Super Gene - Chapter 296: Slaying All with Double Blades

Chapter 296: Slaying All with Double Blades

Chapter 296: Slaying All with Double Blades

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The combat platform that Han Sen entered was named Gladiator. As an unofficial combat platform, it would not categorize the players based on their status like an official one would.

On the Gladiator platform, players were able to choose to enter the unevolved section or the evolver section. Since it was not operated by the Alliance, personal information was unknown to the operator.

That was exactly the reason that Han Sen chose Gladiator. Here, he was able to enter the evolver section and compete with evolvers.

As good as Han Sen was, he could gain nothing fighting the unevolved. In order to practice Panorama, he would enter Gladiator to fight evolvers whenever he had time, which helped him practice his skills and learn things from others.

However, his record was not that good. Since entering Gladiator half a year ago, Han Sen had won four times in total. The first time, he encountered an unevolved person who clicked into the wrong section. The second time, his opponent did not finish the combat and had to go take care of something in real life. So, Han Sen have only won twice really. As for his losses, Han Sen did not even bother to count, but the number was for sure four-digit.

At this point, his fitness index had pa.s.sed 20, which was the best of the best among the unevolved. Very few of the unevolved persons could raise even one indicator above 20, let alone the overall index. It was easy to imagine how strong Han Sen was.

This number was also under the condition of Han Sen not using Heresy Mantra. When Han Sen used Heresy Mantra, his strength would be even more impressive.

However, although it seemed a great number of them on the unevolved. An index of 20 was too weak among evolvers.

For those who were able to hunt mutant creatures in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, it was very easy for them to reach an index of 20.

When the unevolved became evolvers, they would be awarded a certain strength. The more geno points they had, the better the strength would be.

Those who evolved with their sacred geno points maxed out were normally awarded something called a "sacred body," which would very likely double their fitness index.

As for those who evolved with a low geno point count, their improvement through the evolution was also limited.

Normally speaking, those who evolved with their mutant geno points maxed out would have a fitness index of nearly 20 after evolution. With some geno points gained in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, there fitness index could reach above 20, which was why the fitness index of 20 was nothing among evolvers.

Han Sen did not know what kind of "sacred body" he would be awarded if he evolved with super geno points maxed out, but he was sure that it would be much stronger than someone maxed out on just sacred geno points.

The two evolvers that Han Sen beat before must be newbies in evolvers. Their fitness index should be around 20.

In Gladiator, few players were as weak as this. The weaker players usually choose to play on the official platform. Those who chose Gladiator were usually skilled players.

In addition, Gladiator was the property of Ares Martial Hall. Many students in the martial hall would fight here as well, who were usually advanced.

Han Sen learned about Gladiator from Huangfu Pingqing, who had graduated from Blackhawk and entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Han Sen hadn't seen her in a long while.

After entering the evolver section in Gladiator, Han Sen chose to be randomly matched. He did not have a specific purpose in mind, but wanted to learn from opponents of different styles, which would serve as a good supplement to Panorama.

Very soon, Han Sen was matched with someone and sent to a scene mimicking the Colosseum, which was the cla.s.sic themes in Gladiator.

Standing at the entrance, Han Sen was able to see his opponent's profile while waiting for the countdown.

His opponents ID was "Slaying All with Double Blades," which sounded fierce. He was a man around 30 years old, holding a pair of shams.h.i.+rs. A player using double Blades for sure, but Han Sen did not know if he could slay all.

Han Sen thought about it, switched to the weapon interface, and picked a pair of shams.h.i.+rs similar to the one his opponent used. Han Sen's goal was to learn from his opponent, so he would always choose the exact same weapon as used by his opponent. If his opponent did not have a weapon, he would choose not to use any.

"Slaying All with Double Blades" was observing Han Sen as well. He evolved into Second G.o.d's Sanctuary before long and it was the first time he entered Gladiator, so his record was zero win and zero loss.

Seeing Han Sen was empty-handed first and then chose to use the same weapon as he did, "Slaying All with Double Blades" was slightly offended. In his eyes, Han Sen was showing contempt to a newbie.

However, Han Sen did not pay any attention to his record and did not even know that he was new. It was what Han Sen did to all his opponents.

"Boy, you will pay for your arrogance." Han Sen's opponents smirked and checked Han Sen's profile.

Han Sen's ID was "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p," because he would give anything to work on the wars.h.i.+p where Ji Yanran served, even just as a soldier.

However, his opponents would often think that he was really a soldier serving on a wars.h.i.+p.

"Slaying All with Double Blades" thought the same and scoffed, "Four wins and more than a thousand losses. How dare you a mere soldier despise me? I will teach you a lesson soon."

"Slaying All with Double Blades" was very confident in his shams.h.i.+r skills. Having practiced since childhood, he was especially good with double blades.

Although He had not been an evolver for long, his weapon skills were among the top among evolvers. Even in Ares Martial Hall, not many could reach the level he did with double blades.