Super Gene - Chapter 306: Diversion

Chapter 306: Diversion

Chapter 306: Diversion

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"He is not. I was able to beat him each time in a very short amount of time. His fitness is just so-so, but…" Desperado paused.

"But what?" asked Huang Yulei hurriedly.

"This person gave me a strange feeling. Even I was able to beat him easily, I did not feel good about the win. So I added him as a friend and wanted to see his other fights. Just now, I saw him entering a fight and chose to watch. I didn't realize that I would meet you guys here," said Desperado.

"Not feeling good about the win?" Huang Yulei did not quite understand what he meant by the expression.

"Well, I did beat him fast and easy, but I just did not feel good. It is hard for me to explain, which is why I want to watch his other fights more closely." Desperado pondered and was not able to explain very clearly.

Desperado then asked Huang Yulei, "What's happening here?"

With some reluctance, Huang Yulei explained his encounter with the soldier.

"What are you saying? He learned Thirteen Slashes after watching a dozen times?" Desperado regarded Huang Yulei incredulously.

"I suspect that he was hiding his real ability in the beginning. He must have always known Thirteen Slashes, otherwise it was impossible for him to learn in such a short amount of time," said Huang Yulei.

"That is very likely." Desperado nodded and looked to the Colosseum. The fight had begun.

Huang Yulei saw Han Sen and gasped.

"What's wrong?" Desperado looked to Huang Yulei, puzzled.

"This is weird. Why is he not using double blades?" Huang Yulei frowned. If Han Sen was good at double blades, he should be using them.

However, Han Sen was empty-handed like Xu Zhu was.

"Let's wait and see." Desperado also felt strange, but it was too early to tell.

Huang Yulei regarded "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p." According to what Desperado told him, this person did not have a high fitness index, which Xu Zhu also felt when fighting him. His index should be a little more than 20. Huang Yulei supposed this person should be someone who just evolved with his mutant geno points maxed out.

As for Xu Zhu, Huang Yulei knew very well that his fitness index had reached 30. Although it was not so impressive among evolvers, it should be easy for him to beat a newly evolved person.

In addition, Xu Zhu's specialty was grappling, which could easily make a less fit person suffer. Xu Zhu had a special way to twist joints. Once grabbed by him, his opponent would immediately be put out of action because of the pain.

Of course, in a simulated fight there was no pain involved. However, Xu Zhu's grappling was still very handy on someone weaker than him.

As the fight began, Xu Zhu immediately approached Han Sen. The reason why Huang Yulei asked Xu Zhu to kick Han Sen's a.s.s, in addition to their close relations.h.i.+p, was that Xu Zhu's specialty allowed him to disable Han Sen and force Han Sen to surrender.

The most humiliating way of losing in a simulated fight was undoubtedly to surrender. After all, one could never die in the simulated fight, so everyone would want to fight until the end instead of giving in.

Xu Zhu was glad to see that Han Sen did not try to run from him. After approaching Han Sen, Xu Zhu clawed at Han Sen with one hand.

Han Sen had practiced Ghosthaunt, the main focus of which was also grappling. Although it didn't involve twisting joints, which Xu Zhu was good at, Han Sen was able to tell that Xu Zhu was using grappling.

"Grappling against grappling it is!" Han Sen quickly used the footwork in Ghosthaunt to meet his rival.

"Using grappling against Xu Zhu? What a dork!" Huang Yulei smirked. Xu Zhu's grappling techniques were more than it appeared to be.

Many people in Ares Martial Hall knew how to twist joints, and many practiced other grappling techniques. However, no one with a similar fitness index was Xu Zhu's match.

The reason was that Xu Zhu knew more than grappling. He was also great at Diversion.

Diversion was a technique developed from the ancient martial art "Cicada Shedding Skin." To practice Diversion, one must be highly nimble. Normally speaking, those who could practiced Diversion must start to lay the foundation from a young age when one's bones were still malleable. After one entered G.o.d's Sanctuary and gained geno points, one could then start to practice Diversion, although whether or not one could be successful still depended on one's talent.

Diversion could be used not only to defend oneself by diverting the incoming attacks, but also transforming the coming force to attack the opponent. When the opponent tried to grab you, with a single move, you could break your opponent's arm with his own force.

Trying to match Xu Zhu's grappling with a similar technique was a foolish move.

Xu Zhu was thinking the same. Seeing Han Sen trying to seize him, Xu Zhu thought, "Boy, using grappling against me is a great way of suicide. I will show you how effective Diversion is."

As Xu Zhu reached his hand out, he faked getting caught by Han Sen. Seizing Xu Zhu's wrist, Han Sen immediately used Sparticle to dodge Xu Zhu's attack.

When Han Sen was about to twist Xu Zhu's arm, Xu Zhu's wrist in Han Sen's hand suddenly flicked.


Han Sen's right hand which was holding Xu Zhu's wrist was immediately dislocated by this flick.

Xu Zhu's left hand then wound around Han Sen's right arm and put his shoulder out.

With his wrist and shoulder both dislocated, Han Sen had lost all movability of his right arm. If they were in reality, only the pain would make Han Sen scream.

However, this was just a simulated fight. Han Sen was not significantly hurt and was only taken off 7% from his health.