Super Gene - Chapter 305: Beast Soul Add-On

Chapter 305: Beast Soul Add-On

Chapter 305: Beast Soul Add-On

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Han Hao was quite upset. He could not understand, for the love of G.o.d, why Han Sen, who was the pariah in Steel Armor Shelter, had become a military school student, a movie star in a commercial, and now the number one in the shelter.

The Disciples and the Fist Gang both respected Han Sen a lot. Even their leaders called Han Sen brother. Han Hao had also heard that Yang Manli, who was leading the Steel Armor Gang, turned out to be Han Sen's deputy.

At this point, Han Hao started to regret what he used to do. Had he maintained a better relations.h.i.+p with his cousin, he would have done much better.

Han Hao did not even know when he could max out on his mutant Geno points. Struggling alone in the shelter is so difficult. And the Son of Heaven Gang that he depended on was getting weaker and weaker, making it impossible for him to catch up.

"You can't imagine how fierce Han Sen was. He only had three people with him and they wiped clean the entire nest that none of the gangs were able to tackle…"

Hearing the discussion of Han Sen's bravery, Han Hao felt worse and quickly went back to his own room.

At this time, Han Sen was appreciating his newly gained sacred-blood beast soul devil sword.

Type of beast soul of sacred-blood devil sword: sword add-on.

Han Sen had seen an add-on beast soul before, which was the sacred-blood water spirit beast soul owned by Qin Xuan. However, the weather spirit worked together with a shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul to enhance the user's physique, while the devil sword could only be used on another sword.

For Han Sen, this was a very useful type of beast soul. If Han Sen was not able to gain a super beast soul weapon, he could only choose to use a sacred-blood weapon when hunting super creatures, which would be very difficult. With this devil sword, a sacred-blood sword could be enhanced. Although the enhanced weapon might still fall short to a super beast soul, it would be undoubtedly much stronger than an ordinary sacred-blood weapon.

Taking up the diamond sword, Han Sen used the devil sword on it. Black smoke suddenly filled the diamond sword, making the crystal-clear sword look like it was made of onyx, exuding brilliance.

Han Sen brandished the sword and tested it on a piece of Z-steel, which was cut in half instantaneously like it was tofu.

"Impressive!" Han Sen became overjoyed. The devil sword was indeed a fantastic add-on. Unwilling to test it on any sacred-blood weapons, Han Sen was not sure how strong it actually was.

"Both the flame lieutenant and devil sword will be great help for me to kill super creatures. These nests are indeed full of treasures. I wished there were more…" Although Han Sen did not gain a super beast soul, he was not too disappointed.

Taking back the beast soul and putting down the diamond sword, Han Sen teleported back to Blackhawk.

The sacred-blood murky beast brought five more sacred geno points to Han Sen. Now he had 78 sacred Geno points.

At this point, unless there was a hunting campaign for sacred-blood creatures, Han Sen rarely went out. He spent most of his time on practicing Panorama, trying to reach a balance of all kinds of abilities. This way, it was easier for him to hunt a super creature while protecting himself.

Han Sen rested for a night and went to the training hall in the morning. He picked a holographic device and logged in Gladiator again.

Huang Yulei and Xu Zhu had waited for him for two days. They were about to give up since Han Sen was never online. This day when Xu Zhu logged in, he sent another invite to "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p."

This time, he did not hear the prompt tone of the system. Xu Zhu quickly sent a voice message to Huang Yulei, "Huang Yulei, the soldier is online."

"Ah! Where are you? Did he agree to fight? This time we must teach him a lesson," said Huang Yulei hurriedly.

When Xu Zhu was about to answer, he found himself in the Colosseum already. Obviously, his opponent had agreed to the challenge.

"He agreed. Hurry over to watch." Xu Zhu quickly sent Huang Yulei an invite to observe.

Huang Yulei clicked yes and found himself on the stands of the Colosseum and he was not alone.

Huang Yulei was surprised to find someone else there, and he knew that person as well.

"Desperado, how come you're here as well?" Huang Yulei quickly asked the person next to him.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," said Desperado.

"Xu Zhu asked me to watch. Did he invite you as well? He didn't tell me that."

Desperado paused and asked, "Xu Zhu is the opponent of 'A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p'?"

"Yes. So, you're not invited by Xu Zhu?" Huang Yulei looked at Desperado, puzzled.

Desperado shook his head, "Xu Zhu did not invite me. 'A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p' is in my friend list. I saw him entering a fight and chose to watch."

Huang Yulei was shocked and asked, "How come you are his friend? Do you know him?"

Desperado was one of the more advanced evolvers in Ares Martial Hall. He was only second to Queen. If Desperado was the soldier's friend, then it was very likely that the soldier was also a big shot in Ares Martial Hall.

"No, I do not know him. I was only randomly matched with him a couple times. I added him because I found him interesting." Desperado then asked Huang Yulei, "So what is this about?"

Huang Yulei did not answer but asked, "This person is on your level?"

No wonder Huang Yulei was surprised. No evolver could beat Desperado in Ares Martial Hall, except for Queen. Desperado said he had fought the soldier several times, which meant the soldier was on the same level as Desperado. In this case, there was no way that Xu Zhu could beat him.