Super Gene - Chapter 309: Threaten

Chapter 309: Threaten

Chapter 309: Threaten

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After Han Sen left the training hall, he felt extremely sore. Blue veins stood out all over his body, which looked frightening.

Han Sen knew that it was because he had used Heresy Mantra for too long, which was a heavy burden on his body.

Had his heart and veins not been strengthened during the first phase of Heresy Mantra, his organs would probably have exploded.

Even after the enhancement, his body still couldn't stand the tremendous burden. At this time, Han Sen became so exhausted that he could barely stand.

He originally wanted to practice Diversion a bit more, but could no longer do that. Sitting alone in the training hall, Han Sen decided to go back to the dormitory after he recovered.

News was playing in the training hall, most of which was about G.o.d's Sanctuary, such as someone had gone to the Fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary, someone had become a demiG.o.d, and someone had become a sacred-blood aristocrat.

After watching a while, Han Sen's attention was suddenly caught by a specific message. It was a short story read by the anchor, which was soon drowned in many similar stories.

However, Han Sen suddenly became excited. He quickly turned on his comlink and started searching on the Skynet. Very soon, Han Sen found some useful information and his eyes lit up.

The news was about the Glory Shelter in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. Someone found a strong sacred-blood creature in the mountains near Glory Shelter. Almost the entire Glory Shelter teamed up to hunt the creature, but they were not even able to hurt it, even at the cost of many lives.

Han Sen found the comments on this matter from people in Glory Shelter. Because many of them had seen the sacred-blood creature, their description of it was rather clear.

It was a turtle-like creature, dark as ink and large as a car. Its body was so stiff that even sacred-blood weapons could not scratch its sh.e.l.l. Many people died in its teeth.

The huge turtle was not fast, otherwise more people might have died.

Many believed that this black turtle was even stronger than a sacred-blood crystal-sh.e.l.led turtle, and should be the strongest turtle creature that people had ever witnessed in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Many people described the fighting scene, which convinced Han Sen that it was very likely to be a super creature.

According to people from Glory Shelter, the black turtle was obviously much stronger than a typical sacred-blood creature. No sacred-blood weapons could hurt it. And its only weakness was its speed. Otherwise more than half of the Glory Shelter would die there.

If they were not exaggerating too much, Han Sen believed the turtle must be a super creature.

For half a year, Han Sen had been improving his own strength and asking around about super creatures. After all, even if he was able to kill a super creature, there must be one for him to kill.

However, super creatures were even more rare than sacred-blood creatures. This turtle was the only candidate Han Sen had seen in half a year.

Han Sen viewed all the discussions about the turtle again and knew that the black turtle came out from the ocean. Someone tried to hunt it after spotting it. They not only failed but also lost a lot of good men.

The black turtle had now climbed into the copper mountains. Because people from Glory Shelter had no way to kill it, they did not bother to track it down. At this point, all they knew was that it was somewhere in the Copper Mountains.

Han Sen was still thinking whether he should go to Glory Shelter. He had been there once and knew the way very well. If he flew over the dark swamp, he could get there in a fortnight.

However, he had not yet completed the third phase longevity of Heresy Mantra. Han Sen was not sure if he was strong enough to kill a super creature, which was why he was still hesitating.

"Brother, you spent a long time using the holographic device and you are soaked. Keep hydrated." Someone suddenly appeared next to Han Sen, throwing a bottle of water to him.

To his surprise, it was Jing Jiya. Jing Jiya had been waiting for Han Sen to challenge him proactively, but nothing had happened in days. Jing Jiya realized that Han Sen was much more mature than he thought, completely unaffected by the rumors.

However, Jing Jiya was not someone who would easily give up. Getting the message that Han Sen was in the training hall, he quickly came over and waited for Han Sen there.

In fact, he had been here for quite a while. After Han Sen came out from the device, he was sitting near Jing Jiya, but Jing Jiya did not come to him right away. The freshman first went to purchase two bottles of water before he sat down next to Han Sen.

"Relax, I did not poison the water," said Jing Jiya with a smile.

"Thank you then." Han Sen opened the bottle and drank more than half of the water. He did sweat a lot and was dehydrated. Because of his exhaustion, Han Sen did not bother to get up and buy water. Now that Jing Jiya was handing him a bottle, he gladly accepted it.

Jing Jiya looked at him, interested. "You're really not afraid that I might poison the water?"

"The younger brother of Jing Jiwu would not use that kind of scheme," said Han Sen casually. In fact, he would not even be scared if there were poison in it. In addition, it made no sense for Jing Jiya to do it in public, since cameras were installed everywhere, and he would have no way to exonerate himself.

Han Sen's words made Jing Jiya pause. The freshman did not realize that Han Sen would have such respect for his older brother.

However, Jing Jiya was someone who had to reach his goal. He smiled and said to Han Sen softly, "I am not my brother. Just because he won't use these schemes, it does not mean that I will not. If you are not willing to accept my challenge, then I will have to use some dirty tricks even if I don't want to."

"Such as?" Han Sen took another sip of water and asked.

"I know that your mom's name is Luo Sulan and the shelter she belonged to in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. And you have a sister named Han Yan. She is very cute and studies…" Jing Jiya always had a faint smile on his face and looked harmless. When girls saw him, their hearts would race.