Super Gene - Chapter 315: Tornado Wolf

Chapter 315: Tornado Wolf

Chapter 315: Tornado Wolf

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The second day he spent in Dark Swamp, Han Sen saw from afar that an island was floating in the sky. He was suddenly thrilled and thought, there is a Mystery Island in Dark Swamp!

A Mystery Island meant a sacred-blood beast soul. In the past, Han Sen needed a sacred-blood ghost b.u.t.terfly boomerang to kill the holy angel, but now he no longer needed that. In the entire First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, there was hardly any sacred-blood creature that he could not kill.

Dark Swamp was remote and dangerous, it is not very likely that someone happened to be here. Therefore, Han Sen believed he would not have a lot of compet.i.tors.

Having summoned his sacred-blood wings, Han Sen flew toward the Mystery Island. The strong wind could not stop him at all.

This time, Han Sen only used the wings of the purple-feathered dragon. He did not look exactly like dollar, but he did not mind either. No one had seen the wings without the black beetle armor. In addition, all those who had seen these sacred-blood wings had evolved, including Son of Heaven.

When Han Sen landed on the Mystery Island, he frowned as he heard noises of a combat. Someone still beat him to the Mystery Island in Dark Swamp.

Han Sen saw that it was a man and woman fighting a giant wolf with silver fur. Han Sen thought the wolf must be the sacred-blood creature on the Mystery Island.

Han Sen could not tell who the man and woman were. It seemed that they were not from Steel Armor Shelter.

Maybe they are from Glory Shelter. Steel Armor Shelter and Glory Shelter are the closest to Dark Swamp, Han Sen guessed.

Both the man and woman had a fabulous set of beast souls. They not only had sacred-blood wings, even their weapons and armor were sacred-blood beast souls.

In addition, the two of them had both shapes.h.i.+fted with sacred-blood humanoid beast souls. The level of the beast souls they used were shocking even to Han Sen.

However, with their luxurious beast souls, they were not able to beat the silver wolf.

The silver wolf was so fast that when it ran, it became a blur. Han Sen could tell that the silver wolf was a huge threat to the man and woman.

After watching for a while, Han Sen smiled and did not hurry to go over. Standing afar, he decided to watch them fight.

At this point, he was able to tell that the man and woman were not the wolf’s match. He had no intention to fight with them and wanted to kill the wolf after they retreated.

It looks like Lady Luck is still on my side, thought Han Sen.

Indeed, a man and woman found it was more and more difficult to parry with the wolf. They also seemed to have noticed Han Sen, and did not want to fight anymore.

Fighting while retreating, the man and woman approached Han Sen.

"Friend, I am Ma Mingjun from Glory Shelter gang. How about we work together to strike down this sacred-blood creature?" exclaimed the man when he approached Han Sen.

"If we work together, whole gets to keep the meat and beast soul?" Han Sen asked.

"Whoever makes the fatal strike gets to keep them." Ma Mingjun was 150 feet from Han Sen.

"All right." Han Sen smiled and joined the two. The spinning spear and the diamond sword or both kept in Han Sen’s backpack. Of course, Han Sen will not use them. He summoned the three-blade harpoon and threw himself at the silver wolf.

Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei exchanged a look and quickly joined Han Sen. They did not expect Han Sen to be so decisive and were suddenly a bit scared that Han Sen might s.n.a.t.c.h the beast soul.

With Han Sen on the team, Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei suddenly felt less pressured. They were both shocked by how well Han Sen could fight. Since they did not know him, they thought that Han Sen probably was not from Glory Shelter, otherwise they would have heard about him.

The two did not dare to slack, for fear that Han Sen might kill the silver wolf first.

In fact, Han Sen did not use what he got. Otherwise, the silver wolf would be killed in the first round.

Han Sen was trying to practice Thirteen Slashes on the silver wolf. Since he learned Thirteen Slashes, Han Sen did not have too many opportunities to use it, because he could hardly find any deserving opponent. By practicing it on the wolf, Han Sen was trying to refresh his memory.

However, one thing was for sure: the silver wolf was his, and Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei had no chance at all.

Although the two of them had tried very hard to kill the silver wolf before Han Sen, Han Sen was the one took the wolf’s life with Thirteen Slashes.

Ma Mingjun and Su Xinmei were dazed. They had decided when to make the fatal attack, but did not foresee Han Sen’s sudden move, which beheaded the silver wolf instantaneously before they had a chance to use their trump card.

"Sacred-blood creature tornado wolf killed. Beast soul of tornado wolf gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly."

Han Sen took a look at the tornado wolf beast soul and discovered it to be a beast soul mount. Han Sen was pleased as he eventually gained his first sacred-blood mount.

Meowth was not a mount per se, because despite its speed, riding on that was a terrible experience.

"Thank you," Han Sen said and went to pick up the tornado wall’s body.

"One second." Ma Mingjun suddenly stopped Han Sen.

"Are you going back on your words?" Han Sen asked calmly, without getting upset.

"Friend, we don’t mean to do that. We just wanted to ask whether you are willing to sell the meat and beast soul?" Ma Mingjun asked Han Sen.

"No." Han Sen rejected Ma Mingjun without a second thought. He still needed some sacred geno points himself. Even if he did not, his holy angel needed it.

"Friend, if you are willing to sell, we can make you a very generous offer." Ma Mingjun exchanged a look with Su Xinmei and said to Han Sen.

"I’m not interested in cash. But if you have a sacred-blood beast soul from Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, I could consider a swap," said Han Sen quietly.

From his last cooperation with Lin Beifeng, Han Sen earned a cut of 700 million. Plus the mutant beast souls he gained from Xu Ruyan and the nest, Han Sen was quite a rich man at this point.

He had used some connections to buy a few mutant beast souls in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary for his mom to use, which were a great help to Luo Sulan. However, a sacred-blood beast soul from Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was so rare that Han Sen had found no chance to purchase any. After all, he had not entered second G.o.d’s Sanctuary himself.