Super Gene - Chapter 295: Unrivaled

Chapter 295: Unrivaled

Chapter 295: Unrivaled

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Everyone was dumbstruck, almost unable to believe what they saw and heard.

Although Jing Jiya was a freshman, he was the champion in the Archery Society, the Warframe Society, and the Hand of G.o.d Society--a true star on campus.

However, Han Sen treated him as an ordinary freshman, which was quite shocking.

Since Han Sen came back to Blackhawk, he had invested all his energy into practicing the third phase of Heresy Mantra as well as Panorama, which had consumed a lot of his time. In order to kill super creatures, Han Sen did not care about anything else other than improving his combat skills.

Although Jing Jiya became really popular in Blackhawk, Han Sen did not even know of him. Even if Han Sen did, he probably would not care.

Among the unevolved, there was no one worth Han Sen's attention.

Seeing Han Sen brus.h.i.+ng past him, Jing Jiya suddenly said, "Jing Jiwu is my older brother."

Han Sen stopped and turned around. He looked at Jing Jiya in surprise and asked, "You are Jing Jiwu's little brother?"

The reason that Han Sen was surprised was that he remembered Jing Jiwu as a strong opponent. At the time being, Jing Jiwu was indeed much stronger than himself.

Han Sen did not expect that Jing Jiwu's little brother would be a Blackhawk student.

It was also the first time for Xu Fei and other freshman to learn the fact that Jing Jiya was Jing Jiwu's younger brother. Although it had been two years since Jing Jiwu graduated, every freshman of Blackhawk still knew the name Jing Jiwu, since he was always brought up in the history of Blackhawk as Han Sen's opponent. Because of that, Han Sen was still remembered after two years and so was Jing Jiwu.

Xu Fei and others did not realize that Jing Jiya was Jing Jiwu's younger brother, and they suddenly understood why Jing Jiya would want to challenge Han Sen.

"Yes. Do you think we can compete in archery now?" Jing Jiya asked Han Sen with a smile. He did not take Han Sen lightly but was confident that he could beat Han Sen.

Without thinking, Han Sen grinned and said, "That sounds boring. Let's just forget about it. Give my best to Jing Jiwu."

Han Sen left without a second thought, leaving Jing Jiya dumbstruck and a bit humiliated.

Han Sen talked to him like talking to a child. Jing Jiya felt like he wasn't even taken as a deserving opponent of Han Sen's.

However, Han Sen did not mean to make Jing Jiya feel this way. He did treat Jing Jiya like a boy, because in fact, Jing Jiya was three or four years younger than himself. Also, Jing Jiya was Jing Jiwu's younger brother. If Jing Jiwu were here, he would treat Jing Jiwu like a serious opponent, but in the case of the little brother, not so much.

If he had time, Han Sen would prefer to spend it on practicing Panorama. Among the unevolved, few deserved his time.

Many people who could match him such as Lin Feng and Qin Xuan had all gone to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. At this point, Han Sen was not at all interested in people remaining in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. He only wanted to improve his combat skills as fast as possible so that he could hunt super creatures.

Han Sen walked into his dormitory and Jing Jiya did not try to stop him again. Jing Jiya smiled and murmured to himself, "You will not be able to run from me."

The news that Jing Jiya was Jing Jiwu's brother was soon known by everyone in Blackhawk. Many students were very interested in the topic. Some girls even named Jing Jiya's endeavor the "New Hamlet."

"I knew it! Why would someone as good as Jing Jiya choose Blackhawk? It turns out that he's avenging his brother!"

"Our genius refused to accept the challenge. That is so disappointing!"

"Of course he doesn't dare to face Jing Jiya. If he lost to someone younger than him, he would lose his face!"

"Since the archery tournament, there seems to be something wrong with the genius. He did not even partic.i.p.ate in the semi-annual a.s.sessment, and I heard that his makeup a.s.sessments score was just average…"

"The genius has fallen."

"Jing Jiya will rule Blackhawk instead."

In Blackhawk, rumors about Han Sen being weaker than Jing Jiya were spread wider and wider, and the person who orchestrated the rumors was Jing Jiya himself.

At this point, Jing Jiya was playing Hand of G.o.d joyfully. Jing Jiya did not care about his reputation, whether good or bad. However, he understood that some military school students would defend their own reputation with life. So, Jing Jiya was merely doing what it took for Han Sen to accept his challenge.

The game of Hand of G.o.d ended. Jing Jiya's opponent was Tian Dan, the current president of Hand of G.o.d Society, who was also the best player on campus, after Han Sen and Jing Jiya.

"20 points? Doesn't seem that difficult." Jing Jiya exited the game. He was only trying to repeat whatever Han Sen had achieved in Blackhawk, so that he could approve that Han Sen was not that good after all.

Jing Jiya was waiting for Han Sen getting mad at all the rumors. He believed next time when he challenged Han Sen again, the answer would not be no. Even better, Han Sen might challenge him.

However, what Jing Jiya did not know was that although Han Sen learned about the rumors from his roommates, the senior students did not care about it at all. In Han Sen's eyes, Jing Jiya's tricks were so childish that they did not deserve any his time for energy.

"I hope I can win once today." Han Sen chose a holographic device in the training hall on campus and logged in an online combat platform.