Super Gene - Chapter 279: Nest

Chapter 279: Nest

Chapter 279: Nest

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"That's it…" Han Sen was overjoyed when looking at the odd shape of mountains.

The only place that would guarantee a beast soul in G.o.d's Sanctuary was the nest of creatures, in addition to the Mystery Island.

The number of creatures in G.o.d's Sanctuary was almost unlimited. In an area, even if all the creatures were killed, new creatures would appear before long.

Humans had done extensive research on this and concluded that most creatures did not come from their own reproduction, but somewhere humans called "nest."

These nests were usually hidden tens of thousands of feet underground. Once in a while, a large number of creatures would be born from the nest.

Humans were still not sure how the creatures arrived at different locations in G.o.d's Sanctuary. In a random expedition, some people found a nest that was exposed on the ground for some reason. After some exploration, they found that in each nest, there would be an egg. If one were to break that egg, one would get a beast soul for sure.

The egg itself was not dangerous, but normally speaking, there would be many creatures living in the nest, which made it difficult to go all the way into the nest and break the egg.

If one were lucky, there might be only ordinary and primitive creatures in a nest. However, if there were sacred-blood creatures in a nest, one would have to be prepared for a bloodbath.

For those who were able to kill a sacred-blood creature, it was rather a good thing, since they could have extra gains.

The nests rarely appeared on the surface, so only a few people had seen them. A nest on the surface had one significant feature—always located in a type of terrain called the "life lotus."

The life lotus was formed by layered mountains, and the entrance to the nest was always located in the center of the lotus. According to what Han Sen had read from the Skynet, creatures in the nest would not go out directly from the entrance. Until today, no one knew how the creatures in the nest ended up all over G.o.d's Sanctuary.

However, the entrance to the nest was occupied by the group of ghost-eyed bears. Xu Ruyan and others did not expect this to happen, and thus failed to enter the nest.

Han Sen did not realize that the reason that the group had not entered the nest yet was mainly because they had lost most of their equipment on the ocean, under the attack of marine beast.

"Since you had failed, I should probably go first." Han Sen was considering how to enter the nest with great joy.

Originally, he wanted to hunt some ghost-eyed bears and gain more mutant beast souls from Xu Ruyan. Knowing that this was a nest, he would not hurt the ghost-eyed bears anymore.

Undoubtedly, these ghost-eyed bear were the best watchdogs. With them here, the group would never be able to enter the nest, and Han Sen could look for the egg peacefully inside.

"Well done Xu Ruyan, you tried to lure me to kill more mutant ghost-eyed bears and you could enter this nest." Han Sen smirked secretly, "Unfortunately, I already know your plan and you shall be disappointed."

Han Sen landed on the mountain and sneaked toward the center of the life lotus. He had been there once, and would be able to enter the nest without alarming the ghost-eyed bears.

As for the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear, Han Sen prepared to kill it after breaking the egg.

Obviously, these ghost-eyed bears did not live in the nest. Their occupation of the surrounding area was merely a coincidence.

Han Sen used the color s.h.i.+fter to move slowly to the entrance. After more than an hour, he was in front of the nest.

Like what was described on the Skynet, the nest was a stone cave going straight down like a well. The stones were black and smooth, and the entrance was so narrow that only one adult could pa.s.s at a time.

Han Sen did not hesitate before sliding down. With a fall of 12 feet, his feet touched the ground. In front of his eyes appeared a path zigzagging down.

Surrounding him were black stones, among which there were many gleaming green crystals. Although they looked dismal, it was still much better than darkness. People called these crystals "green gold," which could be seen everywhere in nests. They were not harmful to health, but were not useful in any way either.

Han Sen decided to be careful and summoned his phantom ant armor, protecting himself thoroughly and slowly walking down the winding path.

According to the Skynet, the length of this path should be around 8 miles. Normally speaking, there would be no creature on this path.

Han Sen did not dare to fully trust the Skynet and was still being wary. However, the Skynet was right this time and he did not see a single creature on the way.

When he finally saw a wall of green gold blocking his way, Han Sen knew he had arrived at the destination. According to what people said on the Skynet, as long as he broke this wall, he would see the real nest.

However, once the wall was broken, if there were creatures inside, they would launch attacks immediately. And one must prepare oneself for that.

The war being intact also confirmed the fact that the ghost-eyed bear did not come from this nest.

Han Sen tried to see through the wall of green gold and determine if there were creatures inside, but the green gold was not clear enough.

Since he was already there, Han Sen decided to go for it. He grabbed the diamond sword, took a deep breath, and slashed the sword at the wall.