Super Gene - Chapter 271: Super Gene

Chapter 271: Super Gene

Chapter 271: Super Gene

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The spear was from the beetle knight and could be compared to any sacred-blood beast soul weapon, yet it did not even break the fur of a baby lion. How could that be?

Even if the golden lion was a strong creature, the baby was just born and already had such a strong physique.

Han Sen did not manage to hurt the baby lion, but irritated it. Stimulated by the pain, the baby lion opened its eyes. Although its eyes were not completely open, a fierce look had appeared in its golden pupils.

Managing to stand up, the baby lion let out a tender roar, throwing itself at Han Sen.

Although it was not steady, the baby lion was rather fierce.

Han Sen clenched his fists and poked at the baby lion's eye with the spear. Han Sen was using the spinning force this time, and the spear head was jabbed into the lion's eye like an electric drill.

"Roar!" The baby lion let out a painful cry and rolled over.

Han Sen became even more shocked. The spear carried all his strength and was targeted at an eye, which was the most vulnerable part of the whole body. Even so, the baby lion's eye was still intact.

"S*#t! It is impossible to hurt it." Han Sen fought the baby lion using the spear, which was like a toy in front of the baby. Although it could bring the lion pain, it could not really hurt it.

Han Sen almost doubted that the spear was a fake, and changed to the diamond sword and the three-blade harpoon. However, no matter what weapon he used, where he attacked, the golden lion would only suffer a bit pain.

The golden lion, on the other hand, became more and more fierce. Gradually, it's could steady itself and became stronger and faster.

Although the baby lion could not threaten Han Sen yet, it would be able to very soon. Since Han Sen could not harm it, the baby lion was undefeatable.

When the baby lion got tired, it would lie down and rest. When it got hungry, it would feed on the golden blood. As time went by, the baby lion grew stronger and stronger.

Han Sen felt terrible. He had used everything he got, but there was no way he could kill the baby lion.

Eventually, Han Sen decided to take off with the golden crystal when the baby lion was still little.

It was not because he did not want to kill the baby lion, but because he has no way to do that. He had tried everything but could not even break its fur. There was little point in staying there.

Han Sen flew into the sky holding the golden crystal, with the baby lion roaring and jumping underneath. Unfortunately, the baby lion was just a baby and could not perform at the same level as its parent. Although it could jump 3 feet high, there was little it could do to Han Sen.

"What a freak!" Han Sen glanced at the baby lion, left the golden mountain, and landed on the island.

There were many creatures in the ocean, so Han Sen could not fly far with the golden crystal. If he happened to encounter some strong creatures, it would be a lot of trouble.

On the island, there were just the dead golden lion and the baby lion, so he should be safe temporarily as long as the baby lion could not come down the mountain yet.

Han Sen planned to eat the golden crystal first and then leave the island.

Racing against time, Han Sen licked the golden crystal the first chance he got. As he drank the golden liquid until he was full, he suddenly heard a voice, "Life essence of super creature golden growler consumed. One super Geno point gained."

Han Sen suddenly widened his eyes, as if he were struck by a lightning bolt. He almost thought there was something wrong with his ears.

As he recovered from his surprise, he quickly checked his own data.

Han Sen: unevolved

Status: none

Lifespan: 200

Requirement for next evolution: 100 geno points

Geno points gained: 100 ordinary geno points, 100 primitive geno points, 84 mutant geno points, 61 sacred geno points, 1 super geno point.

Han Sen was dazed for a long while, and suddenly let out a laughter. He laughed so hard that tears came out.

"Super gene… Super gene! Ha-ha, it turns out there is super gene beyond sacred gene. Sacred genes are not the end…" Han Sen could not begin to describe his excitement.

Humans had discovered G.o.d's Sanctuary for almost two centuries, and had been constantly growing. In the beginning, it was very difficult for humans to survive here. It was difficult for the beginners to kill even a mutant creature, let alone a sacred-blood creature.

However, with the development of hyper geno arts in the evolution of more and more people, it became easier to hunt advanced creatures.

In recent decades, in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, there had been more and more people who evolved with every type of Geno points maxed out.

However, until now, no one had come up with the concept of super genes, which probably meant that no one had really killed a super creature before.

Even if one had seen a super creature, it was not likely that one had the ability to kill it. Han Sen had witnessed how strong the golden growler was. Even the baby golden growler was quite frightening.

Han Sen was already among the top of those who were in first G.o.d's Sanctuary, but even he could not hurt a newborn super creature. It was easy to imagine why human had never learned the existence of super creatures and super genes.

Even if the entire Steel Armor Shelter came to attack the adult golden growler, Han Sen believed the result would still be the death of every human.

It was the same as when there was no one who had maxed out on sacred-blood geno points or gained a sacred-blood beast soul, no one could kill a sacred-blood creature.

When Son of Heaven killed the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, he still had to use a sacred-blood beast soul arrow.

Now, human did not have super geno points or super beast soul, so it would be almost impossible to kill a super creature.