Super Gene - Chapter 300: Can You Do It

Chapter 300: Can You Do It

Chapter 300: Can You Do It

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"Who is it?" Han Sen noticed Yang Manli’s lie but did not want to expose her.

"Yang Zikun, grandson of demiG.o.d Senator Yang Xiuwen." Yang Manli then told Han Sen everything about Yang Zikun.

Joan had only turned sixteen and entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary two weeks ago. He was randomly sent to Steel Armor Shelter, and the Steel Armor Special Squad immediately received an order from the management to provide all the necessary a.s.sistance to Yang Zikun and keep him safe.

Growing up in a prominent family, Yang Zikun was well-educated and well-mannered. However, as a highborn young man, despite his courteous and modest manner, he was quite strong-willed. He would not change his mind no matter what other people said.

Obviously, Yang Zikun was too confident in himself, always looking for challenges. Having only been in G.o.d’s Sanctuary for a few days, he was already looking to hunt mutant creatures. Gambler followed Yang Zikun for a couple of days and was almost scared to death by the kid.

Yang Manli had tried talking to Yang Zikun and asked him to be more down to earth, which did not work at all.

"Epiphanies only come to you when you’re struggling between life and death, which is the essence of martial arts…" Yang Manli did not know where Yang Zikun had heard this, but she failed to talk the kid out of it.

If Yang Zikun was not sent by the management, Yang Manli would not care if he wanted to risk his life. However, if anything happened to Yang, the special squad would suffer.

"I’ll be in charge. Tomorrow morning, I will go meet the kid." Han Sen hung up the comlink with a smile.

The next day, Han Sen entered Steel Armor Shelter before dawn. To his surprise, Yang Zikun was already practicing boomerang.

Yang Manli introduced Han Sen to Yang Zikun, who was polite and very easy to like. In Han Sen’s eyes, he was just a boy.

"Mr. Han, if it is possible, I hope that you could arrange for someone to take me into Dark Swamp." Yang Zikun’s words made Han Sen frown. Even those who had maxed out on their mutant geno points would not take Dark Swamp lightly, because few people could make it back, let alone Yang Zikun who only entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary two weeks ago.

Before Yang Manli spoke, Han Sen gestured her to stop.

"Yang Zikun, why do you want to go to the Dark Swamp?" asked Han Sen with a smile.

"There are a lot of toxic bugs in the Dark Swamp, which would be the perfect targets for me to practice my boomerang." Yang Zikun patted his boomerang kit, which contained two dozen boomerangs, all of which were expensive products with a high content of Z-steel.

"Now I understand. It is indeed a great spot to practice your boomerang skills. However, I don’t think your boomerang skill level was high enough for you to go there. Just practice on the copper-toothed beasts in the forest nearby," said Han Sen casually.

"You haven’t seen how good I am with boomerang. How can you make the judgment so soon?" Yang Zikun frowned, unhappy about Han Sen’s arbitrary decision.

"Let’s say it is the instinct of the boomerang player," said Han Sen with a smile.

"You also use boomerang?" Yang Zikun looked Han Sen up and down, doubting if he was serious.

Han Sen did not reply the kid, but said, "Let’s do this: I will point at a target. If you could hit the target, I will let someone lead you to the Dark Swamp; if not, you will do what I told you. Fair?"

"Yes. But the target must be within 60 feet from me." Yang Zikun had a lot of confidence in his boomerang skills.

"You can go as close as you want." Han Sen brought the kid to the shooting range of Bullseye, where there were many targets.

Han Sen put a target in front of another with one feet between them.

The targets were both round in shape and about two feet in diameter. With the two targets aligned, the second target could not be seen from the front.

Yang Zikun was confused, and so were the onlookers. No one knew what Han Sen wanted to do.

"Can you hit the bull’s eye from such a distance?" Han Sen walked to Yang Zikun, pointing at the targets.

"Of course!" Yang Zikun answered.

"I am talking about the bull’s eye of the target in the back. Could you hit it from here?" asked Han Sen.

Yang Zikun frowned and said to Han Sen, "This is unfair. The two targets were so close that even with a curve, it is impossible to hits the bull’s eye of the target in the back."

"What if I tell you that I can do that?" Han Sen asked Yang Zikun.

"Are you going to penetrate the target in the front? If you do it that way, I can do it as well." Yang Zikun pursed his lips and said.

"If the boomerang touched the first target, call me a loser," said Han Sen casually.

"Okay. If you could stand here and hit the bull’s eye on the target in the back without the boomerang touching the first target, I will listen to you no matter what you say," said Yang Zikun slowly after thinking for a while.

"You’re quite thoughtful." Han Sen smiled and asked Yang Zikun, "Is it okay I if I stand right here?"

"Yes." Yang Zikun looked at Han Sen, puzzled.

The confidence of the man made Yang Zikun question himself. But Yang Zikun still believed that there was no way Han Sen could hit the target in the back. The two targets were so close together that even the boomerang followed a curve, it could only hit the edge of the target in the back. Yang Zikun believed there was no way that Han Sen could hit the bull’s eye.

However, since Han Sen was so determined, Yang Zikun was curious what he was about to do to achieve this. Yang Zikun was certain that Han Sen was about to use some tricks.

Han Sen, on the other hand, was not thinking about plotting against Yang Zikun at all. Taking out a Z-steel ghost b.u.t.terfly boomerang, Han Sen threw it at the target.