Super Gene - Chapter 268: Feeding Frenzy

Chapter 268: Feeding Frenzy

Chapter 268: Feeding Frenzy

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In front of the golden lion, Han Sen was not much better than an ant. Even the golden rock worm king in its largest shape was merely a pet to the lion.

Shocked, Han Sen was ready to retreat. As he turned around, he felt a chill and almost let out a scream.

On the path where he came from, thousands of giant beasts that looked like the one eaten by the lion were running toward them. Their hoof beat was almost like thunder, making the entire valley tremble. Han Sen was distracted by the golden lion swallowing the beast he was following, and did not notice when the entire herd had got here.

The herd was just two or three miles from Han Sen. At their speed, they would arrive momentarily. Han Sen looked around and found that he was circled by steep mountains, and the only way out was blocked by the enormous golden lion.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned the color s.h.i.+fter, planning to hide on a mountain wall. If he did not move too fast, no creature could notice him.

When Han Sen was about to climb, he noticed dark clouds were covering the sky. With a closer look, the dark clouds were actually formed by large black birds each with a wingspan of 20 feet. Flocks of the birds occupied the peaks of the mountains, their red eyes staring at what was happening underneath.

Birds had the best eyesight among all creatures. If Han Sen stayed still, the color s.h.i.+fter might be able to fool them. However, if he started to climb, there would be certain gaps which would expose him. Han Sen felt bitterly disappointed and cursed, "Who the f*#k said there were few creatures here? They're all acting in groups!"

Han Sen was running out of time. The herd of beasts were about to arrive, and on the bare mountain walls he had nowhere to hide. Even if he stood clinging to the mountain wall, he was not sure if he could survive the jostling of so many beasts.

He did not dare to climb up either with all the birds watching. The mountain tops were covered by the birds, and he was not confident that he could escape the millions of eyes.

Suddenly, Han Sen ran toward the golden lion.

Although the golden lion was obviously a thousand times stronger than the herd and flock, it was also so large that Han Sen was merely a bug in its eyes.

When using the color s.h.i.+fter, the golden lion would not necessarily notice Han Sen.

Instead of risking it climbing the mountain wall, Han Sen decided to try his luck with the golden lion. The birds would not dare to approach the lion, so he could just hide in its fur and try to run away when there was a chance.

He tried to move toward the golden lion, which did not notice him. However, the birds on the mountains nearby were flapping their wings and squeaking. Obviously, they had seen him.

Many birds were diving to grab him. Han Sen no longer hesitated and dashed toward the golden lion, which was the only way to survive.

Han Sen started to regret. He had been complacent lately. Knowing that Jade Dragon Mountains were incredibly dangerous, he had still thought he could always be safe with his ability.

It was too late to regret anyway. Han Sen just prayed that the golden lion would not take him seriously.

Maybe his prayers had worked. The golden lion did not notice Han Sen at all, but was distracted by the birds after him.

The lion waved its paw and smashed one of the birds, which became a snack.

The other birds flew away screeching, and no longer dared to chase Han Sen, who was next to the hind leg of the golden lion.

The hind leg was a hill for Han Sen, and each golden hair as thick as Han Sen's arm. Han Sen quickly grabbed the hair and climbed up.

He did not dare to leave the lion, as all the birds were watching him. Once he left, they would probably attack him again.

The herd of the beasts were about to rush over, and Han Sen had to make it to the golden lion's back in order to survive.

Luckily, Han Sen was too small for the golden lion to notice him. Grabbing the golden hair, Han Sen used all fours to move up. When he just reached the thigh, the lion suddenly stood up.

Han Sen felt that he was thrown out of a running train, and quickly attached himself to a hair using Ghosthaunt.

The angry herd of beasts were in the face of the golden lion and started their attack. However, it was like using an egg to hit a stone.

It could not even be called an attack. The herd were simply suicidal.

The golden lion could kill several of them with one swipe. Sometimes it even threw a beast into its mouth.

Momentarily, the valley had become a blood river, and the had piled up.

The golden lion did not even take the thousands of beasts seriously. In its eyes, they were merely a dinner.

The herd kept charging, which was a futile effort. The golden lion fed as it wished, and thousands of beasts all died within half an hour.

After eating some of the meat itself, the golden lion lost interest in the and went deeper into the mountains.

The flocks of blackbirds then made a dive, throwing themselves at the remains of the beasts.