holy angel had already swallowed a dozen, her stomach still flat.

Han Sen let the holy angel eat a better half of the mushu meat, and saved a small part for the road. The part that Han Sen had eaten gave him another sacred geno point.

Han Sen now had 79 sacred geno points and it will not be long before he maxed out.