Super Gene - Chapter 274: Ghost-Eyed Bear

Chapter 274: Ghost-Eyed Bear

Chapter 274: Ghost-Eyed Bear

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Fu Shan and everyone else looked to the woman. Obviously, they didn't know whether Han Sen was telling the truth either.

The woman let out a sigh of relief, "You're right. Qin Xuan does have a small red birthmark behind her right ear. However, she usually covers it with her hair, so ordinary people would not be able to see that."

The woman said to Han Sen, "Although I'm not sure if you are really the head of the special squad, now I know you are indeed close to Qin Xuan."

"Miss, are you also in the special squad?" Han Sen asked the woman. He believed that others were from the special squad because they looked like it. However, this woman did not.

"My name is Xu Ruyan. I'm sort of a client of the special squad," the woman said with a smile.

Han Sen realized something and said, "So you're the one who hired them to sail here?"

Xu Ruyan smiled bitterly and said, "This is not our original destination. We were attacked by a giant sacred-blood creature on our way and ended up here. We have been trapped here for about a year."

"A year… No wonder you do not know me," thought Han Sen.

Han Sen continued to ask, "Where is this place? Do you know how far we are from the nearest shelter?"

The skinny guy named Liu Zhi said, "It's pointless to ask that. Even if you could fly, you would not be able to get away from this place."

"How so?" Han Sen was puzzled. When he came to the island, he did not find any advanced flying creatures.

Maybe the group had believed that Han Sen was indeed one of the special squad, Liu Zhi and Xu Ruyan told Han Sen everything about their situation.

Liu Zhi was being dramatic. There were indeed no flying creatures near this place, but there was a sacred-blood marine beast wandering around the island, scaring them away from hunting creatures in the ocean.

On the island, there was only one type of creature, which looked like gigantic bears. They moved swiftly and could even walk on the mountain walls. With a vertical eye on their foreheads, these creatures had incredible eyesight, they were mostly primitive creatures and few of them were mutant creatures. Their king was a sacred-blood creature.

The king of the ghost-eyed bears was much stronger and faster than others. It was almost impossible to hurt it and it had clever tactics, which made the special squad members feel quite helpless.

All of them had to live on the wild plants and mushrooms in the forest, while avoiding the ghost-eyed bear group at the same time, which was why they were leading a hard life.

In the beginning, they did not know how strong the ghost-eyed bears were and tried to hunt them down, which caused a great loss. They used to have nearly 30 members in the group, but after the fight, they only had a dozen people left.

Yet the ghost-eyed bear King only lost a few primitive ghost-eyed bears.

However, among the deceased, only one person belonged to the special squad. The squad used to have 10 members and now there were nine. As for the other deceased, they all worked for Xu Ruyan. What surprised Han Sen was the fact that Xu Ruyan was in the management of starry group.

Han Sen also learned that they came from the Green Shelter on Green Island. Now they only knew that it took a s.h.i.+p half a month to arrive at Green Island from where they were. Other than the fact that Green Island was in the west, they had no idea where its specific location was. After all, after being attacked by the sacred-blood marine beast, they were completely lost.

Xu Ruyan would not tell what they came here for, and being employed by Xu Ruyan, the special squad could not leak the details of their mission either.

However, Han Sen could tell that Xu Ruyan was quite somebody, as they had been trapped on the island for a very long time, but others would still listen to her.

"Xu Ruyan, I am also in the special squad. How about you and I make a deal?" Asked Han Sen after learning everything.

"We have ended up here. What deal can I possibly make?" Xu Ruyan frowned. Han Sen was someone she could not see through.

Xu Ruyan knew Qin Xuan, and had an idea about where Steel Armor Shelter was, which was far from this place.

She did not believe what Han Sen said, but was surprised that he knew Qin Xuan.

Ordinary people could not know about the red birthmark behind Qin Xuan's right ear.

"Miss Xu, what plan have you now? Do you want to be trapped here forever?" Han Sen did not reply to her, but asked with a smile.

"Other than waiting for a rescue team, what can I possibly do?" asked Xu Ruyan.

"I believe you must be someone important enough for the Starry Group to send a team. However, if they could find this place, I don't believe it would take a whole year. They haven't come so far, which means this is a hard place to find. Even if they don't give up, I wonder when they will be able to locate you," said Han Sen.

Everyone's expression changed slightly. Of course, they knew this. However, the rescue team was their only hope at present.

"What do you want to say?" Xu Ruyan asked, displeased. Han Sen's words worked against her authority in the group.

The reason why everyone still looked up to her was that they believed people would come for Xu Ruyan's rescue.

"I mean, while you're waiting on the island, don't you want to eat better?" Han Sen asked calmly.

"You have food?" Xu Ruyan watched Han Sen, unable to see any possibility of him carrying a large amount of food.

"I don't have any food with me, but there is plenty of food on this island," Han Sen smiled and said.

"You're thinking about the ghost-eyed bears? I think you should give up. I don't want to see anyone die." Xu Ruyan was terribly disappointed in Han Sen's idea.

If they had any chance at hunting the ghost-eyed bears, they wouldn't wait until this day.

Xu Ruyan did not even believe that Han Sen was the head of Steel Armor Special Squad. Even if he was, that would not change anything.

Fu Shan was the head of a special squad and had a whole team with him. He did not have much chance against the ghost-eyed bear either.

Being alone, Han Sen had no advantage whatsoever.