Super Gene - Chapter 298: Smoothness

Chapter 298: Smoothness

Chapter 298: Smoothness

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Slaying All with Double Blades used Thirteen Slashes the second time, intending to beat Han Sen as soon as possible. However, he very soon found out that it was not as simple as he thought it would be.

Although Han Sen’s speed and strength did not increase, Slaying All with Double Blades felt like it became significantly more difficult for him to hit Han Sen.

The first time he used Thirteen Slashes, he managed to cut Han Sen on the ninth blow. However, this time, only the tenth slash started to leave a small cut on Han Sen and the last three slashes did not work too well either. After the thirteen slashes, Han Sen still had 11% of his health remaining, much more than his opponent thought.

Slaying All with Double Blades could not understand why the second round was so much less effective. However, all he could think about at this point was to get rid of Han Sen as soon as possible. No matter what, after a third round, Han Sen would be out for sure.

In the third round, Han Sen was able to block the first eleven slashes, and only two out of thirteen slashes managed to hurt Han Sen, taking away another 5% of his health.

Although Han Sen only had 5% of his health left, to his opponent’s shock, none of the slashes could hurt Han Sen in the fourth round.

Han Sen grinned. Panorama included all sorts of fundamental techniques. Despite that they were not advanced, they served as the basics of the more advanced skills.

He had fought Slaying All with Double Blades for a long time, so he had already gained much understanding of how his opponent used force. After that, Han Sen was even more excited to learn the ultimate double blades skill, Thirteen Slashes.

This fight was the best one for Han Sen in the last six months. Most of his opponents before were much stronger than him in the fitness index. A difference of ten points in the index was decisive at this stage. In Han Sen’s previous opponents, most people had a fitness index over thirty, which made it very hard for Han Sen to learn from them.

This time, Han Sen had the luck to encounter an opponent from whom he could learn a lot. In addition, their small difference in fitness level also bought Han Sen enough time to learn Thirteen Slashes.

The key to Thirteen Slashes was its smoothness. There was hardly any pause between one slash and the next. Thirteen slashes seemed to be one. Once cut by one slash, it would be impossible to avoid the following.

There were also some tutorials on how to achieve smoothness between movements in Panorama, which Han Sen had practiced before. However, before the fight, he was not sure how to execute the tutorial in real combat. Having watched his opponent using Thirteen Slashes, Han Sen eventually understood what it took to achieve the smoothness.

While Han Sen was learning, his opponent widened his eyes. Although Han Sen had only 5% of his health left, he could not hit Han Sen again whatsoever. He had used Thirteen Slashes a dozen times, yet failed to harm Han Sen.

After Han Sen forced his opponent to step back, he tossed the shams.h.i.+rs in the air and caught them with their tips facing backward like his opponent did.

Slaying All with Double Blades was dazed seeing Han Sen copying him. The next moment, he became mad.

Because Han Sen had made his first slash, which looked exactly like the first move of the Thirteen Slashes.

Slaying All with Double Blades wanted to kill Han Sen at this point. He was almost sure that this guy was trying to humiliate him. If Han Sen only chose the same shams.h.i.+rs as he did, he could understand it; however, Han Sen was even trying to imitate his Thirteen Slashes.

Slaying All with Double Blades bristled and despised his opponent at the same time. Thirteen Slashes was by no means easy to copy. He had started to lay the foundation since he was ten years old and was only able to start practicing Thirteen Slashes since he entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary at sixteen.

Even with many years of foundation, it still took Slaying All with Double Blades more than a month to learn Thirteen Slashes. Now his opponent had only watched it a dozen times, it should have been impossible for Han Sen to imitate the skill.

Slaying All with Double Blades forced himself to calm down and realized it was a great opportunity in disguise. Since it was impossible for his opponent to copy his moves, he could take the chance to beat Han Sen.

Based on his understanding of Thirteen Slashes, once Han Sen made a small mistake when trying to use Thirteen Slashes, he could easily get rid of Han Sen.

With 5% of health left, Han Sen could easily be eliminated with one mistake.

Here it comes. Slaying All with Double Blades held back his anger and watched Han Sen’s moves closely, ready to give him a deadly blow once he saw mistake.

Unfortunately, Slaying All with Double Blades underestimated his opponent. Although Han Sen had never practiced Thirteen Slashes, he had put a lot of effort in practicing the smoothness between his moves. Lacking a point of reference, he had never been able to use it well. Having watched Thirteen Slashes, Han Sen had fully understood the essence of smoothness so that he could easily master his opponent’s skill.