Super Gene - Chapter 286: Sacred-blood Ghost-eyed Bear

Chapter 286: Sacred-blood Ghost-eyed Bear

Chapter 286: Sacred-blood Ghost-eyed Bear

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Han Sen also felt it was about time that Xu Ruyan made the move, so he did not expect that she would order three more mutant ghost-eyed bears from him.

"The Starry Group is indeed full of wealthy people!" Han Sen thought his source of income had already drained, and did not realize that Xu Ruyan was such a big spender.

Han Sen killed four mutant ghost-eyed bears in one day. He sold three of them to Xu Ruyan and kept one for himself to increase his mutant geno points.

On this day, Xu Ruyan and others enjoyed a meal of meat stew, after which they hurried to the nest.

Han Sen was not at all worried and continued to enjoy his barbecue. He seemed to have no intention to follow Xu Ruyan.

Xu Ruyan's only concern disappeared seeing Han Sen had not noticed them. She led the team and quickened her pace.

In the mountains that formed the life lotus, there was no real path to walk on. They had to climb the rocks to get through many places.

At many places where there were paths, it was also incredibly scary to go through. The paths were less than a foot wide, and with a slip, one would fall and die.

For humans could not do the same as ghost-eyed bear. In addition, on the ocean, the group had lost their climbing equipment and one of the team members who had sacred-blood wings, which made their situation extra hard.

After entering the life lotus, they were soon noticed by the ghost-eyed bears, whose giant body's came and went like wind on the steep cliffs.

Seeing the group of ghost-eyed bears came to them fiercely, Xu Ruyan ordered everyone to find a secure spot and get ready to fight.

The mutant ghost-eyed bears posed the most threat to them, while the primitive ones were not much trouble. At this time, since most of the mutant ghost-eyed bears had been killed by Han Sen, they could cope just fine.

The group of people stayed on a relatively flat platform and killed all the ghost-eyed bears coming at them.

Having been holding back for more than a year, the group lashed out all their anger on these creatures.

With a shrill howling from the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear king, all the ghost-eyed bears retreated instantaneously to higher mountains, leaving the group of people alone.

The group continued marching ahead and killed all the ghost-eyed bears they saw. Because the mutant ghost-eyed bears were too few in numbers, they were not much of a threat.

The sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear dashed to them from the cliffs fiercely, its white fur gleaming like silver.

Han Sen had already landed on the top of a high mountain, watching the fight while eating barbecue.

He had been curious how Xu Ruyan planned to deal with the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear.

On mountains like these, there was not much room for people to move around. In order to fight a strong sacred-blood creature, one would have to have sacred-blood wings.

As Han Sen was making different presumptions, he suddenly saw Xu Ruyan's body turning into a giant more than 12 feet tall. She raised a fist and threw a punch at the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear.

Her fist was like a sledgehammer and landed on the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear hard.

The body of the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear was very strong. Unless one were to use a sacred-blood weapon, one could hardly hurt it.

However, with Xu Ruyan's punch, the arms that the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear raised to defend itself were broken, after which the giant fist continued to hit the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear in its chest.

The rib cage of the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear collapsed. Spitting out blood, the ghost-eyed bear fell off the cliff and was about to die.

Xu Ruyan, on the other hand, quickly shrank in size and turned back to herself. She looked a little pale.

Han Sen was dumbstruck and did not understand what kind of beast soul Xu Ruyan had used. Looking at her face, Han Sen did not think she could do that again.

No wonder Xu Ruyan had never given any thought to the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear, but feared the mutant ones a lot. Since she could only use the miraculous beast soul once, she could not afford to waste it on the mutant ghost-eyed bears, but had to save it for the sacred-blood one.

Han Sen did not have more time to think. He quickly summoned the horn bow and the mutant black stinger arrow, aimed at the falling sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear and made the shot.

The black arrow went across the sky like a lightning bolt. As if it were equipped with a GPS device, it pierced the ghost-eyed bear's head through its open mouth.

When Xu Ruyan, who had perfectly utilized the power of the beast soul, was secretly celebrating, she was suddenly dumbstruck by the arrow coming out of nowhere. She quickly looked to the direction where the arrow was from and saw Han Sen on top of the mountain with a bow in his hand.


Under the cliff the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear fell to the ground. Xu Ruyan watched Han Sen with her eyes almost spitting fire.

Since Xu Ruyan did not hear the voice telling her the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear was killed, it was obvious that the kill was counted on Han Sen's head.

Han Sen was so happy that he almost laughed out loud. It seemed that every time he stole the last kill, he would always gain a beast soul. And this was no exception.

"Sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly."

"What a great harvest! It's a shame that they were not hurt. There is no chance for me to kill Xu Ruyan," Han Sen said with a sigh.

Throwing a fierce stare at Han Sen, Xu Ruyan gritted her teeth and said nothing. They went all the way to the entrance of the nest and started going down.

Xu Ruyan specifically arranged for several people to guard the entrance, so that Han Sen could not follow them inside.