Super Gene - Chapter 273: Colleagues

Chapter 273: Colleagues

Chapter 273: Colleagues

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No one would answer Han Sen's question. All the people went back into the jungle.

"Miss, what is this about?" Han Sen caught up with the woman he saw first and asked.

The woman said indifferently, "Now you're here, it is like you are sentenced to life. You now have a lot of time to discover what this is about."

She soon came back to the jungle like everyone else.

Han Sen could guess that they probably suffered a s.h.i.+p wreck and ended up here. However, he still wanted to figure out where he was. After all, they must have taken a s.h.i.+p here and should have an idea about the location of the island and how far it was to the nearest shelter.

Han Sen quickly followed those people, who did not intend to chase him away either. Very soon, Han Sen followed them through the forest and arrived at a cave.

Inside the cave there were many supplies produced in the Alliance. It was a large cave with bonfire inside, so it's almost felt like camping.

Han Sen could tell that these people had been living here for a long time. They were more than a dozen people of the same age.

From Han Sen's perspective, these people were about the same age as Qin Xuan. But Qin Xuan only stayed in First G.o.d's Sanctuary for a long time because she wanted to max out her sacred geno points. These people obviously did not have the same intention.

"Newbie, if you want to stay here, you must obey our rules and do your job. Otherwise we do not have extra food to waste on you," said a serious guy to Han Sen.

"There are plenty of creatures in the ocean and on the island, so I think I will be able to feed myself," Han Sen smiled and said.

The group watched Han Sen with contempt, as if they had heard something funny. No one spoke though. It was as if they didn't even deign to mock him.

The guy's continued, "We are all unfortunate people. Here is a reminder: the Windend Island is full of danger. Do not wander around, otherwise you might lose your life."

"What kind of danger?" asked Han Sen in surprise.

The guy did not speak but a skinny guy next to him cut in, "There are sacred-blood creatures on the Windend Island. Are you able to kill those?"

"Sacred-blood creatures? I did kill a few." Han Sen laughed.

"Boy, you should know who you were bragging to before you brag. Do you know who we are?" said the skinny guy with his lips curled.

"I would be more than happy to know." Han Sen was curious about these people.

"Have you heard about the special squad?" asked the skinny guy complacently.

"You are members of the special squad?" Han Sen regarded the group in surprise.

Han Sen did not expect to meet people from the same organization on a desolate island.

"Since you have heard about the special squad, you must be a well-informed person yourself. You should know what we do. And since even we could hardly survive the place, do you know what you should do in the future?" Said the skinny guy.

"Such a coincidence. I am also in the special squad. I wonder which shelter are you in charge of?" asked Han Sen with a smile.

"What? You're also a member of the special squad?" The skinny guy looked to Han Sen in surprise.

Other people were also shocked and seemed to doubt what Han Sen had said. Han Sen did seem quite young. He would be 18 years old at most.

Although the members of the special squad in First G.o.d's Sanctuary were young, due to the high criteria for the members, those who could join were generally over 20, who would have a better geno point count and richer experience in G.o.d's Sanctuary.

"My name is Han Sen, head of Steel Armor Special Squad." Han Sen told them his ident.i.ty, which was no secret, so there was no point to hide it from them.

"Are you kidding me? At your age, you would be lucky to become a member. Head my a.s.s!" The skinny guy smirked and did not believe Han Sen would be the head. He then pointed to the guy who spoke first and told Han Sen, "Boy, see? This is what a head looks like. This is our captain, Fu Shan."

"Hi, I am Han Sen from Steel Armor Special Squad. Which shelter are you from?" Han Sen felt lucky to meet members from the special squad.

The skinny guy thought Han Sen was lying and became angry. Before he wanted to say something, Fu Shan stopped him.

Fu Shan looked Han Sen up and down and said, "As far as I know, the head of Steel Armor Special Squad is Qin Xuan, and her deputy is Yang Manli. They're both ladies and there is no guy in the leaders.h.i.+p. I have never heard of the name Han Sen."

"You must have been trapped here for more than half a year?" Han Sen's gaze swept across the group.

"So what?" the skinny guy stared at Han Sen and asked.

"No wonder you did not know that Qin Xuan had gone to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary and I am the new head of Steel Armor Special Squad." Han Sen smiled and said.

Unfortunately, he did not bring his ident.i.ty card with him and could not use the Skynet to prove himself either.

"We can't just take your word for it. Show us your ID." The skinny guy still did not believe him.

"I do not have my ID with me. If you don't believe me, I don't have a way to persuade you." Han Sen spread his hands and said, "There is no point for me to lie to you, so why would I do that?"

The woman whom Han Sen saw first suddenly looked at Han Sen and asked, "You should know Qin Xuan very well then?"

"Yes," Han Sen thought about it and nodded.

"Then you must know what was behind her left ear?" The woman asked slowly.

The whole group was watching Han Sen, awaiting his reply.

"If I remember correctly, there is nothing behind Qin Xuan's left ear, but a small red birthmark behind her right ear," said Han Sen casually. He had been in numerous combats with Qin Xuan and knew this very well.