Super Gene - Chapter 269: Traveling with a Beast

Chapter 269: Traveling with a Beast

Chapter 269: Traveling with a Beast

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Sitting on the back of the golden lion, Han Sen was quite upset. He thought he would eventually have an opportunity to leave the lion, but it turned out he was being naïve.

The golden lion was enormous and had an incredible speed. The flocks of birds were following the golden lion everywhere, treating it like a stable food source. The leftover meat of the lion's meal would always go into the birds' belly.

What troubled Han Sen was that the birds were all mutant creatures. With their size and strength, thousands of them together were quite scary.

What was worse was that, among them there were two bird kings that had a wingspan of over 50 feet. Han Sen was positive that they were sacred-blood creatures. They were very similar to the silver bird that almost killed him and there were a pair of them.

Han Sen did not know what to do. He was trapped on this enormous lion. The birds did not dare to approach the lion, while he did not dare to leave the lion, which was a dilemma.

The silver lining was that when the golden lion was feeding, he could use a string-attached arrow to drag some meat over, which was all mutant meat. After a few days, his mutant geno points had increased a few.

Several days later, the golden lion was deep in the Jade Dragon Mountains. Although it did not travel all the time, it was incredibly fast. Han Sen was not sure where he was.

Around him were the same black mountains. Fortunately, the golden lion did not change its direction, so Han Sen knew how to go out.

However, on his way here, he had seen numerous horrifying creatures wandering around in the mountains. Following the golden lion, he could keep himself safe, since no creatures could beat the lion. However, when he thought about going out, Han Sen did not have a solution.

"I should've definitely remained humble." Han Sen regretted so much that his pride drove him to Jade Dragon Mountains. It turned out G.o.d's Sanctuary was way more dangerous than he had thought.

He had believed that based on his capability, he could go anywhere he wanted within First G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, after entering Jade Dragon Mountains, he found out how wrong he was.

Han Sen was trapped on the lion for more than a month and did not have any chance to run away. The birds were like minions, following the golden lion everywhere.

The golden lion had left the Jade Dragon Mountains and entered a plain following a wide river. Han Sen wondered where it was going.

In more than a month, Han Sen had seen countless frightening creatures torn into pieces by the golden lion. One time, he used a threaded arrow to draw back a piece of meat from a giant snake and heard the voice saying one sacred geno point gained, which was shocking to him. It turned out that some of the preys of the golden lion were sacred-blood creatures.

Traveling across mountains and rivers, the golden lion ended up on the ocean, which could not stop the lion either.

Han Sen was completely speechless. He did not know where the golden lion was going, but one thing was for sure, he did not know how to go back. Even if he remembered the way back, based on what he saw on the way here, he could not go back safely alone.

Han Sen thought about jumping into the ocean, but the giant figures swimming on the bottom of the sea made him give up the idea.

One thing was rather odd. The enormous lion could always attract tons of creatures to give their lives and become its food.

After observing for a long while, Han Sen discovered that it was not a coincidence. The creatures did not wish to commit suicide, but was attracted by the birds.

The birds could make a sound similar to baby cries. For some reason, when creatures heard that noise, they would be attracted over like crazy and end up dead under the lion's paw.

Han Sen then understood that the reason why the birds could follow the golden lion was not that the lion could not kill them, but that the lion wanted them to be there.

Maybe the birds were indeed like what Han Sen thought, the minions of the golden lion, attracting preys for the lion and enjoying the leftover.

Even the creatures in the ocean could not resist the sound of the birds. They would often come over and when the lion needed to feed, the water nearby would become red.

Although Han Sen had known that G.o.d's Sanctuary was almost endless, he was still shocked by what he saw on the back of the lion. Now he understood why humans could not even make a full discovery of first G.o.d's Sanctuary alone.

Following the lion, Han Sen had benefited a lot from the leftover meat. At this point, his sacred geno points were increased to 61 and mutant geno points to 84.

Han Sen did not know whether he should feel sad or happy. At this rate, although he could not go back to eat the sacred-blood creature he was feeding, his progress was not slow.

What made Han Sen felt desperate was that another two birds in the flock had evolved into sacred-blood creatures recently. With four sacred-blood birds following the lion, Han Sen felt that he really had nowhere to go.

When he was about to give up, the birds suddenly scattered and disappeared.

Han Sen thought they would come back, but he never saw the birds again.

One day later, Han Sen saw a golden island appearing on the horizon.

On the island stood a golden mountain connecting the ocean and the sky. Clouds were halfway up the mountain, and snow was covering the summit. At the foot of the mountain was a sea of red flowers. The entire island was covered by the same kind of flower, except for the mountain itself. The golden and red colors together made an astonis.h.i.+ng landscape.

When Han Sen had recovered from his surprise, the golden lion had stepped on the island.