Super Gene - Chapter 313: Emperor Returns

Chapter 313: Emperor Returns

Chapter 313: Emperor Returns

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When Jing Jiya's arrow was about to hit Han Sen's, something unbelievable happened. Jing Jiya's arrow did not move aside, but was leaning toward Han Sen's arrow like it was a magnet.


The two arrows clashed. Han Sen's slow arrow knocked Jing Jiya's away and then became faster.

Bang Bang Bang…

Han Sen's arrow clashed successively with all ten arrows shot by Jing Jiya and knocked all ten away. Its strength was not weakened but enhanced after the cracking sounds.


The arrow ended up on Jing Jiya's chest. Taking the hit, Jing Jiya staggered back a few steps and fell to the ground.

Jing Jiya looked down at the arrow on his chest incredulously with his mouth gaping.

Silence fell on the entire range. No one antic.i.p.ated this result. No one could believe that an effortless shot made by Han Sen using an 11.0 practice bow could carry such miraculous power.

Han Sen walked to Jing Jiya, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Jing Jiya, if you want to learn the real spinning arrow, come find me when you have time. I'll teach you."

Then Han Sen took down the practice arrow on Jing Jiya's chest and put it back in the quiver. Putting the bow back on the rack, Han Sen left the range.

Jing Jiya watched Han Sen leave and sat there like death.

"The genius is the genius! This is what spinning arrow really looks like."

"I know it was not that easy to mimic the genius. It seems Jing Jiya just learned some tricks and did not master the skill."

"Awesome. Han Sen never took Jing Jiya seriously. He did so well with just an 11.0 practice bow. Imagine what he can do if he had picked a 16.0 one!"

"Impressive! The spinning force of the arrow is what beat Jing Jiwu! How did he do it, using a weak bow to make such a strong shot? And the arrow seemed to become faster and faster after it clashed with other arrows…"


It took Jing Jiya a long while before he recovered from shock. Watching Han Sen walking away, Jing Jiya suddenly smiled wryly with complex feelings.

He suddenly discovered how ridiculous his schemes were. He had always believed that Han Sen was afraid of accepting his challenge and losing to him. But after seeing what Han Sen could do with that arrow, he suddenly understood that Han Sen never took him seriously, which was the only reason why Han Sen did not accept his challenge in the first place.

A casual shot from an ordinary bow had such an unbelievable effect.

He deserves to be the one who beat my brother. Jing Jiya got back on his feet and did not feel upset. Instead, he was burning with a pa.s.sion that he had never felt before. As the prodigy in his family, he had the gift like n.o.body else. He did not need to have a pa.s.sion, because he had never met a deserving opponent.

However, Han Sen made him feel that it was not blood that flew in his body, but fire.

"Beat him!" That was all Jing Jiya could think of.

Han Sen went back to his dorm and said goodbye to his roommates before he teleported to G.o.d's Sanctuary alone.

Beating Jing Jiya was miraculous in other people's eyes, but for Han Sen, who just wanted to teach the boy a lesson, it was nothing.

Inspired by the spinning spear, the arrow shot by Han Sen generated a centripetal force, drawing all the arrows in. Using the combination of yin and yang forces, Han Sen was also able to borrow the speed of other arrows.

The ten clashes did not affect Han Sen's arrow, but empowered it, making it ten times stronger than when it left the string. So, Jing Jiya was. .h.i.t before he could even realize what had happened.

In addition, Jing Jiya had no way to foresee such an incredible outcome, so he was not prepared at all.

Han Sen thought what he had done was no challenge at all. Among the unevolved, no one could hold a candle to Han Sen any longer. The only match he had left in first G.o.d's Sanctuary was a super creature.

Han Sen did not care about all that himself, but in Blackhawk, he was revered as a hero.

The students in freshman and soph.o.m.ore years only knew Han Sen previously from the school's history, but Han Sen's performance at the duel brought him back under the spotlight.

The Emperor returned with his incredible archery skills. Blackhawk was still his Empire.

"Why didn't he partic.i.p.ate in any games recently? If he did, Blackhawk could have won a lot of champions.h.i.+ps. With his archery skills, if he were there, even the Alliance Central Military Academy would lose without a doubt."

"Not just archery. He is peerless in black and white boxing and warframe as well. He even gained his nickname 'emperor' from partic.i.p.ating in a black and white boxing game, where he gave St. Germain zero point. You know St. Germain even had Nalan Chengnuo on their team at the time…"


"Why would I lie about that? You can still find the video of the game online. Watch it for yourself. If you think I exaggerated, you can have my virginity."

Han Sen's name once again became the topic of conversations in Blackhawk. Many students found Han Sen's old videos and became even more impressed by him.