Super Gene - Chapter 308: Who Is He

Chapter 308: Who Is He

Chapter 308: Who Is He

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"Diversion! Impossible…" Huang Yulei's pupils contracted as he saw Xu Zhu's arm broken at a flick of Han Sen's wrist.

Xu Zhu was shocked as well. He did not expect his opponent could really use Diversion well.

Xu Zhu still did not believe Han Sen could have learned everything in such a short amount of time. Putting his arm back in place, Xu Zhu once again tried to grab Han Sen. This time, however, his target was not Han Sen's arm, but leg.

The reason why it was hard to practice Diversion was that one must be able to perform Diversion in each body part.

Indeed, Han Sen was not able to perform Diversion with his other body parts. However, to Xu Zhu's shock, as Han Sen became familiarized with the technique, he learned to do it with more and more body parts. Huang Yulei was rendered speechless. "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p" did learn Diversion from Xu Zhu in this combat.

Huang Yulei now somewhat believed that maybe he also learned Thirteen Slashes in their fight.

However, this did not even make sense to him. Although he had heard of geniuses who could learn others' martial arts while watching, he had never seen anyone could actually do it.

"I know why I would feel bad when beating him," exclaimed Desperado suddenly.

"He was copying my moves. When he fought me, he did the same thing. No wonder I felt bad… He wanted to beat me with my own techniques." After watching Xu Zhu and Han Sen's fight, Desperado finally understood why he had that feeling.

When he was fighting Han Sen, although Han Sen used a seemingly disordered footwork, it was not the root of his discomfort. He was upset because Han Sen wanted to use his own moves against him.

Because Han Sen lost too fast, Desperado thought it was a coincidence that the guy practiced the same type of martial arts.

Now thinking back, it was not at all a coincidence. Han Sen was copying him on purpose.

"This guy…" Huang Yulei looked at Han Sen with complex emotions. Han Sen was always trying to learn from his opponents' tricks. No wonder he had lost so many times. It must have something to do with this.

In the Colosseum, Han Sen was gaining momentum. Shattered psychologically, Xu Zhu found harder and harder to cope with Han Sen's attacks.


When Xu Zhu clawed Han Sen's chest, Han Sen dislocated Xu Zhu's wrist with a shrug. Then he quickly threw himself at Xu Zhu.

At this point, Han Sen had edited Ghosthaunt with Xu Zhu's techniques, so it was now even stronger than Diversion.

Locked down by Han Sen, Xu Zhu found him unable to divert Han Sen's force since Han Sen's haunting techniques prevented him from doing that.

Unable to wriggle free, Xu Zhu had to surrender and end the game.

Having learned the tricks of Diversion, Han Sen was exhilarated. He stopped looking for other opponents but left Gladiator. As he still remembered everything, he decided to practice Diversion a bit more.

Although the simulated body moved exactly how he did, he couldn't feel anything, so it was still different.

Xu Zhu came out chagrined at his failure. Seeing Desperado together with Huang Yulei, he was dazed. Huang Yulei quickly asked, "Brother, you think he learned Diversion during your combat?"

Xu Zhu smiled bitterly and nodded. "He did learn it from fighting with me. There is no question in that. This person is such a fast learner. I think he also learned Thirteen Slashes from you and did not know how to use it before your fight."

"Indeed, this person learns so fast. I wonder who he is," said Desperado.

"Desperado, aren't you his friend? Send him a text and ask him," said Huang Yulei.

"I'll try. Although I added him, I have never talked to him, so not sure if he will reply." Desperado checked and saw Han Sen had already left Gladiator.

"He is offline now. I'll do it next time," said Desperado.

Xu Zhu nodded absentmindedly. Beaten like this, he was devastated.

Huang Yulei's eyes suddenly lit up. He suggested, "Do you think that person would be interested in him?"

"Which person?" Xu Zhu and Desperado both looked to Huang Yulei, not sure who he was talking about.

"The person who is the apple of the eye of our president," said Huang Yulei with his lips curled downward.

"This is a great idea. That person might really be interested in this soldier guy. Then we can all be freed." Xu Zhu's eyes also lit up.

The person they were talking about was Qian Hezhen, the youngest students of the president of Ares martial Hall Daniel. Qian Hezhen was gifted and learned everything fast, which was why Huangfu Xiongcheng saw his youngest student as his successor.

Qian Hezhen did not abuse the president's confidence in him either. He had just evolved and already succeeded in practicing several secret martial arts of Ares Martial Hall.

However, Qian Hezhen was not satisfied with what he had achieved but kept challenging the renowned students in Ares Martial Hall. Even a master like Desperado was annoyed to death by him. The students could not turn Qian Hezhen down because he was backed by Hungfu, which was why their heads hurt whenever seeing Qian Hezhen.