Super Gene - Chapter 275: Hunting Alone

Chapter 275: Hunting Alone

Chapter 275: Hunting Alone

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Xu Ruyan did not want to say anything to Han Sen anymore. She said she was tired and returned to her tent.

Without actually seeing the ghost-eyed bears, Han Sen suggested to hunt them, which left Xu Ruyan with a terrible impression.

Before Han Sen could even suggest a deal, Xu Ruyan expressed her distrust. But Han Sen didn't care. When he had the meat of ghost-eyed bear, he believed Xu Ruyan would beg for a deal.

Xu Ruyan must have a lot of resources to be able to hire the entire Green Special Squad. Han Sen felt he was responsible to blackmail her in order to thank G.o.d for sending him here.

In addition, Han Sen hated everyone in Starry Group. And she would be no exception.

"Brother, you should be practical. Do not mess with ghost-eyed bear," Liu Zhi patted Han Sen on the shoulder and said.

Obviously, members of green special squad did not believe Han Sen could hunt ghost-eyed bears. They had been trapped on the island for a very long time and had a million strategies, yet none worked.

The terrain on the Windend Island was very complicated. With their strength and flexibility, the ghost-eyed bears could easily move around. The sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear king and a dozen mutant ghost-eyed bears cost them a lot of good men when they had more people. Han Sen alone would never make it.

"Fu Shan, are interest in my deal?" Han Sen did not answer Liu Zhi but asked Fu Shan.

"Tell me about it." Out of everyone's expectation, Fu Shan did not turn down Han Sen directly.

"Captain, what's to talk about with this guy? Do not believe his words," said Liu Zhi hurriedly.

Other members also tried to talk Fu Shan out of it, but Fu Shan only gestured everyone to keep silent.

Han Sen smiled and said, "Fu Shan, since we are all in the special squad, how about we hunt the ghost-eyed bears together? Afterwards, I will take the meat of the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear, and we can share the rest half-and-half. What do you think?"

Fu Shan frowned. Han Sen was being too arrogant indeed. He did believe Han Sen had something special about him, otherwise it would be impossible for him to come here alone. However, Han Sen's words still made him cringe.

"Boy, you have no place to talk like that," said Liu Zhi impatiently.

"Really?" Han Sen of course disagreed.

When he just came to the island, he saw some of the ghost-eyed bears from the sky. Ghost-eyed bear was not a unique species to the island, and Han Sen had seen them before.

On the way he came here on the back of the golden growler, Han Sen had seen a sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear from a large group swallowed by the lion alive. The sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear had no chance of survival in front of the golden growler. Han Sen did not even know it was called ghost-eyed bear at the time being.

Before being swallowed, the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear tried to resist, and Han Sen had learned what it could do.

It was indeed very strong in terms of speed and strength. The scariest part was its vertical third eye, which gave it an ability similar to the fairy queen.

After it opened its third eye, it was even able to avoid a strike from the golden growler. However, that was all it could do. Han Sen believed that the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear was merely a bit stronger than the sacred-blood creature he killed in the Sand Valley.

Because of the terrain and the number of the ghost-eyed bears, it was indeed difficult for them. Han Sen, on the other hand, had sacred-blood wings and was a great He could use the color s.h.i.+fter beast soul to launch a sneak attack and did not need to fight the ghost-eyed bear head on.

If the members of green special squad were willing to help, Han Sen was able to take out the entire ghost-eyed bear group. Without their help, Han Sen could do the same, which only took longer.

A cut of half the meat was a great deal for the special squad fellows. Also, Han Sen wanted to finish up the business here earlier in order to go back to the shelter sooner.

However, since they would not help, Han Sen did not bring it up again.

After resting for a night, Han Sen left the cave and decided to hunt a ghost-eyed bear to show the group, especially Xu Ruyan, so that he would be able to blackmail her.

"Are you really going to hunt the ghost-eyed bears?" Asked Xu Ruyan, standing in front of the cave.

"You could expect a ghost-eyed bear for lunch, but do think about what price you are willing to pay." Han Sen waved at Xu Ruyan without turning back and marched into the jungle.

"Fu Shan, what do you think?" Xu Ruyan looked at Fu Shan, as he did not realize Han Sen would dare to hunt ghost-eyed bear alone.

"Just some brat. If he wants to die, let him. I do not believe he is from the special squad, let alone the head." Liu Zhi had never seen someone like Han Sen in the organization.

Xu Ruyan did not reply. She still believed Han Sen was someone special, although she could not tell how.

"I could not see through this person. However, I could not risk the lives of my team members," Fu Shan pondered and said. He also believed that Han Sen was somebody, but as the head of the special squad, he could not take such risks on behalf of his team members.

Xu Ruyan nodded. Same as Fu Shan, she was not willing to take more risks.

"I hope that he will not die in the jungle." Fu Shan sighed. Although he thought Han Sen was special, it was almost impossible for someone to survive the attack of the ghost-eyed bear group. Once noticed by the ghost-eyed bears, one was unlikely to run away.

Last time, they had to sacrifice a dozen lives before they were able to get away.

Xu Ruyan saw Han Sen disappear in the jungle and had complex emotions. She did not believe that Han Sen could really hunt a ghost-eyed bear either.

Other people thought Han Sen was either mad or arrogant to hunt the ghost-eyed bear alone. If Han Sen was not killed by the Ghost-eyed bear, he would probably ask for food from them.