Super Gene - Chapter 287: Return

Chapter 287: Return

Chapter 287: Return

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Han Sen did not have any intention to follow them into the nest, which he knew very well was basically empty.

At this point, Han Sen had already come down from the mountain and ran away with the dead sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear.

Rus.h.i.+ng to the nest, the group of people did not have time to think about Han Sen. On the other hand, they believed it was not that easy for Han Sen to go down the cliff. And even if he managed to leave with the body, he had nowhere to go but the island, so they could always find him later.

However, Han Sen had flown away with the body before anyone noticed. When the group of people went down to the nest, they found the green gold wall was already broken.

After they went in, since there were no dead creatures and the cells were all intact, they still had some hope.

When they arrived at the egg and found it was broken as well, all of their hearts sank.

"Han Sen, I will kill you!" Xu Ruyan was driven mad and wanted to find Han Sen.

However, no one could find him at this point. Even the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear's body was gone.

Xu Ruyan did not want to believe the fact that she had got nothing while Han Sen had got everything. She took her team to search the entire island, but Han Sen had completely disappeared.

Shocked and mad, no one had any idea where Han Sen had gone.

In fact, Han Sen only took the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear's body on the ocean to hide for a period of time. After the searching, he went back to the Windend Island, found an extremely steep cliff, and started to eat the sacred-blood meat.

"Meat of sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear eaten. one sacred geno point gained."

Each time he gained sacred geno point, Han Sen was extremely excited.

After eating the entire ghost-eyed bear, five more sacred geno points were added. Han Sen now had 66 sacred geno points.

For a while, Han Sen avoided the group of people. With mountains everywhere on the island, the group was too small to search thoroughly anyways.

In addition, when they searched before, they already thought that Han Sen was no longer on the island. Otherwise it would be impossible for the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear to disappear from the island.

Less than half a month after Han Sen finished eating the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear, he saw a fleet sailing over to the island. Each s.h.i.+p bore the logo of Starry Group.

Han Sen did not know what Xu Ruyan told the rescue team. One day later, the fleet left the island.

Han Sen followed the fleet afar. The s.h.i.+ps could only rely on the wind to sail and was not very fast. All Han Sen needed to do was to keep the fleet in his sight.

In fact, Han Sen even thought the fleet were too slow. However, there was no modern technology allowed in G.o.d's Sanctuary, so it was only natural the s.h.i.+ps were slow.

In nearly a month, Han Sen did not run into any danger and fed on some marine creatures from time to time.

As for the sacred-blood marine beast mentioned by the group, Han Sen had never seen it. Maybe it was scared away by the fleet.

Han Sen finally understood that when the group of people came here, they must have come in a similar fleet. However, they ran into a sacred-blood marine beast and only one s.h.i.+p of the fleet arrived at their destination. And that s.h.i.+p collapsed in the end as well.

One day, Han Sen eventually saw a piece of land and felt overjoyed.

When he landed on the place he saw, he realized that it was the Green Island the group of people were talking about. However, it was not a real island, but a peninsula connected to the mainland. On the peninsula, there was a Green Shelter.

Han Sen used the teleport device in Green Shelter to return to Blackhawk. It had been almost a year since he came to G.o.d's Sanctuary. Han Sen wondered how his friends and the Steel Armor Special Squad were doing.

After returning to his dorm, all his roommates were delighted to see him. They thought that Han Sen must have died in G.o.d's Sanctuary considering how long he had been gone. In this day and age, this sort of thing was very common. Few people could come back after disappearing for a long time.

Han Sen's roommates were all soph.o.m.ores and about to become juniors. However, Han Sen must take the makeup a.s.sessment, the score of which would determine whether or not he could stay in Blackhawk.

There were many precedents like this, so there was a rule that as long as the returning students pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment, they would be allowed to continue their study.

If they could not pa.s.s, they would be expelled.

Han Sen was not that worried about the a.s.sessment. He took up his comlink and saw many unanswered calls, the majority of which were from Ji Yanran.

His mother also called him many times. Zhang Danfeng, Qin Xuan, Yang Manli, Tang Zhenliu, w.a.n.g Mengmeng, Huangfu Pingqing, Lin Beifeng and Qu Lili had also called him.

Han Sen first dialed his mother's number. And the call immediately went through. Although Luo Sulan did not know that Han Sen had disappeared in the G.o.d's Sanctuary, but she was quite worried since Han Sen had not called him in a long time.

Han Sen did not mention anything about his adventure, but told his mother that he was busy with his study.

He would rather hear his mother's complaints than for her to worry.

After chatting with his mother for a long time, Han Sen tried calling Ji Yanran. Although he knew that it very likely would not go through, he still decided to give it a shot.

Indeed, her service had been discontinued. Han Sen's roommates had already told him that Ji Yanran had left Blackhawk to do an interns.h.i.+p. They said she was serving on an interstellar wars.h.i.+p.

After being enlisted, one must use a special comlink and could not use an ordinary one. So, there was no way that Han Sen could reach his girlfriend.

His roommates also told him that Ji Yanran had lost a lot of weight since Han Sen disappeared. She also became extremely silent. Except for studying like there was no tomorrow, she rarely went to any Hand of G.o.d Society activities. Several months ago, she left Blackhawk for an interns.h.i.+p on the wars.h.i.+p.

Han Sen felt guilty, but there was nothing he could do. He dialed back to call everyone who had called him and told them he was safe.

Qu Lili went to the wars.h.i.+p together with Ji Yanran, so Han Sen could not contact her either.

Qin Xuan's number was still in service, but no one answered. Han Sen a.s.sumed she must be in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.