Super Gene - Chapter 294: No Time

Chapter 294: No Time

Chapter 294: No Time

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Time was a scary thing, especially in such an interstellar age. Each moment, many shocking incidents happened on the planets occupied by mankind.

Many strong men fell, and many new stars were born.

In two years, too many things had happened and too many things had been forgotten.

There were people who were not as forgetful, such as Jing Jiya.

Many people admired the Jings for the fact that they had a genius like Jing Jiwu. However, only those who truly knew the family knew, Jing Jiwu had a more brilliant brother named Jing Jiya.

Although Jing Jiya was Jing Jiwu's little brother, those who had met him could only describe him as "impressive."

Jing Jiwu was a monster who could reach the top in every field, and his brother was someone who could reach beyond the top.

The brothers' grandfather had hired a lot of martial arts professors to instruct the two of them. Jing Jiwu was able to listen to and learn from all the professors, while Jing Jiya could not have the same professor for over three months.

Jing Jiya had so many questions and thoughts that even the professor would be rendered speechless. All his professors quit within three months, because they believed they had nothing that they could teach the kid.

Even better than his older brother--almost everyone in the family believed Jing Jiya was the more appropriate candidate to take over the family business, except for one person, which was Jing Jiya himself. In the eyes of Jing Jiya, Jing Jiwu was his idol.

Jing Jiya was Jing Jiwu's biggest fan. Jing Jiya would always go to every game of Jing Jiwu's. Even when he did not have time to go to the site, he would always watch the game in front of the smart device.

Jing Jiya would watch his brother's games over and over. In his eyes, his older brother was always sparkling like diamond.

However, Jing Jiwu lost to Han Sen in the archery tournament. Jing Jiya was not able to watch it at the venue, but became more and more angry after he watched the video of the game repeatedly. He believed that Jing Jiwu only lost to Han Sen because of the tactics picked by his coach.

If it had been a fair game, Jing Jiya believed that Jing Jiwu would have won for sure. At this point, Jing Jiya had every desire to beat Han Sen and tell him that he was not even as good as the big toe of his old brother.

"Spinning arrow? What is so fancy about that?" Jing Jiya turned down all the invites from the Alliance Central Military Academy and other famous schools, and chose to come to Blackhawk Military Academy. Of course, the boy was not here to join Han Sen's team, but wanted to beat him and tell him he was not nearly as good as Jing Jiwu.

Jing Jiya was an elegant young man. When he was enrolled, no one knew that he was the brother of Jing Jiwu, but a lot of girls had already fallen in love with him for his looks.

Soon, Jing Jiya proved that he was not just a pretty boy.

Wanting to compete with Han Sen, Jing Jiya partic.i.p.ated in every item that Han Sen was once in, including warframes, black-and-white boxing, archery, and Hand of G.o.d. Jing Jiya won the champions.h.i.+p in all these items and became the brightest star in Blackhawk.

Since Han Sen was already a senior student, he no longer needed to partic.i.p.ate in different societies, which was why he had quit the school archery team. In fact, since Han Sen came back to Blackhawk, people could barely see him.

Jing Jiya wanted an opportunity to beat Han Sen, but found that he could barely find the guy. Han Sen was spending a lot of time in G.o.d's Sanctuary, and seldom appeared on-campus.

"Jing Jiya, I got a message from a friend that Han Sen just came back from G.o.d's Sanctuary and was returning to room 304," said Xu Fei excitedly, running toward Jing Jiya.

Many friends of Jing Jiya knew that he wanted to challenge Han Sen, who was the legend of Blackhawk. Although Han Sen only partic.i.p.ated in one military league compet.i.tion and only won one champions.h.i.+p, in the eyes of his schoolmates, Han Sen was the legend.

Although Jing Jiya was doing great, before he actually beat Han Sen, most people still thought he would fall short. However, everyone was willing to see such a challenge. A fight between Jing Jiya and Han Sen should be great to watch.

"Thank you," Jing Jiya said to Xu Fei with a smile and walked slowly to Han Sen's dormitory.

Xu Fei and his other friends followed Jing Jiya excitedly. They all wanted to watch this incredible fight between the old legend and new star.

When Jing Jiya walked across the campus, he attracted a lot of attention because of his good looks.

Very soon, Jing Jiya arrived at the path which Han Sen must go through to reach his dormitory and waited for him there.

Seeing a figure approaching, Jing Jiya narrowed his eyes in excitement. Very soon, he would be able to beat Han Sen and give his older brother justice. The thought made Jing Jiya so excited that his cheeks became red.

"Han Sen?" When the figure came closer, Jing Jiya asked.

"Yes. You are?" Han Sen regarded Jing Jiya and was sure that he did not know this boy.

"My name is Jing Jiya, a freshman in the archery department. I hope you could teach me a thing or two in archery when you have time," said Jing Jiya with a smile.

"Brother, I am so sorry, but I haven't really had much time recently." Han Sen had not heard the name Jing Jiya and thought Jing Jiya was one of his fans. Han Sen patted Jing Jiya on the shoulder and left.