Super Gene - Chapter 278: Real Purpose

Chapter 278: Real Purpose

Chapter 278: Real Purpose

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"200 million is fine. However, it is impossible for me to bring so much money to G.o.d's Sanctuary. I can write you a promissory note and the Starry Group will pay you in the Alliance." After calming down, Xu Ruyan had a strong desire to kill Han Sen.

It did not matter how many promissory notes she wrote Han Sen at this point, because the rescue team from the Starry Group would not let Han Sen live.

"Sorry, I only take cash," Han Sen turned Xu Ruyan down and looked her up and down, "although, you could pay me with beast souls as well."

Han Sen knew that they could not bring so much cash, and wanted their beast souls in the first place.

"What do you propose?" Xu Ruyan felt a stronger incentive to kill him.

"The market price for a sacred-blood beast soul would be around 100 or 200 million. So I would say a sacred-blood beast soul for a mutant ghost-eyed bear," Han Sen said to Xu Ruyan.

"It seems that you have no intention to make a serious deal." Xu Ruyan became annoyed. There was no way for her to trade a sacred-blood beast soul for a mutant creature.

"We're doing business, you could give me a counter-offer," said Han Sen, grinning.

"Five primitive beast souls for the mutant ghost-eyed bear," suggested Xu Ruyan.

"Five mutant beast souls are more like it…" said Han Sen, blinking.

After bargaining, Xu Ruyan was able to trade a mutant beast soul for the mutant ghost-eyed bear, which pleased Han Sen.

Both from a mutant creature, a beast soul was worth a lot more than the meat. In other places, this would be an impossible deal. As for the sacred-blood beast soul, Han Sen knew that Xu Ruyan would never give him that in the first place.

Han Sen chose a mutant mount beast soul from the three offered by Xu Ruyan. The mount was the most valuable. Han Sen did not need any mutant beast souls himself, and only wanted an expensive one to sell.

"Great working with you." Han Sen took the beast soul and smiled at Xu Ruyan. He left the cave soon after and did not want to stay in the same place with these people.

Xu Ruyan could not help walking toward Fu Shan, "Fu Shan, are you okay with him doing whatever he wants?" She was not trying to blame Fu Shan, but only wanted an answer.

"Look closely at the body of the mutant ghost-eyed bear," said Fu Shan calmly.

Xu Ruyan was dazed and walked toward the body of the mutant ghost-eyed bear.

The rest of the group also approached the body, trying to understand what Fu Shan meant.

Very soon, they all became silent. Originally, they saw much blood on the body and thought there must have been fierce combat between Han Sen and the ghost-eyed bear. However, with a closer look, they noticed that the blood on the body all came from a single cut.

The ghost-eyed bear was only cut in the throat and was not hurt anywhere else. It was obvious that it was killed with one blow, before it could make any struggle.

Everyone was shocked. To kill a mutant ghost-eyed bear in such a clean way was something incredible.

"Going into the ghost-eyed bear habitat alone, killing a mutant ghost-eyed bear with one blow and coming back with the body safe and sound, he is not someone we should view as an enemy," explained Fu Shan quietly.

He did not know whether Han Sen was indeed in the special squad. Even if Han Sen wasn't, Fu Shan did not want to antagonize him. If Han Sen was, then they belonged to the same organization and he had less reason to fight Han Sen.

Xu Ruyan did not speak. As Fu Shan had explained, whoever could achieve that was awe-inspiring.

Normally speaking, a mutant ghost-eyed bear would not stay too far away from a sacred-blood one. Xu Ruyan could not imagine how Han Sen managed to do that.

"So what? He is also trapped on this island now. When the rescue team comes, he will not be able to fly away," thought Xu Ruyan cruelly.

After leaving the cave, Han Sen flew to a high mountain and observed the entire island.

When he tried to blackmail Xu Ruyan, he felt something odd in her reactions.

Han Sen was asking for a ridiculous price, both to blackmail and to test her. Xu Ruyan's reactions and some details in her behavior made Han Sen believe that the island must be special.

Han Sen did not believe that someone like Xu Ruyan would pay such a high price and be so tolerant just to have a nice meal.

"Very likely their destination was this island in the first place. She probably wants something related to these ghost-eyed bears, otherwise she should not be so interested in them." Han Sen was more and more confident in his guess. As a great, he knew how to read people, and he could tell a lot from what Xu Ruyan had said and done.

There was not much special about the habitat of the ghost-eyed bears. When Han Sen went to hunt the bears, he had explored the place as well. There was nothing other than the ghost-eyed bear group, which only had one sacred-blood king among them.

It was impossible for Xu Ruyan to make this trip just to hunt the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear. No sacred-blood creature in the world was worth so much trouble.

In addition, Han Sen knew from the fact that they could not do anything about the ghost-eyed bear that they did not come here for this specific creature. Otherwise, if they prepared well and had enough tools, it would not be that difficult to hunt the sacred-blood Ghost-eyed bear.

"If they did not come here for the ghost-eyed bear, but for something related to the ghost-eyed bear..." Han Sen pondered, touching his nose. He suddenly thought of something, "Maybe it's for that."

Han Sen flew higher into the sky for an overlook of the bear habitat. Going higher and higher, Han Sen thought he must be right.

The mountains on the island were layered. Watching from above, they looked like a giant lotus, with each mountain resembling a petal. The ghost-eyed bears lived in the center.