Super Gene - Chapter 302: Creatures at the Door

Chapter 302: Creatures at the Door

Chapter 302: Creatures at the Door

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Han Sen was excited to hear the news. Where there was a nest, there was an egg. Maybe he even had a chance at a super beast soul, which was crucial to him at this stage.

After learning what had happened, Han Sen became more cheerful. It was the Son of Heaven Gang that discovered this nest first. However, after Son of Heaven and his henchmen evolved and entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, their gang was not what it used to be. It had become a second-cla.s.s gang at this point.

Currently, the strongest three forces were the Steel Armor Gang, the Fist Gang, and the Disciples.

The Steel Armor Gang was backed by the special squad and recruited a lot of military school students randomly a.s.signed to the Steel Armor Shelter. Therefore, Steel Armor Gang remained the strongest in the shelter.

The Disciples was something established by Yuan and Qing. With many good men on their team, they were only second to the Steel Armor Gang.

Many of the leaders of the Fist Gang had also evolved and left. Little Finger was the only one who was managing the gang at this point. With some fresh blood, the gang was still considered top three in the shelter, but it was not as strong as before.

Although the Son of Heaven Gang was the first to discover the nest, they did not gain any benefits after entering the nest. Instead, they suffered a great loss.

According to the survivors, there were at least a thousand creatures in the nest, some of which were sacred-blood creatures.

After getting the news, Yang Manli organized the Steel Armor Gang to march toward the nest, and on behalf of the special squad, Han Sen also brought Gambler and the other two special squad members.

At this point, the special squad was basically const.i.tuted of new people, except for Han Sen and Gambler.

When they reached the nest, the Disciples and the Fist Gang had also arrived. A bunch of people stopped at the center of the life Lotus, and none dared to enter first.

Seeing Han Sen, Yuan, Qing and Little finger said hi.

"Brothers, we cannot stand here forever. How about we set some rules?" Yuan said with a smile.

"What kind of rules?" Little Finger replied. Since the Fist Gang was the weakest at the moment, he did not want any conflicts.

Yuan thought about it and said, "How about we do a lucky draw to decide which group shall enter the nest first? It will be all about luck."

"Agreed," said Little Finger.

After some discussion, Yang Manli also agreed with Yuan. After all, the entrance to the nest was so narrow that even a large group like the Steel Armor Gang had to go in one by one. If they were attacked in the middle by the other gangs, it would be a lot of trouble.

"Since we all agree, let's do this," Han Sen shrugged and said.

He had heard from the survivors that there were a lot of advanced creatures in the nest, so going in first might not be a good thing.

No one had any different opinions. Yuan then suggested Han Sen make the lots, to which everyone else agreed. Since they all knew who Han Sen was, no one believed he would be playing tricks.

To be fair, Han Sen who was responsible for making the lots had to draw after everyone else. In the end, the one lot left for Han Sen said he should go in the last, after all three other teams.

This case, Han Sen had no one to blame but his own luck.

According to the result of the draw, Little Finger was supposed to be the first to go. He became very excited and believed that as long as his team was careful, sooner or later they could tackle this nest.

Yuan and Qing were quite disappointed, but they could do nothing but watch Little Finger leading his team down the nest.

Originally, the other teams thought Little Finger would spend at least hours in the nest. However, their team emerged from the entrance with several people hurt and several people missing.

The rest looked at the team in surprise, and Qing asked, "Little Finger, what happened?"

Little Finger cursed, "The sons of b.i.t.c.h gang are horrible people. They attracted the attention of G.o.d knows how many creatures! A whole lot of mutant creatures and sacred-blood creatures are blocking the way. Since it was very narrow, we could only go one at a time, and no one could fight off so many advanced creatures alone, so we had to come back. What bad luck!"

"It is blocked? Let's go and have a look." Yuan did not believe the creatures were so strong that people could not enter.

Yuan and Qing's team went back even faster than the Fist Gang. However, they were clearly in better shape. Everyone was back, and they were only slightly injured.

"d.a.m.n the sons of b.i.t.c.hes! It is completely blocked. We can't even tell how many creatures are inside. And the path is so narrow…" muttered Qing after he came back.

Seeing that Yuan and Qing also gave up on entering the nest, Yang Manli was slightly surprised. She picked several strong guys from the Steel Armor Gang to go down with her.

The result turned out to be the same. Yang Manli also gave up on the nest. The advanced creatures made it impossible for everybody.

If the nest had never been entered before, they could still choose to slowly kill off the creatures. However, at this point thousands of creatures were blocking the path, which meant the first person going down would walk into an ambush.

Everybody looked to Han Sen. Han Sen had the least people, only three team members and himself.

"Let's go there and check it out," Han Sen smiled and said to Gambler.

Gambler and the other teammates nodded and followed Han Sen down the nest.

After going through the winding path, the special squad soon arrived at the wall of green gold which was already broken. Several Z-steel s.h.i.+elds were put up to block the broken part of the wall. The thick fields were all deformed from attacks, which looked frightening.

Through the gaps, they could still see lots of creatures jostling. Many claws had reached out from the gaps. Seeing the four people, all the creatures near the s.h.i.+elds started to screech and knock on the s.h.i.+elds which were about to be shattered.