Super Gene - Chapter 280: White Jade Skeleton

Chapter 280: White Jade Skeleton

Chapter 280: White Jade Skeleton

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The green gold was not a tough material and only 1 inch thick. With Han Sen's strike, a six-foot-tall 1-foot-wide opening suddenly appeared.

Han Sen looked inside the opening warily with the diamond sword in his hand and was dumbstruck by what he saw. It was an underground metropolitan bathed in green light. The roof was decorated with millions of pieces of gleaming green gold, like an entire green galaxy.

All sorts of black rock cells crisscrossed like a labyrinth. There was nothing artificial. They were more like some hornet nests, both random and regular at the same time.

Han Sen knew that these cells const.i.tuted the so-called nest. In each cell there might be a creature. Once the creature noticed his presence, it would try to kill him without a second thought.

Han Sen saw that there must be tens of thousands of cells of all sizes, some as small as his hand, while some as large as palaces. They were all interconnected in a strange and natural way.

"All the deities in this world, please give me your blessings. I wish there would not be too many creatures. Some primitive creatures would do," prayed Han Sen as he tiptoed.

Although there was enough s.p.a.ce for him to fly across the nest, Han Sen did not plan to use his wings. When he flew up, all the creatures could see him clearly and would potentially attack him in groups. It was not like the roof was so high he could avoid all the attacks, so Han Sen decided against that.

Creeping past a cell, Han Sen's eyes were fixed on it. If there were anything wrong, he would go back immediately. To his relief, the cell was completely quiet until he walked past it.

It was only a beginning though. The black cells were like time bombs of different sizes. Han Sen did not know when a cell would explode suddenly.

As Han Sen was almost scared to death, he had already pa.s.sed more than a thousand cells without seeing any creatures.

"Could this nest be empty? Maybe all the creatures had left?" Han Sen wondered, "It should not be. According to what I read, unless the egg is broken, the nest will continue to breed new creatures. Since the wall was still intact, I don't suppose anyone has been here. So, the egg must still be here as well. How come there is no creature?"

Han Sen did not dare to relax. Although it seemed everything was going well, he still remained alert.

Every time he pa.s.sed a cell, Han Sen would always stare at it, in case a creature would catch him off-guard.

However, after seeing tens of thousands of cells, he did not see a single creature. It seemed the nest was really empty.

"This is so weird. According to the Skynet, the nests discovered before would always have at least hundreds of creatures inside, and sometimes it could even be thousands. How come there is nothing here?"

Suddenly, Han Sen heard a crack. He immediately looked in that direction.

It was a 9-foot-tall cell more than 30 feet away from him. It had cracked and the cracks were expanding.

"Finally." Han Sen did not get too nervous. He walked back a few steps and found a spot with more s.p.a.ce, eyes fixed on the cell looking like a tomb.

As the cell continued to crack, it was falling apart will stop


Suddenly the cell was knocked open by something and collapsed. A figure rushed out of the cell.

"A humanoid creature?" After seeing the figure, Han Sen suddenly grasped the diamond sword tighter.

Normally speaking, a humanoid creature was very likely to be a sacred-blood one.

The creature was a skeleton that looked like it was made of white jade. Between its bones, there were no gaps like an ordinary skeleton. With these extra links, it was extremely flexible.

On the skeleton's bones there were many black patterns, and in its hands were a pair of black daggers.

"Gears?" Han Sen was surprised. The humanoid creature had its own gears, which were two daggers instead of one, which meant the creature would not be easy to deal with.

The skeleton turned to face Han Sen. Its eyes were not hollow but contained a pair of white eyeb.a.l.l.s. Staring at Han Sen, the skeleton slowly approached him.

In the beginning, it was slow. Gradually it became faster and faster. In a dozen steps, it swirled to Han Sen's face like a storm. One of the black daggers were at Han Sen's throat in a sudden.

At this point, Han Sen was certain that the skeleton was a sacred-blood creature. He did not fear it. Swinging the diamond sword, he was about to stop the dagger.

The daggers were short, so Han Sen's blow would definitely knock them away.

However, the moment the diamond sword was about to hit the daggers, the skeleton twisted in an impossible way and took back its dagger. With a swing, the skeleton's other dagger almost came between Han Sen's brows. Han Sen could almost feel the coldness of the blade through his armor.