Super Gene - Chapter 303: Slaughter

Chapter 303: Slaughter

Chapter 303: Slaughter

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"No wonder none of them went inside. This is G.o.d d.a.m.n mission impossible!" Gambler shook his head after seeing what was behind the wall.

"d.a.m.n those sons of b.i.t.c.hes." The two new members at the special squad Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu looked frightened as well.

"Han Sen, let's go back now. There is no way we can go farther. We have to wait for the creatures inside to come out, and by then we can kill them slowly. Afterwards, maybe we can find a chance to go in," said Gambler.

"All right. You guys go back, I can go inside alone," decided Han Sen.

Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu widened their eyes and said, "Captain, that is too dangerous."

Han Sen smiled and said, "Although it is dangerous now, there is a chance to break the egg. After the creatures rushed out, everybody would have a chance at the egg then. Just go back to the entrance, I will take a look inside, and if it doesn't work, I would retreat as well."

"Han Sen, I should go with you. It is too dangerous," Gambler gritted his teeth and said.

"That's okay. I can do it alone. There are too many creatures inside, and I would be more efficient alone. I'll be back in a while after I break the egg." Han Sen then summoned the sacred-blood phantom ant armor and three-blade harpoon.

Seeing that Han Sen was determined, Gambler did not say anything. However, he insisted on waiting for Han Sen at the wall, so that it would be safer for Han Sen to come back.

Han Sen nodded and cut the Z-steel sticks supporting the s.h.i.+elds. The s.h.i.+elds were immediately pushed away by the fierce creatures.

Han Sen waved his harpoon and beheaded a creature coming at him, its blood flowing like a stream.

Han Sen kicked the dead creature in the head and its body blocked the creatures coming after him, making some s.p.a.ce for Han Sen to squeeze himself inside.

"Will Captain be fine?" Zheng Chi swallowed and asked. There were so many creatures that even with the protection of sacred-blood armor, safety will not be guaranteed.

"Relax. He is a prudent fellow and would never do something that he is not certain of. Since he dared to go, he could definitely make it." Having spent a lot of time with Han Sen, Gambler knew Han Sen best. If Gambler did not want to evolve with his sacred Geno points maxed out, he would have gone to second G.o.d's Sanctuary a long time ago.

In fact, Gambler did not believe too much in his own words. There were simply too many advanced creatures that he saw more than thirty mutant creatures and a sacred-blood black spirit at a glance. Gambler was not sure about the level of the creatures he did not recognize, so there might be more sacred-blood creatures.

Seeing Han Sen besieged by sacred-blood creatures, Zhou Qingyu said with his voice shaking, "It is too risky. Captain did not even know what was going on inside. No one could tell how many sacred-blood creatures there were."

As they spoke, Han Sen had already disappeared in the group of creatures. His team members could only tell their captain was still fighting from the roaring of the creatures.

"Don't just stand there. There are creatures coming out, fight them off…" Gambler exclaimed and slashed his weapon at a creature coming toward the path.

The risky situation in others' eyes was like a walk on the beach for Han Sen. Wherever he went, blood would bloom like flowers. One creature after another fell under his three-blade harpoon. Nothing could touch him other than the splas.h.i.+ng blood.

Golden rock worm king was summoned by Han Sen, which was already as large as a tank. Opening its mouth, the worm swallowed all the creatures Han Sen killed.

Although the golden rock worm king had not transformed yet, it's sh.e.l.l was so hard that even a mutant creature could not hurt it.

Except for its bean-sized eyes, it did not have any Achilles' heel. It could only get hurt when a sacred-blood creature launched an attack directly at it.

In the beginning, Gambler, Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu felt some pressure trying to stop the creatures from coming at the path, but gradually, they found that the creatures no more came their way.

When they looked inside, they saw a person covered in blood slaying away in the group of creatures, with piles of bodies stacked next to his feet.

The devil-like figure was imprinted in Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu's minds. They would never forget about what they saw.

They were new members of the special squad and had never seen Han Sen in a combat. The only time they saw Han Sen showing his strength was with the boomerang.

When they just joined the special squad, rumor had it that Han Sen became the head of the special squad because of nepotism. Many said he had some special relations.h.i.+p with Qin Xuan.

Originally, they did not think too much of Han Sen, because since they came to the special squad, they had barely seen him. Yang Manli was the one who took care of all the matters in the special squad.

Until this point, they came to realize how ridiculous the rumors were. If someone like Han Sen were a gigolo, they would both love to become gigolos as well.

For the time they had entered G.o.d's Sanctuary, they had never seen anyone killing creatures like this. Han Sen was slaughtering the creatures as if they were chickens.

The slaughter was so thrilling that even Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu wanted to join him and feel the heat of the blood on their skin.

Suddenly, they saw the sacred-blood murky beast throwing itself at Han Sen from his back. The murky beast looked like a cross between a lion and a tiger, with two heads and three tails, covered in steel like feathers.

"Captain… Watch…" Before Zheng Chi and Zhou Qingyu could finish their words, they suddenly froze.

Han Sen moved as fast as electricity. Grabbing a lion like head, Han Sen cut it off with the three-blade harpoon. Throwing it on the ground, he walked toward the sacred-blood murky beast with only one head left.

The beast was scared away, but it was hardly able to maintain its balance with one head cut off.