Super Gene - Chapter 307: A Soldier in Opponent's Territory

Chapter 307: A Soldier in Opponent's Territory

Chapter 307: A Soldier in Opponent's Territory

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Han Sen stepped back and dodged Xu Zhu's following attacks. Regarding Xu Zhu calmly, Han Sen felt somewhat surprised.

He had been in Gladiator for a long time. Because of his low winning rate, barely any one would invite him to fight. He almost always chose to be matched randomly.

However, someone invited him this time. Han Sen thought his opponent must be a newbie trying to find someone even weaker.

However, as the fight started, Han Sen found that his opponent was great at grappling and even better at Diversion. The way he used the incoming force to hurt Han Sen was a very smart way of fighting.

Panorama also included similar techniques, which Han Sen had practiced in the recent half-year.

If he was able to accomplish the same, it would be impossible for his opponent to catch him. This technique was very useful when it came to fighting the creatures with lots of arms or tentacles.

However, Diversion was very hard to practice. The key to practice Diversion was to do it in real combat. Currently, Han Sen still only understood Diversion from a theoretical perspective.

Luckily, Han Sen had practiced Ghosthaunt before, so he was no stranger to such techniques. Even so, it would still take Han Sen quite a while to perform Diversion in the real combat.

Seeing Xu Zhu's Diversion, Han Sen felt very impressed.

The evolvers indeed all have great techniques. Fortunately, we are using simulated bodies. Otherwise if they use the hyper geno arts that could change their body cells, there is no way I could be their match. Han Sen thought to himself.

Seeing Han Sen trying to retreat, Xu Zhu immediately followed up. Suddenly, Xu Zhu saw Han Sen grabbing his own right arm with his left hand and put the dislocated joints back to place.

Xu Zhu couldn't help frowning. Han Sen was very skilled at it that he must be someone who had practiced similar skills before.

However, Xu Zhu did not pay too much attention to that. Han Sen was so much worse in fitness than Xu Zhu that even if Han Sen had practiced Diversion, he would not be able to compare to Xu Zhu.

Xu Zhu threw himself at Han Sen one more time. The two were ten points apart in their fitness index. Even if Han Sen wanted to run away, it could not be done.

Without moving a muscle, Han Sen's heart suddenly started to beat much stronger and faster than a normal person's.

Motivated by the heartbeat, the qi and blood in his body started to flow at a high speed, pus.h.i.+ng Han Sen's fitness to a high level.

Although Han Sen's fitness index was still lower than 30, but his strength and speed must be around 28.

It was rare that Han Sen met someone good at Diversion, whose fitness index was not too much higher than him either. Han Sen did not want to lose too fast. He wanted to see how Diversion worked more closely.

"Indeed, he was faking it. His fitness level is not that low!" Huang Yulei exclaimed when he saw Han Sen's speed and strength got much better.

Watching Han Sen, Desperado remained silent. He felt Han Sen's behaviors were strange, but he could not tell how so.

Han Sen and Xu Zhu were once again at each other's throat. Although Han Sen had used Heresy Mantra to enhance his fitness level, he was still much less stronger than Xu Zhu. In addition, Xu Zhu's grappling and Diversion techniques were both much better than Han Sen's. Therefore, Han Sen was still at an absolute disadvantage.

Han Sen's arms were dislocated by Xu Zhu a couple more times, but he survived each time using Ghosthaunt and the disordered footwork of the white jade skeleton. Although he was caught multiple times by Xu Zhu, he always managed to run away.

Although Ghosthaunt was not as advanced as Diversion, it was taught to Han Sen by a veteran who had survived many battles. Many of the techniques were extremely practical, and helped Han Sen in this extreme situation.

Although Xu Zhu was always at an advantage, he was never able to truly lock Han Sen down. In addition, in a simulated fight, grappling could cause much less damage than other attacks. After more than half an hour, although Han Sen was hurt many times, he still had about 40% of his health left.

As Huang Yulei watched the game, he started to feel familiar. In his fight with Han Sen, he was also at an absolute advantage in the beginning, but lost to Han Sen under his own Thirteen Slashes.

"No way… There is no way he could learn Diversion from Xu Zhu…" Huang Yulei shook his head and denied his own speculation. Diversion was much more demanding on the user than Thirteen Slashes. One must lay the foundation since little. He had hardly heard someone could succeed starting as an adult.

Huang Yulei did not believe that Han Sen could learn Diversion during this fight, as he did not even believe that Han Sen learned Thirteen Slashes on the spot when fighting himself.

As the fight continued, Huang Yulei's face became stiff. Indeed, Han Sen was making incredible progress. He could tell that Han Sen was less likely to be caught by Xu Zhu and faster when trying to wriggle free.

"No way…" Huang Yulei became anxious and could not believe his own thought that he could no longer deny.

Desperado knitted his brows and did not say anything, watching Han Sen's every move closely.

In the Colosseum, Xu Zhu was also shocked. As even Huang Yulei was able to tell Han Sen's progress, Xu Zhu felt stronger as Han Sen's opponent.

He could clearly sense that his opponent was getting better at grappling so fast that it frightened him.

Xu Zhu found that there was little he could do against this opponent. Although he was still at an advantage, it was hard for him to beat Han Sen.

A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p was like a soldier in opponent's territory, fighting fearless and looking death calmly in the face. And he could do nothing to the soldier, but watch him getting stronger and stronger.