Super Gene - Chapter 270: Golden Crystal

Chapter 270: Golden Crystal

Chapter 270: Golden Crystal

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Han Sen did not know how to describe what he felt at the time. After crossing mountains, rivers, and the ocean, it turned out that the golden lion came to the desolate island just to give birth to its offspring.

The golden mountain seemed to be a volcano with a large basin on top. The golden lion was crouching inside the basin, howling.

Han Sen had got off the lion's back and watched the lion for seven days. In the beginning, he thought the lion might have gotten sick from eating too many red flowers, and wanted to see if the lion was going to die.

However, after crying for a week, the lion gave birth to an elephant-sized baby lion. It turned out the lion came here to give birth.

"So it just gave birth to its baby. End of story." Han Sen sighed and prepared to leave.

The golden lion was so strong that Han Sen would not survive its attack even though it was weak from giving birth.

As Han Sen turned around, he suddenly heard a shrill scream from the lion, which suddenly spit out a large amount of golden blood.

Han Sen paused. There was no other creature here, so why would the lion suddenly spit out blood?

Momentarily, the golden lion spit out more blood like a fountain.

As Han Sen was surprised, he suddenly saw a golden crystal globe with a diameter of 3 feet.

The crystal was as brilliant as a diamond and seemed to have the entire galaxy sparkling inside it.

Han Sen gazed at it and thought, "What is that?"

After spitting out the miraculous golden crystal, the golden lion stopped roaring and tried to separate the crystal from its blood with its paw.

Because of its giant size, the lion had a hard time moving the golden crystal in front of the baby lion that it just gave birth to, which had not even opened its eyes.

"Roar!" After doing all that, the golden lion regarded the baby lion licking the golden crystal and closed its eyes. It seemed that it had died.

Han Sen was dumbstruck. He wasn't sure if the golden lion was really dead, but blood kept coming out of its mouth and the basin and became an inch-deep pool. There was no way the lion would live.

The baby lion that was just born had no idea what had happened. With its eyes still closed, it was holding the golden crystal with two paws and licking it with its tongue.

"Let's do this." Han Sen was good at and was very sensitive about how lively a creature was. It was obvious that the golden lion had died.

The golden crystal it spit out seemed to be something quite precious. Han Sen watched the baby lion licking it became stronger after a while.

Han Sen gritted his teeth, summoned wings and flew into the basin. He drew the beetle knight spear and stuck it between the baby lion and the golden crystal. Using the spear as a lever, he moved the golden crystal away from the baby lion's paws. The golden crystal rolled away toward the wall.

The baby lion became upset. Being just born, it could not even open its eyes or stand up, and its paws were still weak. All it could do was to sniff in the direction of the golden crystal and make puerile growling.

Han Sen had flown into the air, observing the giant golden lion from afar. Seeing it remained completely still, Han Sen then felt relaxed and flew toward the golden crystal. He first knocked at it with his spear. It sounded like a stone.

Han Sen reached out to touch it; it did feel cool.

"The lion would not do any harm to its baby, right? Since the baby lion could lick it, there should be no problem." Han Sen glanced at the growling baby lion, which was struggling to come over, and made up his mind. He too licked at the golden crystal.

As his tongue touched the golden crystal, he felt the crystal melting into liquid. Although there was not much taste, the cooling sense was refres.h.i.+ng.

As he drank it, Han Sen felt a chill. It felt that all his spores were suddenly open and that he had more energy than he could use.

"Amazing stuff indeed!" Han Sen felt so energetic and overjoyed that he licked the crystal continuously. It was like sucking on an icicle. The faster he licked, the more liquid he got. Very soon, Han Sen had licked away a football-sized piece of crystal.

As he was drinking the golden liquid, he almost felt reborn.

Energy filled all of his cells.

"What is this? This is much better than v.i.a.g.r.a! This must be the life essence of the golden lion?" Han Sen was overjoyed, as he knew the golden crystal must be something amazing.

The baby lion quickly struggled to get up. Han Sen pondered and tried to hold the golden crystal up, which was lighter than he had thought, just around 200 pounds. Han Sen held it up and flew to the other end of the basin.

The baby lion wouldn't give up. Sniffing around, it kept crawling, persistent to get the crystal back.

"I did not want to kill you because you are just a baby. But since you will not give up, I will have no mercy." Han Sen made up his mind and stabbed the spear at the baby lion.


The spear did not even break the baby lion's skin. The spear head was even bounced back by its fur.

Han Sen widened his eyes and looked at the baby lion incredulously.