Super Gene - Chapter 299: Difficult Client

Chapter 299: Difficult Client

Chapter 299: Difficult Client

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From a private holographic device, Huang Yulei walked out absentminded. He could not believe what had happened to him in the past hour.

Someone who was not his match to begin with, not only turned the game around, but also used his secret skill Thirteen Slashes to beat him. Huang Yulei was simply speechless.

"Impossible… How is this possible? No matter how talented he is, it is impossible for him to learn Thirteen Slashes in just an hour. Especially the application of the smoothness, that would take a lot of efforts to learn." Huang Yulei suddenly thought of a possibility and his face turned grim.

"That guy must have always known Thirteen Slashes, and just pretended he was a rookie in order to humiliate me. That must be the case! Otherwise how could he learn Thirteen Slashes after watching a dozen times?" Huang Yulei bristled. If he simply lost, that was fine. However, he felt someone was targeting him, which made him feel terrible.

However, Huang Yulei knew very well that he was no match of "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p," who used Thirteen Slashes even better than he did. Huang Yulei had no confidence to challenge the guy again.

However, the failure was hard to swallow for Huang Yulei. After thinking for a while, Huang Yulei suddenly dialed a number with his commlink.

Very soon, a redhaired young man the same age as Huang Yulei appeared in the holographic image.

The young man smiled and said, "Yulei, you’re now an evolver. Why didn’t you throw a party to celebrate?"

"Brother, we can talk later about the party. Is our big sister there?" Asked Huang Yulei hurriedly.

"Big sister went to the Queen Restaurant for a show and will return and night. What do you need her for?" Xu Zhu looked at Huang Yulei in surprise, curious why the guy who feared his big sister the most would ask if she was there.

"Nothing," said Huang Yulei quickly, waving his hand and letting out a sigh of relief. He then told Xu Zhu, "Brother, I went to Gladiator today."

"You just evolved! Couldn’t wait? Did someone beat you?" Xu Zhu said, grinning. It was normal for Huang Yulei to be beaten since he had not acc.u.mulated many geno points in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary yet.

Huang Yulei blushed. Something as humiliating as this would have been his secret. However, "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p" p.i.s.sed him off so much that he wanted Xu Zhu to kick the guy’s a.s.s, which was why he must tell Xu Zhu what happened.

Xu Zhu did not believe Huang Yulei at all. He grinned, "Yulei, if you want me to do you a favor, that is fine. Do not exaggerate though. How is it even plausible that someone learned Thirteen Slashes in one hour and beat you with it?"

"That’s why I am so mad. That person must already know Thirteen Slashes and simply want to embarra.s.s me. I cannot let this go." Whenever Huang Yulei thought of the matter, he couldn’t help feeling upset.

"That is very likely. Since he knows Thirteen Slashes, it is very likely that he is in Ares Martial Hall. However, the martial hall is too big and has many branches. Since you don’t know that person, it is almost impossible to find out who he is. It must be someone you offended before, I believe," Xu Zhu pondered and said.

"Brother, I just evolved. Who can I possibly offend? Even if I did, I would not be so stupid to offend someone who knows Thirteen Slashes." Huang Yulei added, "Just log in on Gladiator. If that person leaves, it will be impossible to find him again."

"I don’t have a holographic device nearby. Let me find one. I must go now," said Xu Zhu.

"Hurry then." Huang Yulei was afraid that "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p" would log out.

After more than half an hour, Xu Zhu found a service station and logged in Gladiator. Huang Yulei quickly sent Han Sen’s ID to Xu Zhu and asked Xu Zhu to challenge him.

Xu Zhu did as Huang Yulei told him, but found that Han Sen had already left Gladiator.

Huang Yulei suddenly became upset and said, "Brother, I told you to hurry. Now he has left."

"No worries. Didn’t you say that he had four wins and more than a thousand losses? He must be a frequent visitor and I’m sure I could catch him someday," Xu Zhu said with a smile.

Huang Yulei had to accept it.

Han Sen quickly left Gladiator after beating Huang Yulei, because he wanted to teach Zhang Danfeng Thirteen Slashes.

He had promised Zhang Danfeng that he would find the friend a nice blade skill. Zhang Danfeng would not accept an S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license, and when he tried to teach Zhang Danfeng the skeleton’s daggers skills, Zhang Danfeng could not grasp the essence.

The skeleton’s dagger skills were demanding on the user’s flexibility and understanding of order. However, Zhang Danfeng always pursued a swift and fierce style, so it was only natural that the skeleton’s skills did not fit him.

Thirteen Slashes, however, was very likely Zhang Danfeng’s cup of tea. Han Sen was eager to teach it to Zhang Danfeng so that his friend could improve.

Han Sen called Zhang Danfeng who happened to be in the Alliance and showed him Thirteen Slashes via the holographic image, which Zhang Danfeng loved. Praising the amazing skill, Zhang Danfeng asked Han Sen to teach him all about it.

It was midnight when Han Sen finished teaching Zhang Danfeng. Planning to go to bed, Han Sen heard his comlink ringing.

It was Yang Manli’s number. Han Sen answered the call and saw Yang Manli’s holographic image.

"We have a difficult client, and no one could take care of him," Yang Manli said casually.

Han Sen frowned and asked, "Even you?"

"In more than a month, I will evolve and go to Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. So, you must take care of the things from now on," said Yang Manli, blinking.

Yang Manli was a terrible liar. Whenever she lied, she would blink. The real reason that Yang Manli asked Han Sen to take care of the client was that she actually failed to do so.