Super Gene - Chapter 285: Flame Lieutenant

Chapter 285: Flame Lieutenant

Chapter 285: Flame Lieutenant

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"Beast soul identified. Sacred-blood beast soul flame Lieutenant gained."

Han Sen was slightly disappointed that he did not get a super beast soul, but he understood that it was normal not to win the lottery.

Sacred-blood beast soul was something nice too. Han Sen summoned the beast soul he just gained.

With a ball of fire, a devil like creature appeared in front of Han Sen's eyes. It was burning with red flames and looked rather magical.

Type of beast soul of flame Lieutenant: aura.

Looking at the four letters "aura," Han Sen's disappointment disappeared completely. Instead, he was overjoyed.

The four letters were simply a G.o.dsend in Han Sen's eyes.

Rare did not begin to describe the scarcity of beast soul aura. Even a mutant beast soul aura could be sold at an incredible price.

And that did not just apply to First G.o.d's Sanctuary. Even in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, a good beast soul aura, even just a mutant one would be highly popular, despite the fact that most sacred-blood beast souls from First G.o.d's Sanctuary would be useless there.

As long as there was an aura, all the beast soul's around it would be enhanced.

As far as Han Sen knew, Son of Heaven had a mutant beast soul aura. When he summoned the beast soul aura, it could improve the ability of all the beast soul within the range of 30 feet by 20%.

Beast soul weapons would become sharper. Armor and s.h.i.+elds would become tougher. And even shapes.h.i.+fting beast souls would bring the users more power.

For a team, a beast soul aura was definitely a core strength.

When a team went hunting, if they had a beast soul aura, their efficiency would be multiplied.

Since a beast soul aura could empower all the beast souls within a certain range, if there were several beast soul auras in the same team, then the enhancement would be enormous.

Unfortunately, aura beast souls were so rare that in the entire Steel Armor Shelter, only Son of Heaven had a mutant beast soul aura.

Even Huangfu Pingqing who had a company dealing beast souls did not have beast soul auras for sale.

All the teams wished to have an aura beast soul, so bringing an aura into the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, Han Sen would be invited by many experienced people to join their teams.

aura beast souls must be the most valuable type among all beast souls, as its functions were incredibly popular.

Han Sen did not even expect himself to gain a beast soul aura, because they were so hard to come by. And this one he gained was a sacred-blood one, which brought him so much joy.

"Ha-ha, my prayers worked. A beast soul aura would make me popular everywhere I go." Han Sen celebrated.

It was already late and Han Sen took back the flame lieutenant and went out of the nest.

Although he had already gained great stuff, Han Sen did not forget to blackmail Xu Ruyan. Since there was nothing left in the nest, Han Sen could now kill the mutant ghost-eyed bears and sell them to Xu Ruyan.

However, Han Sen would not deign to look for her himself. Instead, he let Fu Shan know of his intention to hunt mutant ghost-eyed bears and his worry that Xu Ruyan would not be interested in them.

After Fu Shan told Xu Ruyan about Han Sen's thoughts, Xu Ruyan became thrilled and agreed to purchase however many mutant ghost-eyed bears Han Sen could hunt.

Although at this point everyone only had important mutant beast souls left, Xu Ruyan did not even care about the beast souls she owned when hearing the fact that Han Sen was about to kill mutant ghost-eyed bears. She promised that she would purchase all the mutant ghost-eyed bears that Han Sen would hunt. One mutant beast soul for one mutant ghost-eyed bear, and she would take them all.

Although mutant beast souls were precious, they were nothing compared to what they would gain after entering the nest. So, her priority was that Han Sen killed as many as mutant ghost-eyed bears as possible.

In addition, Xu Ruyan had her own thoughts. Since Han Sen was trapped on the island anyway. When the Starry Group's rescue team arrived, he would have to board their s.h.i.+p to leave the Windend Island. At that point, if she asked him to give back all the beast souls, he would have to obey.

No matter how strong he was, Han Sen would not be willing to die on this island of old age.

Xu Ruyan had no idea that Han Sen was never counting on the Starry Group. So far, he did not fly away only because he was not sure about the location of the Green Island.

When the s.h.i.+p of Starry Group came here, he did not need to go on board. As long as he followed them from afar, he could fly to the Green Island.

Han Sen's only concern at the point was that Starry Group would not send a rescue team. In that case, he would have to make a guess about the location of Green Island, which would be relatively riskier.

Han Sen knew that if he killed too many mutant ghost-eyed bears at one time, then the ghost-eyed bear group would become too weak. Then, the others would not need to buy ghost-eyed bears from him and could just choose to hunt themselves.

Since the Starry Group was not here yet, Han Sen could not leave the island anyway. He took his time and killed a mutant ghost-eyed bear once every few days to exchange for a mutant beast soul. After a month, when Han Sen had gained the seventh mutant beast soul from Xu Ruyan, Xu Ruyan started to discuss with Fu Shan about going to the nest.

As she estimated, it was about time that Starry Group finished training new staff and sending them over.

She had to beat those people to the beast soul in the egg. Otherwise, she would have achieved nothing in this trip, which could harm her position in the Starry Group.