Super Gene - Chapter 276: Blown Away

Chapter 276: Blown Away

Chapter 276: Blown Away

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After going into the jungle, Han Sen followed a trail and sneaked into the habitat of the ghost-eyed bears.

Before the deal was made, Han Sen did not plan to wipe out the entire ghost-eyed bear group. He decided to kill one first and go back to negotiate.

A ghost-eyed bear was around 6 feet tall and covered in brown fur like steel brush. With a vertical eye on its forehead, it was able to come and go easily on the mountain walls.

In the mountains, Han Sen shapes.h.i.+fted into the color s.h.i.+fter silently.

The ghost-eyed bears were moving around, while Han Sen was lurking in the dark. His goal was a mutant ghost-eyed bear, which would make Xu Ruyan more willing to pay.

"No wonder they were not able to kill any Ghost-eyed bear. The terrain does not work in anyone's favor." Han Sen looked around and saw cliffs everywhere. The ghost-eyed bears were able to run on the cliffs, which made them impossible to kill.

Fu Shan and Xu Ruyan led different teams to collect food and left a few people to guard the cave. Although they had a lot of plants and mushrooms saved in the cave, it would not hurt to have more food supply around.

After going out for a while, they suddenly heard howling from the ghost-eyed bears' habitat.

"Did he really go?" exclaimed Liu Zhi.

They knew from the sound that the ghost-eyed bears had noticed the intruder. There was one howling after another, so it seemed that the entire group was chasing Han Sen.

"It's a pity. He did not last too long." Xu Ruyan sighed.

The howling stopped after a long while. The group did not dare to stay out for long. Since the ghost-eyed bear group had been provoked by Han Sen, it would be terribly dangerous for them to run into the bears.

Xu Ruyan and Fu Shan discussed briefly and decided to give up on looking for food, ready to go back to the cave.

"A mutant ghost-eyed bear!" Not far from the cave, they suddenly saw a huge ghost-eyed bear, which scared everyone. People quickly summoned their beast souls and then found out the ghost-eyed bear did not move and was actually on someone's back. The person carried the dead ghost-eyed bear and walked toward them.

Watching the ghost-eyed bear moving up and down as the person walked, everyone widened their eyes.

"It's the boy… He did not die, and really hunted a ghost-eyed bear, a mutant one…" Liu Zhi saw the person's face and exclaimed. The others were also shocked, unable to believe their eyes. Han Sen was really able to hunt a Ghost-eyed bear, and the mutant one, which was incredible.

The first time they went, half of the people died and they were only able to kill some primitive ghost-eyed bears. Not a single mutant one was killed. The creature had incredible speed and strength. To kill one of them on the cliff was almost impossible.

However, Han Sen alone hunted a mutant ghost-eyed bear back.

Fu Shan looked Han Sen up and down and did not see a single injury on Han Sen's body, which surprised him even more.

It was obvious from the howling that the entire ghost-eyed bear group was alarmed, but Han Sen still came back safe and sound, taking the body of a mutant ghost-eyed bear, which made him wonder how strong Han Sen must be to be able to achieve this.

Xu Ruyan also noticed that and was rendered speechless.

"Did you really hunt the ghost-eyed bear yourself?" When Han Sen came close, Liu Zhi asked.

"I believe so, unless this thing is not called a ghost-eyed bear." Han Sen smiled and continued toward the cave with the body of the ghost-eyed bear on his back.

The body of the ghost-eyed bear was too big, and he was not very interested in consuming it himself. He intended to leverage this mutant ghost-eyed bear to negotiate a deal with Xu Ruyan, so he made sure that everyone saw it.

When the people guarding the cave saw Han Sen come back with a mutant Ghost-eyed bear, they were surprised as well.

"Miss Xu, are you interested in a deal now?" Han Sen scanned everyone's face and asked Xu Ruyan.

"Very much so." Xu Ruyan's eyes lit up.

They were all trapped here for more than a year. In the beginning, they had some meat jerky to eat, and after that they had to go vegan. It had been a while since they had any taste of meat. Seeing the body of the dead ghost-eyed bear, they immediately thought of barbecue.

Of course, Xu Ruyan was thinking more than just this mutant ghost-eyed bear.

Since Han Sen was able to kill a mutant creature so easily, it meant he could wipe out all the ghost-eyed bears. If he could do that, they could benefit from more than just the meat.

In fact, they had been lying to Han Sen from the very beginning. Their destination was always this island because they wanted something here.

They did, however, run into an accident on the sea. That part was true. After they got here, they were not able to get what they wanted because of the ghost-eyed bears.

Surprisingly, Han Sen was strong enough to wipe out all the ghost-eyed bears, which was fantastic for Xu Ruyan.

Xu Ruyan believed that someone would eventually come to their rescue. It was just a matter of time for the Starry Group to locate this island. If she was able to get what she wanted before they came, that would be the best.

Otherwise, she would be no more than a failure. If she obtained that thing after the rescue team came, the credit would no longer be hers.

Xu Ruyan watched Han Sen with desire. Although she did not know how Han Sen achieved that, she believed his presence would work in her favor.

"So, Sen, what's the deal?" Xu Ruyan looked to Han Sen and softened her voice.