Super Gene - Chapter 277: Market Price

Chapter 277: Market Price

Chapter 277: Market Price

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"It depends on how good your appet.i.te is," Han Sen said, grinning.

"How much do you want for this mutant ghost-eyed bear?" As calculative as Xu Ruyan, she would not easily expose her real objective.

Xu Ruyan was secretly thinking that it would be fine for her to pay a high price for this mutant ghost-eyed bear. She could even pay more for Han Sen to hunt a few more mutant ones. There were in total a dozen mutant ghost-eyed bears. As long as Han Sen killed them all, one sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear would not be such a big threat to the group. By then, her goal would be achieved.

However, Xu Ruyan did not realize that Xu Ruyan was planning on the blackmail from the very beginning.

"I would not elaborate on the value of this mutant Ghost-eyed bear. According to market price, you can have it for 100 million," said Han Sen, narrowing his eyes.

When the group heard the phrase "market price," they were optimistic, because based on the market price, the meat of a mutant creature would be 2 to 3 million. Even he doubled it, that would be a small amount. However, Han Sen's price made her cringe.

Liu Zhi opened his mouth wide and thought, "A mutant creature for 100 million, what kind of market price is that?"

"Han Sen, this is a bit too high. Even a rare mutant creature would only be marked 2 to 3 million on the market. Even if I am willing to pay you 10 times that price, that would be 20 to 30 million. Don't you think 100 million is too much?" Xu Ruyan frowned at Han Sen.

"You're right, outside this island, that is the market price. However, we are in a different place, so of course we have a different price. Here, the market price is 100 million each. If you think it's too expensive, that's fine as well. I will just keep it for myself." Han Sen remained calm and smiled.

"Han Sen, we are all unfortunate people and should help one another. Don't you think you're being too selfish? In addition, you're also the head of the special squad and a colleague of many people here. Would you sell them at the same price?" Xu Ruyan suddenly had an idea.

If Han Sen answered yes, then everyone would be mad at him. If he said no, then it would be the same whether he sold it to Xu Ruyan or Fu Shan.

Xu Ruyan did not care if she cannot eat the meat. As long as Han Sen could wipe out all the mutant ghost-eyed bears, she would be achieving her goal.

"Of course, I always have the same and fair price for everyone." Han Sen then looked to the green special squad, "And I did invite them to cooperate before. It is not my fault that they turned me down."

Liu Zhi blushed when hearing Han Sen's words. He was the one who objected the most and thought Han Sen was a lunatic.

Xu Ruyan heard Han Sen's words and was secretly excited. She kept a straight face and snorted, "Han Sen, aren't you afraid that everyone will turn on you? Or are you not in the special squad at all?"

Since Han Sen came back, Xu Ruyan and her men were circling Han Sen and the mutant ghost-eyed bear. As Xu Ruyan made a long face, her people were also staring at Han Sen.

Obviously, Xu Ruyan was trying to threaten Han Sen. Originally, she was afraid that Fu Shan and his team might help Han Sen. As Han Sen's answer probably p.i.s.sed off the entire special squad, she believed that Fu Shan would take her side if there was a fight.

After all, they were trapped on an island and had not had meat in a long time. Fu Shan should not reject working with Xu Ruyan against Han Sen.

"200 million." Han Sen came up with a price that doubled the last offer. He did not even raise an eyebrow, as if he did not hear Xu Ruyan's threatening remark.

"Fu Shan, this kind of behavior would never come from someone in the special squad. We should control him and interrogate him," said Xu Ruyan.

Xu Ruyan thought Fu Shan would work with her for sure. After all, the special squad members were also checking out the mutant ghost-eyed bear greedily, and they did not have any affection toward Han Sen either.

To her surprise, Fu Shan shook his head and said, "I have no idea whether he is in the special squad, and that doesn't concern me."

Fu Shan ordered everyone on his team to step aside. It was obvious that he did not want to meddle in this matter.

Although his team members wondered why Fu Shan made the decision, they had a lot of trust in their captain and followed his order.

Xu Ruyan was dumbstruck. Based on her understanding, Fu Shan was a rational person. Even if he did not want to harm Han Sen, he would agree to take the mutant ghost-eyed bear first. Fu Shan's decision forced Xu Ruyan to reevaluate Han Sen. The only explanation for Fu Shan to make a decision like this was that Fu Shan did not believe they could beat Han Sen.

"So, it seems that you do not want to deal with me." Han Sen picked up the mutant ghost-eyed bear.

"What are you doing?" Xu Ruyan did not dare to try to stop Han Sen.

"Since I'm not welcome here, I will find a place for my own. I have a mutant ghost-eyed bear anyway. If I eat it slowly, it could last me 3 to 5 months." Han Sen put the mutant ghost-eyed bear on his back.

"Fine, 100 million, I will purchase this mutant ghost-eyed bear," Xu Ruyan gritted her teeth and said.

What she needed was for Han Sen to kill the ghost-eyed bears. If Han Sen really hid somewhere and enjoyed the food for himself, that would defeat the purpose.

"The price is no longer 100 million. It is 200 million now." Han Sen's reply made Xu Ruyan want to strangle him.