Super Gene - Chapter 257: Fighting Will

Chapter 257: Fighting Will

Chapter 257: Fighting Will

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"Let's go. No need to watch anymore." Jing Jiwu got up first.

"He is indeed a formidable opponent. I look forward to fighting against him. It's such a shame that all his teammates are weak." Qin Cheng nodded. As a player who had a similar style to Han Sen, he was very impressed by Han Sen's ability to judge correctly.

Life was full of compet.i.tions, but to find a rival on the same level was something worth celebrating.

When Qin Cheng observed Han Sen, he kept thinking what he would do if he were Han Sen. And it turned out that he would do exactly what Han Sen did.

Qin Cheng would have had the exact same speed, route, and timing.

Although Qin Cheng had not met Han Sen officially yet, he had thought of Han Sen as his biggest enemy and strongest opponent.

Now Qin Cheng wanted to beat Han Sen even more than Jing Jiwu did. He even wished that Han Sen's teammates could be stronger, so that he and Han Sen could compete on the same level.

The moment that the Alliance Central Military Academy team left the site, loud cheers exploded behind them. It seemed that Blackhawk had already won.

In just three minutes, Smith had lost completely. It was like a nightmare for them. They did not have any chance to shoot. Even if they exposed themselves just a little, they would be shot immediately. Han Sen's arrows had eyes.

Archery was different from firearms. The fastest archer would still need time and s.p.a.ce to draw the string. That was why until the end Fang Wending still had no opportunity to make a comeback.

"It did end in less than five minutes. Professor Feng Jiulun knew it all!"

"A genius is a genius."

"Fang Wending will definitely win… What a statement!"

"Now archery is more interesting than I thought."

Ji Yanran let out a sigh of relief and jumped with joy.

Qu Lili waved her fist and ridiculed, "Well done genius! The so-called expert had some nerve to sit there. If I were him, I would've killed myself choking on my own feces."

Feng Jiulun could not say a word. He had praised Fang Wending so hard, but Fang had suffered such a loss.

This victory once more put Blackhawk and Han Sen under the spotlight. All the media that covered the archery tournament published stories on this game.

Although Smith was not a strong team, Han Sen's five arrows were simply outstanding. In addition, Jing Jiwu had taken Han Sen so seriously, which added to people's interest.

Wen Xiuxiu spared no effort in praising Han Sen as well. She wrote an article with the t.i.tle "From Black And White Boxing to Archery Tournament--Emperor Han Sen," in which she introduced Han Sen's past experience, making more readers familiar with him.

After reading Wen Xiuxiu's report, many people found Han Sen's black and white boxing game video on the Skynet and fell in love with him even more.

As Han Sen gained more and more fans, there had been more attention on the game between the Alliance Central Military Academy and Blackhawk.

Most people hoped that Han Sen would do well, but believed that the Alliance Central Military Academy would still win.

After all, Jing Jiwu's image was more established, and he had the best teammates who were also well-known players and could each lead a team in any other military academy.

On the Blackhawk side, there were no strong players except for Han Sen, and three of his teammates were freshmen.

That was why most people were excited to see the match between Han Sen and Jing Jiwu, but did not have much hope for Blackhawk winning.

No one believed that Jing Jiwu would lose. He was a monster after all. And the monster was invincible.

Even the Blackhawk themselves did not have much hope. Before the match, when Situ Xiang was explaining the tactics, she had also said doing their best was enough.

The team members had the same mindset. No one dared to think about winning.

Even Zhang Yang who had always been positive said it would be good enough to finish off one or two players in Alliance Central Military Academy.

Han Sen frowned. If it were any other game, he would not care as much. However, this game meant a couple's trip with his girlfriend. He had to win.

However, in a team compet.i.tion like this one, even he needed support from his teammates to stand a chance in front of the Alliance Central Military Academy.

If his teammates were convinced that they were going to lose, then no one could help them.

"No. I must inspire their fighting spirit." Han Sen looked at his teammates and gazed upon Zhang Yang.

Without a doubt, Zhang Yang was definitely the one person that had most fight in him. However, he alone would not make much of a difference. Han Sen hesitated and laid his eye on Situ Xiang.

As the coach of the school team, Situ Xiang was doing quite well. If Han Sen did not spend too much time in G.o.d's Sanctuary and had more time to practice with his teammates, they could probably do even better.

However, this would not make much of the difference in front of the Alliance Central Military Academy.

When Situ Xiang was explaining her arrangement in the next match, Han Sen suddenly stood up and walked to her.

Situ Xiang did not know what the student wanted. He should listen to her or raise his hand instead of walking up to her.

"Coach, when you recruited me into the school team, didn't you tell me that the goal is to win the champions.h.i.+p in this tournament?" Han Sen walked up to Situ Xiang with his back straight and eyes sharp.

"I did." Situ Xiang nodded and blushed a little. She had to admit that even she did not believe that Blackhawk could beat the Alliance Central Military Academy.

"Then please tell us how to win this. I want to win," staring at the coach, Han Sen said slowly.