Super Gene - Chapter 304: Devil Sword

Chapter 304: Devil Sword

Chapter 304: Devil Sword

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Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu were dumbstruck. They had never seen someone so powerful.

"Incredible." Seeing Han Sen killing the murky beast, Zheng Chi couldn't remove his stare from Han Sen.

The slaughter continued. The creatures were killed by Han Sen one by one.

"He is becoming more and more awesome." Gambler leaned against the stone wall, lit a cigarette, and sighed.

"Gambler, has the captain always been so strong?" Zheng Chi couldn't help asking.

"What should I say… I used to teach him things…" Gambler inhaled deeply and blew a cloud of smoke.

"For real?" Both Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu widened their eyes and could not believe that.

"Look at how he draws his weapon. You can't even tell where the weapon was hidden. This is called Sleeveblade, pa.s.sed down in my family. If Han Sen were not a genius in martial arts, I would never have taught him my family secret. Luckily, he did not let me down…" bragged Gambler, enjoying the wors.h.i.+p in Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu's eyes.

Gambler would never admit that he only taught Han Sen Sleeveblade for some dirty movies.

As Han Sen cleared his way, the golden rock worm king also enjoyed a satisfying feast. Han Sen only saved the body of sacred-blood murky beast by putting it on the back of the worm king, who had consumed all the other preys of Han Sen's.

There were an astonis.h.i.+ng number of creatures in this nest, the majority of which were mutant. Han Sen had killed nearly 100 mutant creatures so far.

"Mutant darkness beast killed. Beast soul of mutant darkness beast gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 mutant geno points randomly."

It was the third mutant beast soul that Han Sen had gained. And he did not even bother to count how many primitive beast souls he had.

The golden rock worm king only picked out the mutant creatures for food. It did not even look at primitive or ordinary creatures.

Even so, the golden rock worm king still started belching. It was now as big as a minivan.

Eventually, Han Sen had come to the egg. Looking at the giant egg, Han Sen slashed at it without hesitation.

"Identifying beast soul…"

As Han Sen cleared away the remaining creatures absent-mindedly, he again witnessed the formation of a beast soul, which turned out to be a long sword burning with black flames.

"Beast soul identified. Sacred-blood beast soul devil sword gained."

Others might celebrate this result, but Han Sen was slightly disappointed. Despite that a sacred-blood beast soul was precious, what Han Sen needed was a super beast soul.

Since he had come thus far, Han Sen decided to wipe clean all the remaining creatures.

For once, the golden rock worm king could not eat anymore. Although there were mutant creatures left, it stopped moving around.

Han Sen had been feeding the worm king for a long time, but it was the first time he had seen the worm king stopped eating, which amazed Han Sen.

This worked for him as well, as he intended to save some mutant creature meat to give Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu for their effort.

As for Gambler, he had maxed out on mutant geno points a long time ago, and was not really interested in the meat.

When Han Sen was fighting underground, Yang Manli who was waiting outside became a bit worried. Since Han Sen had spent too much time in the nest, she wanted to check on him and make sure he was safe.

"Let's go and have a look." Yang Manli led people down the nest.

The other people knew that Yang Manli was Han Sen's deputy in the special squad and did not doubt that she might be plotting against him.

"Shall we go down as well? If something goes wrong, we can be of some help," said Yuan, leading the team to join Yang Manli.

Little Finger hesitated and also took a team member with him. He had suffered quite some loss and did not dare to bring to many people.

The group went under the nest and were shocked by what they saw.

In the Giants nest, dead creatures were lying around. Almost the entire nest was painted with blood. Under the light reflected by the green gold, it looked strange and cruel.

"The four of them had killed all these creatures? " Qing widened his eyes and asked.

"No one is here except for the four of them." Little Finger was also shocked and could not believe that the four of them could have done such damage.

Little Finger thought that even if the entire Fist Gang were here, they could not be so efficient.

"Incredible." People in Steel Armor Gang were also dumbstruck.

Stepping on the blood and dead bodies, they soon spotted Han Sen, Gambler, Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu handling the bodies on the ground. It seemed that they were trying to pick out all the mutant creatures.

"Han Sen, in the entire shelter, you're my only idle in addition to Dollar." Qing gave Han Sen a thumbs-up.

"Impressive, Han Sen," said Little Finger with complex feelings.

Yang Manli did not speak, but also had a mix of feelings. She already had a high estimate of Han Sen's ability, but still failed to predict that he was able to wipe out the entire nest with his team.

As a member of the special squad, Yang Manli knew that Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu were not the strongest team members, so Gambler and Han Sen must be the ones who really achieved this. However, Gambler was good at playing tricks instead of fighting head on. Obviously, Han Sen was the MVP here.

After the fight in the nest, Han Sen had gained a lot of prestige in Steel Armor Shelter. Because everyone believed Dollar who had not made his appearance in a long time had become an evolver, Han Sen was now considered the number one in the shelter.