Super Gene - Chapter 256: Five Arrows

Chapter 256: Five Arrows

Chapter 256: Five Arrows

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Feng Jiulun did have his own reasons to praise his nephew, who was indeed a strong archer.

Fang Wending had great techniques and was good at commanding the team. In the Military Academy League, he could absolutely be counted as a top player.

If it was not for Han Sen, he could easily lead Smith to beat a good team.

"Let's go occupy the heights first and seek opportunities to fight back," said Xu Tianhao.

"Captain, I don't think that's necessary. We are completely capable of fighting them head-on," Zhang Yang suggested.

Lu Meng also said, "We haven't been practicing as a team for long. If we fight them far away, our teamwork would not be very impressive. We should go over there and keep them close. Han Sen is such a good archer that he could even finish them off himself."

"What do you say, Han Sen?" asked Xu Tianhao.

"It's just Smith. We will win anyway," Han Sen smiled and said.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang suddenly became excited, "What are we waiting for? Let's go there right away."

"Let's go!" Xu Tianhao hadn't had this kind of spirit for two years in the school team since they had always been losing.

Since the freshman had all shown great courage, Xu Tianhao was happy to oblige.

The team of five used different objects as their cover and quickly ran toward Smith's half-court, without any intention to occupy the heights.

"Ha-ha, Black Hawk went all in. They did not even take Smith seriously."


"That seems a bit dangerous, doesn't it?"

"Dangerous how? Han Sen does not need to worry about Smith at all. He is on the same level as Jing Jiwu."

"Awesome, I like this."

Watching the five players of Blackhawk taking the risk, the viewers became thrilled. In an archery game, the most interesting was definitely a head-on fight, instead of a set offense.

Originally Feng Jiulun was worried that Fang Wending would have some trouble winning the game. Seeing Black Hawk going all in, he was amused and said, "It seems that I still gave Blackhawk too much credit. In addition to their bad skills, they had no tactics either. There is no cover or cooperation. If they want to do this, why did some of them pick strong composite bows? Everyone should have chosen a flexible longbow. I'm sure that Smith would win more easily than I predicted."

Watching the game, Wen Xiuxiu also frowned. Based on what she had learned recently, Feng Jiulun was making a lot of sense.

Blackhawk's strategy did seem quite clueless. Normally speaking, if a team were to approach their enemy, they needed to do it under all sorts of covers and push over slowly. When all five rushed together like they did, the team members could easily be hit by an enemy hidden in the dark.

The only chance of winning now was that Blackhawk could beat Smith instantaneously, leaving them no opportunity to launch any sneak attack.

However, by rus.h.i.+ng over first, Blackhawk had put themselves at a disadvantage. It was almost impossible to beat Smith at once.

Seeing the Blackhawk players rus.h.i.+ng over, Fang Wending smirked and ordered, "Lay low and occupy favorable spots. Shoot at my command."

"Captain, they have entered my shooting range. Should I start now?" A player holding a 14.0 composite bowl asked.

"Hold it. When they entered the area of fallen trees, we will launch a serious attack," said Fang Wending, observing his opponents.

The Blackhawk players seem to be going all the way. Although the Smith players could shoot them right now, only one composite bow was close enough to them.

As such distance, one bow could not make a huge difference. Since Han Sen and his teammates were still running, Fang Wending would let them get a bit closer to launch a better attack.

The area of fallen trees was the most open area in the entire field, and within the shooting range of all the Smith players.

Seeing the Blackhawk players moving into that area, even the viewers felt bad for them.

"This game should be ending in less than five minutes." Feng Jiulun saw that and smiled.

Very soon, Feng Jiulun's smile froze on his face.

When Han Sen and his teammates entered the shooting range of the Smith players, it also meant that the Smith players were now within the range of Han Sen's shooting range.

When Fang Wending gave the order to fire away, arrow after arrow flew toward where the Smith players were hiding.

Two of the Smith players who thought they were hiding well were out immediately.

Although Fang Wending and the other two reacted fast and dodged the arrows, they lost the opportunity to shoot back.

Silence fell as everyone was shocked by Han Sen who shot five arrows in the blink of an eye.

The next moment, loud cheers sounded in the stands.

"What the heck? How did he know where the five persons of Smith were hiding?"

"So fast! I did not even see him touch his bow."

"Such a strong player, no wonder Jing Jiwu takes him so seriously."

"He is not only the black and white boxing emperor, but also an amazing archer!"


The field was so large that if players were hiding, it would be hard for them to be found. However, Han Sen's arrows were like missiles and located the Smith guys accurately, immediately pinned his enemies down. It was like a match between an adult and children.

It was not that hard for Han Sen though. He was good at and the field had a fixed map. Han Sen knew that the moment they reached the fallen trees area was the best opportunity for the Smith guys to launch an attack. And to tell where they were hiding was one of his strengths anyway.